Guiding Light Stars Reunite for 75th Anniversary Brunch (PHOTOS)

Former cast members of Guiding Light, the longest running drama in TV history, reunited at Bowlmor Lanes in Times Square to honor the show’s 75th anniversary with a brunch on October 7. See more photos of Guiding Light after the jump!

Mark Dobies, Liz Keifer

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    No Daisy

    Geez, these last two picture posts are making me yearn for my GL and OLTL. Ross and Blake, Matt and Vanessa, Billy and Vanessa, even little Spidey Sam!

    I really wish I could lose myself in an episode of GH right now so as to remind myself all is not lost in the daytime realm, but I have been struggling to enjoy the show since Jerry was once again presumed dead. GH no longer has the heart that used to beat within it, or within OLTL or my beloved GL. I want to believe they can bring it back, but I can’t seem to find anything worth NOT fastforwarding these last few weeks.

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    Oh wow! It is great seeing the Guiding Light actors together again! I miss them and the show so much. And I wish I was able to go to this event. Hopefully I will be able to in the future. I’d love to meet these people.

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    These pictures are lovely! Seeing Denise Pence, Kathleen Cullen, and Jay Hammer really makes my heart hurt for the old days. I miss GL so…

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    Happy anniversary Guiding Light! It was great to see pix of former cast members. Gosh we are getting older! I remember Jay Hammer from his time on the Jeffersons! He was a good looking younger man. Many of these actors were soap hoppers and I have seen them in other roles as well as the GL roles. Mauve Kinkade started out on Another World back in the 70s as Angie Perinni Joey’s sister played by the young and talented Ray Liotta. Jay was on Texas for a while as Max. Tina Sloane I remember all the way back to Kate on Sommerset in the mid 70s. It is great that they have these reunions to remember and see eachother again. Their time on the show was as important to them as it was invaluable to us.

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    Mark, I remember Tina Sloan on SFT as Patti and on Somerset…yes we are getting old! I can only imagine what kind of special episode they would air. GL had awesome episodes for anniversaries, actors, etc. because of their rich history.

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    What mixed emotions I feel looking at these pics. I was a GL viewer since 1966 and in my mind, these people never aged.

    I was lucky enough to have met many of them during my tenure at a TV show that sent me to New York occasionally to do segments on GL.

    The first time I went to the set, it was either the late 70s or early 80s, I brought my mom with me — she was a “viewer” since radio! — and we sat on Ed and Rita Bauer’s patio while watching Mike Bauer and Jennifer Richards do a scene in Jennifer’s bungalow. On that same trip, I met and interviewed the legendary casting director, Betty Rea. What a treat that was!

    My final visit came in 1996, during the show’s 60th anniversary celebration. I remember meeting a very young Rebecca Budig, who was miscast as Michelle Bauer. I was very happy she went on to make a name for herself as the perfectly-cast Greenlee Smythe on AMC. I remember also being impressed by Wendy Moniz and Frank Grillo, who were playing Dinah and Hart at the time.

    But nobody ever impressed me as much as my two favorite soap actors of all time .. Maureen Garrett and Michael Zaslow — I ALWAYS found an excuse to interview them .. they were soap gods to me! I remember sitting down next to Michael and him being cordial to me (as I’m sure he was to most interviewers he met) until I mentioned that I had been watching him since he was on GL “the first time” in the early 1970s. His eyes lit up and he was very sweet and kind to me from that moment on. It was a year later that I saw him in one of his final performances, on a three-part “Law & Order” arc, and then two years later that he succumbed to ALS. That made me so sad.

    Jeez, I never meant to go on like this, but those photos really stirred up some great memories.

    Cheers to all the GL cast members!

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    I loved P&G soaps because I always felt like they had the best casts. Unlike many of the other soaps, P&G typically hired the best actor for the role- not the best looking actor or actress. I always found P&G soaps to be more character-driven as well.

    GL was such a great part of my life. So many great actors, characters, and storylines… miss it greatly, just as I miss ATWT and AW.

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    Best of Guiding light was Roger Thorpe and Holly Norris story line and Nobody no this Robin Mattson aka Heather Webber was on there to her first soap opera and she play Hope Bauer for about 1 year

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