Pectacular Rob Wilson Wins The Price is Right Male Model Search!

For some time now, The Price is Right has been featuring a little beef cake, courtesy of The Young and the Restless stud Daniel Goddard. Now the classic, CBS Daytime game show has added permanent eye candy of the male variation. Boston native Rob Wilson has been named the winner of TPIR's first-ever male model search. Congrats to Wilson! Follow the pectacular model @MrRobertScott.

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    Surprised it’s taken so long for them to do this. You’d think that since mostly WOMEN watch “The Price Is Right,” they would have brought on a bunch of male eye candy YEARS ago. From a marketing standpoint, it makes perfect sense.

    But will I be watching? Nope. I feel like this show went out of style the moment Bob Barker left. Drew Carey tries too hard to turn the show into his own personal “comedy hour.” :tired: :tired:

  2. Profile photo of SZima

    Haven’t watched TPIR for so many years I’ve lost track. And this guy sure as hell isn’t going to make me watch. Judging from this picture, he just looks like another dumb jock. No hottness there whatsoever!

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    hey mon

    Who is the target audience? 14 year old girls.

    I think Grandmas watching Price is Right would rather see someone like Antonio Banderas or Tom Selleck.

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