Young and Restless Hunk Joshua Morrow to ‘Kick It’ With The Ladies of The Talk on Monday!

Get ready for a double dose of sexy Joshua Morrow on Monday. The Young and the Restless fave tweeted he will guest host The Talk on Monday. Said Morrow: 

The Talk airs 2 pm EST on CBS.

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    :(( Bring it ON…I love TT & CBS for at least once or twice a week they have their daytime actors to appear to chat…hatred turns into being thankful that I have 2 soaps left!

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    Who can blame him for trying to promote Y&R to as many people as possible. Josh Morrow has always had such a boyish innocence that I’ve always admired. He’s like a grown up kid. So cute and humble.

    But will I be watching???!!!

    Errrrrr……… Even though these women didn’t technically KILL ATWT or GL, I don’t feel like drinking none of the devil’s potion. ;)

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    Some people on this site will do ANYTHING to knock Y&R, Jeez, gimme a break, what do some of you people want? New writers, wish granted, new EP you got it, & already criticizing potential plots, characters etc. CBS promotes its daytime lineup on various daytime shows, people complain about that. This site should just go to 100% General Hospital & I am sure all will be fine.

  4. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    I am really starting to like this guy for the first time in along time. I think he is a good role model for guys in their 40s who want to stay fit, and live life.

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    I agree with alstonboy4315 …

    You don’t really get to see our daytime celebs in actual “real life” all that often so I may just tune in. He does seem to enjoy and appreciate the adoring fans and they appreciate it right back.

    I’ve also always wondered why daytime people rarely or never appear on nighttime talk shows. Maybe they should try harder.

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    hey mon

    tedew — The guy has come a long way as an actor. He couldnt get the words out just a few years ago. And I couldnt respect him cause MAB always had him sleeping with his father’s wives. But now that MAB & JFP (I hope) are letting him age, I am starting to like him.

    I like his dedication to living fat free, and eating correctly. It takes a lot of guts, and I myself, need to dedicate myself more fully to such a lifestyle (as well as cutting down on the mixed drinks). My goal is to have my body fat down to 5% for my 50th birthday next year, and to be able to perform 90 minutes of cardio without being so darn tired. Now that my eldest son is having a child, I need to be able to keep up with my soon-to-be grandchild.

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    Give me some JM eye candy any day, always such a cutie, and he gets better looking as he ages.


    Congratulations on the new grandchild, may he/she be healthy and happy.13

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