Should Katie Take Her Baby and Run From Bill on The Bold and the Beautiful?

Donna (Jennifer Gareis) revealed to Bill (Don Diamont) and Katie (Heather Tom) that she’d seen Liam (Scott Clifton) and Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) getting it on. An angry Katie threatened to protect her newborn from Bill's manipulations. Will Kate make good on that threat?

Donna revealed she’d spoken to Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang). She wants to tell their big sis all about Bill's vile actions. Bill remained apologetic, but those Logan girls aren't the forgiving kind!

Rick (Jacob Young) surprised Caroline (Linsey Godfrey) with a live preview of her designs.  He then revealed he’d soon be the CEO of Forrester Creations and  wanted her at his side. I can't wait to see how Rick reacts when [SPOILER ALERT] Thomas (Adam Gregory) is named interim CEO by a missing-in-action Ridge!

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    Hell No! What I like about this story $Bill is showing growth in character and not Super Villain character with no emotions. DD is working this role into something very special. You add HT truly a super couple in the making before our eyes. We need this because super couples are a rarity in shows now…they jam couples with NO chemistry down our throats because…they don’t write for fans anymore on soaps.

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    Let’s see. He’s had an affair, twice sent her to a hospital, forced her to socialize with his mistress and given said mistress a seat on the board, locked he in a tower, leered at Brooke, and put the company in jeopardy by having Steffy’s medical ailment faked and blackmailing a warden to spring a felon.

    Head for the hills, Katie, get vindictive and take him for all he’s worth!

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    Heather Tom needs to RUN back to Y&R and resume her role as Victoria Newman! I don’t watch B&B that much these days, but I am sure that Amelia Heinous would fit in just fine over there………as Katie!!

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    Sadly, I think Bill Bell is going to be taking this show not only in the pace and music departments to ONE TREE HILL but also to the story telling. With Ridge (Ronn Ross) leaving the show and Ridge deciding to name Thomas as interim President of the company in his absence it is surprising to me that this ‘fashion brand’ is still around with the number of new “visions” the brand takes on from year to year.

    Now, its a soap opera so i have to SUSPEND belief when an 18 year old is given her own fashion line and ALLOWED TO HOLD HER OWN PRESS CONFERENCES about her virginity or her dating life without the PR director being involved and nothing negative happens. Or that her known enemy and STEP SISTER is that said DIRECTOR of PR and is only 21. Or that now that designer is about to have her known enemy’s brother as her boss and President of the company AND he is only 23!


    There is plenty of story to tell between Rick and Thomas even without Thomas as president and, let’s say, an adult like Brooke at the helm!!! She could make decisions that effect both Rick and Thomas and still keep the rivilry alive between these two idiots. Also, it would keep the show interesting.

    It will be that “interesting” that I am looking forward to now that Ridge has left and Brooke is left to wonder around solo… as is Taylor. Personally, I think that Bill Bell Jr has not taken FULL advantage of the fact that Ronn may not come back and that by killing off the character the emotional payoff and drama from it for this cast HAS RIPPLE effects all over the canvas! Ridge has been a father or a father figure to almost all of the younger cast that is connected to Brooke or Taylor. The emotional journey that Brooke could take lossing her “one and only love” to death and the bonding that could occur between her and Stephanie before Stephanie leaves the show would be a tremendous story.

    The downward spiral of Taylor as she copes ALONE with the loss of her ONE AND ONLY and the father to her 2 kids would be riff with story potential and could have led to one great new love triangle between her and Brooke over a new comer to the show. Taylor would get him first as she seeks out someone to listen to her. They start to create a loving relationship but after the death ( I hope thats the treatment) of Stephanie, Brooke sees she’s lost so much that she inadvertently falls for Taylor’s man and the NEW more mature and ADULT love triangle begins between… FINALLY A NEW MAN and the 2 ladies.

    AS for Katie and Donna, I just want Bill Bell Jr to start writing a woman on this show as tough and strong enough to stand up to a man and walk away FOR THEM and their kids. The fact that Donna hasn’t told Brooke or is hedgin telling Hope OR that Katie learns all the dastardly things her hubby does yet stays with him IS RIDICULOUS and only makes the characters look weak and victims. The Logan woman should not be victims. The strongest aspect to these 3 woman… not their offspring (sorry hope)… is that they stand by one another, fight for one another, and are each one’s extra strength. Honestly, a spin off of the Logan woman would be an awesome soap!

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    Yes she should and I’m more interested because of this storyline hoping as she walks out the door she doesn’t faint get rushed to the hospital…frequently she has these big blow outs with $Bill then the next thing you know she lands in the hospital and she’s giggly coo-cooing by the next few eppys then you don’t see them for awhile.

    I’m watching this show less and less because of the Liam/Hope/Steffy triangle where the whole show is invovled/dialoging about their love life…I almost fainted when Donna schooled Hope to let him go; Liam is still an idiot and Hope had some good dialog for him awhile back I was cheering up and down Yes yes tell him finally

    I can’t imagine why these two young women (and their families) encourage a relationship w/him. He’s a punk with no backbone easily manipulated especially by Steffy (who I find has zero chemistry for me with the actor and more with Don Diamont)

    …oh don’t tell me as soon as Hope moves on Liam will be moping in her face

    Re: Amelia I don’t find her ugly she’s got this Hippie vibe to her looks however I don’t think she’s wildly attractive either..she’s ok. But how she is written doesn’t endear me to her as Victoria Newman; I just don’t see it.

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