General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

Jason stops by Steve’s to ask if Heather has been there or contacted him. Steve says he hasn’t heard from his mother, but Jason and the police have his cooperation. Jason tells him that he has confirmation Tea’s baby is Sam’s. However, Heather took him. Steve asks if Sam knows. Jason says he doesn’t want to tell her now that the baby is gone and hurt her more. Steve says there is no guarantee the baby will be found safely and Sam needs to know.

Carly wakes up on Todd’s couch still upset over Johnny. Todd tells her to stay for breakfast, but Carly wonders what Johnny isn’t telling her. She understands the marriage from Connie’s side, but not from Johnny’s. Todd tells her she can do better than Johnny. Carly thinks it’s ironic that she finally signed the divorce papers from Jax, only to lose Johnny as well. Todd tells her to be mad at Johnny and then offers to make popcorn and watch a movie with her. After the movie, Carly decides she needs to go home to Josslyn, even though Todd offers to shower with her.

Maxie runs into Ellie at the hospital. She’s upset to hear how wonderful Ellie’s date was and how she and Spin spent the night at the observatory. Ellie wonders about Maxie’s concern, since she’s married to Matt. Maxie says Spin is important to her and has been hurt in the past. Ellie says she wouldn’t hurt him, he’s the only one who understands her. Ellie says Spin and Maxie can be friends if he’s in a relationship with her.

Sam demands Spinelli tell her what Jason was about to. Spin swears he doesn’t know, but Sam’s not buying it. Sam complains that Spin’s first loyalty is to Jason, which he denies. She tells him about Jason getting a call and wants to know where he went. Spin again swears he doesn’t know anything. Sam asks about the baby case he was working on and then mentions Liz coming to confess. Sam thinks Jason and Liz are keeping a secret from her and that Spin knows it. Spin says he only knows something partial, but that the theory didn’t pan out. Spin tells her to ask Jason for the details and runs out.

John lets Anna in on everything regarding Heather taking the baby. Anna thinks she’s too emotionally involved with anything that has to do with Heather. She still hates her for lying about Robin. John tells Anna about the baby switch and Todd’s involvement. Anna wonders why Heather would take the child now and run. John admits he couldn’t tell Tea the truth about the baby. Anna says it will be very cruel when Tea does find out. Anna decides she should bring Steve in for questioning.

Duke sits and talks with comatose Robin, about how he never wanted to hurt either her or Anna. He blames Heather for giving Anna false hope. He says he can’t show her to Anna yet, but promises to reunite them. Dr. Swiss complains to him about Robin’s care at Ferncliff and how it could be irreversible. Duke reminisces about Anna and promises to mend her broken heart. Dr. Swiss asks about Luke, but Duke says he’s the man that Anna loves.

Spinelli finds Maxie and Ellie together, but Maxie assures him they’re just having girl talk. Ellie promises to do it again, before heading out with Spinelli for lunch.

Anna gets dizzy and John tells her to go home, get rest and food because she needs to stay in shape in case Heather comes at her again. When Anna gets to her hotel room, she finds it open, draws her weapon and comes across a man in her room. She is shocked to see that it’s Duke.

Steve has a knock on the door and opens it to find Heather and baby.

John shows up at Todd’s door and tells him that he knows what Todd has done.

Jason goes to Sam’s and tells her they need to talk about her son, who’s alive.

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    Well, it’s about time this baby switch comes to a head.

    Loved Sam and Spin fighting. I swear they both broke character a couple of times and were actually giggling.

    How stupid is Heather that she shows up on Steve’s doorstep?

    Looks like Duke took the super duper speedy flying machine to get to PC. i think it took Anna longer to get home. She must have hit traffic on the way!!

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    I was overjoyed today by the Duke scenes and of course the ending when Anna sees him. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s show! I remember watching GH back when Duke first came on canvas, and he and Anna had undeniable chemistry. I’ve always felt he was her true love as opposed to Robert. God GH was SO good back then! I’m still put off by Luke having to be in this equation at all; it’s downright laughable! The only believable triangle would be of course Duke/Anna/Robert. But I’m guessing Frank and Ron don’t know what else to do with Luke. Bring Laura back asap so he can get in her orbit where he belongs.
    The ending of the show today was jam packed with great soapy cliffhangers! I was like, “Wait, is this November sweeps?” LOL

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    This was the kind of episode I adore. So much character interaction..

    I always love some Sam/Spin action. When she grabbed him and he admitted she could take him I had to laugh. Spins mad dash to the door made me giggle.

    Out of all the new characters I love Ellie. She reminds me of how my autistic daughter might grow up. So matter of fact with Maxie about it should make her happy she is with Spin. Calling Matt the Wrech Murderer.. I am very much on board with a Spin/Ellie pairing.

    Anna and John were awesome. The way it went back and fourth with Duke and Robin. They have awesome chemistry. When Anna saw Duke at the end!!

    However Carly and Todd made me throw up a little in my mouth. I don’t really get it to be honest. However the more I see Carly hanging out all over the more I want a Jax/Liz pairing. Joss needs a mom in her life. I am surprised she doesn’t call Mercedes mama..

    Jason with Steve- ahhhh Jason finally telling Sam the truth.. Can not wait till tomorrow!!

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    TV Gord

    I know Sam will be dealing with the shock at first, but I hope at some point, she confronts Jason on what a hypocrite he is to hold back the info about the baby as long as he did, when he could not forgive Sam for holding back the paternity test results until she knew for sure.

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    The only LW pairing that I liked was with IR, because the actors have great chemistry and fit physically. CarJax should have been the show’s main marital couple with their kids causing all kinds of calamity.

    I just don’t buy Todd Manning sitting around eating popcorn with Carly, but it would have been very natural with Blair or Starr.

    I know people like to comment that Liz leaves her boys with 99 year old Grams, but Carly is just a horrible parent. When was the last time that Carly or Sonny mentioned Morgan’s name?

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    Lucy D.

    I didn’t watch GH in the Duke/Anna years (I watched before and after). He looks old enough to be her father (kind of like Luke does). I would LOVE some Anna/McBain action.

    Liking Ellie WAY more than the other newbies. I would still like to see more Mac, more Elizabeth (not mooning over Jason), more Patrick.

    I had almost given up on GH. It is fun & exciting most days.

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    Tris Drake

    I don’t care about sweet baby Jasus,well because he is Jason’s and he should never have been made a father again. Can I say how how hotter IB looked today than on Days? I could have done without him babbling over fake Robin hand,but he was working that suit. I need at least one man with an accent on canvas at all times! I hope they don’t ruin it with a million references to vampires like they did with McBain.Luke is no competition.Where is Patrick? I’m having withdrawls.

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    GH must be borrowing the Magic Wardrobe from “Once Upon a Time” the way people get from Switzerland to Port Charles in a matter of seconds.

  9. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    [quote=curacaoman]LIX would be a great pairing and would make Carly’s head explode! Bring it on![/quote]

    That’s the second reason I would love a Liz/Jax pairing!!! 1 Part they would be a cute blended family. 2 Part Carly would have a meltdown.. She can’t say anything to Liz. Liz could have tea parties with little Joss and Carly would think she was sleeping upstairs..

  10. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    Sam was being a bully trying to get Spinelli to betray Jason’s confidence. Have a little patience. He was going to tell her something so why can’t she just wait and leave Spinelli alone? What is with the badgering? She walks out on Jason and initiates a divorce so let him go already. If he was going to tell you, he will. I hope she doesn’t jump all over him and ask him why he kept it to himself for so long. She didn’t tell him about Robin when he had the right to know and to grieve.

    I will scream if Anna is carrying a Spencer. Luke should not have anymore kids.

    Anna and Duke are just not my cup of tea cause I never really liked him but he better have a damn good excuse for holding Robin.

    Why is this show putting Carly on this rapist merry go round? Heres a rapist, theres a rapist, everywhere a rapist rapist…… Which will she choose? How about Jax who may be the only guy on the show who isn’t a total tool.

    Steve is so an idiot. Is he going to call the cops or hide his head and his mother?

  11. Profile photo of soapbaby

    @GHvetfan: God forbid Anna is pregnant!!! How horrific is the idea that she could be pregnant by Luke Spencer! The thought crossed my mind when she slumped in the chair in her scenes with McBain. Man oh man, Anna and McBain are great together and I like their friendship (soaps need more male/female platonic friendship) but I wouldn’t mind a friendship+.

    I look forward to the scenes with Anna and Duke but I do feel like the Anna stories keep getting rushed. Maybe I feel that way because I love seeing Anna! Ian Buchanan looked handsome but his eyelids looked odd to me like a result of plastic surgery.

    I FFWD anything Jason/Steve and Sam/Spinelli, so I enjoyed the episode! Those characters are all exhaustively boring.

    I love Ellie and I find her babbling endearing whereas I find Spinelli’s babbling insufferable. I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I miss Jen Lilley as Maxie. Somehow, Kirsten Storms feels vacant in many of her scenes and Maxie’s pining for Spinelli does not help at all because it’s a waste time. I would rather see Maxie out of Spinelli’s orbit but a Spixie reunion seems inevitable.

    I think Carly and Todd have mucho chemistry. I think Laura Wright plays vulnerable very well and reminded me of when she was Cassie Layne on Guiding Light, a character I loved. Cassie was a tragic heroine and seemed to fit LW’s acting style better than Carly Jax. I digress. Carly and Todd work for me and rather they were in a quad with Blair and Jax.

    I wish I were lucky enough that by the conclusion of this baby switch storyline that Heather inadvertently kills Steven Lars!

  12. Profile photo of mipeony

    Ah, the old Duke/Anna fangirl in me reared up and squealed with delight at the end of the episode today!!!!!! It looks like Anna is back on the frontburner!

    I can’t wait for SB to exit stage left. I’m so looking forward to a future of both Sam and Liz being allowed to exist and interact in PC without Saint Jason dragging them down.

    Looking forward to Sam getting her baby back. It’s a shame Steve had to shame Jason into telling Sam the truth, but it’s the first thing Steve’s said in a long time that’s actually made sense. Heather popping up at Steve’s surprised me, what was she holding? Was it supposed to look like a baby? Because it didn’t.

    Looking forward to today’s episode.

  13. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    I did like the wrench murderer comments and I liked Maxie correcting her by calling Matt a wrench manslaughterer.

    I too look forward to Liz putting Jason behind her. I hope Sam can as well but I doubt it. It will make fast forwarding Sam and McPain so much easier when all of their scenes are together. I wonder if Sam will get custody of Jason’s couch.

  14. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    [quote=GHvetfan]I wonder if Sam will get custody of Jason’s couch.[/quote]

    I think it should go to Spinelli. I’m sure his scent is “imprinted” on it, as any lapdog’s would be. ;-)

  15. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    They can fight over it but I would like Monica to get at least one of his many leather jackets and at least one gun so she can defend the Q mansion from all mob visitors.

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