DC #693: Connie, Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky and Mike

On today’s Daytime Confidential podcast Luke Kerr, Jamey Giddens, Jillian Bowe and Melodie Aikels discuss the latest in The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital and The Young and the Restless headlines and storylines, including:

Did Liam and Steffy actually have sex on The Bold and the Beautiful? B&B goes on another location shoot to Aspen. What happened to Marie Osmond’s guest appearance on B&B? A former B&B star is set to play Anna Nicole Smith in a Lifetime movie.

Days of Our Lives tapes its 12,000th episode — 105 days before it airs. Eileen Davidson returns as Kristen DiMera on October 11. Is Jamey worried about her return going off the rails? Nathan Owens joins DAYS. Nicole’s baby dies. How will she use the loss against Jennifer?

Find out what the DC gang thought of Connie’s botched wedding to Sonny and her decision to marry Johnny instead. You might be surprised who wasn’t a fan. Kristina is kidnapped by Joe Jr. on General Hospital. Lindze Letherman gets engaged. Amber Tamblyn says “I do” to David Cross.

Eileen Davison reveals she thought Maria Arena Bell was responsible for bringing her back to The Young and the Restless. Nina slapped Phyllis silly. Will the Newman ranch go up in flames?

All this and much more on today’s show!


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6 Responses

  1. Profile photo of Nk3play2

    I agree, Nina Webster and Phyllis Summers need to be fighting over a man, a company, a pony, something everyday! To address the burning of the Newman ranch, I can honestly say, and quote Jillian, “Jill Farren Phelps has officially arrived people”!!! BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR!!!

    I had no choice but to go back and watch that episode of B&B when Thomas pushed Rick out of the window… I may start watching again on the regular!!! They should’ve just had Ridge fall overboard and be presumed dead and send Brooke back to Los Angeles grieving. And then when they finally do recast the role, bring him back; but having him off screen is just stupid!!! I know one thing, Ridge needs to be back before Susan Flannery’s exit!!!

    Wait a minute Jamey, so are you mad about the wedding because it was tacky???!!! LMAO!!! In Sonny’s defense, Connie/Kate kept throwing out the excuse that she was integrated and when Sonny did ask her about it, she blamed it on Maxie messing up the order. I usually agree with you, but not today, I for one loved the wedding. And I may get chewed out for this, but I don’t think Kristina was that bad, sorry. And Jamey, you should definitely remember from One Life to Live, Victor-Todd treated Tess very “differently” from Jessica; with Jessica, he was as tender as a father, but with Tess, didn’t he bitch slap her when she built that room in the basement??? I’m just sayin… So it would make sense that Starr would do the same thing!!!

  2. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    I’m happy they are burning this ugly ranch down to the ground. It’s about time. A billionaire like Victor Newman shouldn’t live like this. Not in 2012. The set was fine for the 80s, even part of the 90s but in recent years … I just don’t see a billionaire living like this – not even in Wisconsin.
    So yeah, Jill Farren Phelps has arrived. And if a soap opera needs someone in charge like JFP it is Y&R. This show is full of huge egos and small-minded people who think they not only play but are the character; feeling to have some claim over them.
    While it’s good to know his character well enough to know what works and doesn’t, some of the people at Y&R have taken it to far with their input in wishful storytelling and other things. You need someone in charge who’s the boss.
    And JFP certainly is that kind of person. I’m kind of tired of people pretending she’s the devil. JFP has to work together with Sony and CBS. Not to mention that Josh Griffith is head writing the show. It’s not like JFP is in charge of all things Y&R. She’s the EP but she still has to answer to some people and work together with others.

    DAYS is just such a sad story. I’m only sticking around for the return of Kristen Blake DiMera … but I have my fears if I really should. The current episodes are unbelievable dreadful and from a viewer’s perspective many things doesn’t make a lot of sense. It’s like TPTB are playing favors to certain characters and couples every day which doesn’t make good TV. Especially if these characters are as weak as Rafe and Daniel.

    It feels like B&B is a little bit more back on track. The show is much more enjoyable. But still … something is missing that the show lost a few years back. Jamey mentioning this epic Stephanie/Brooke scene made it so clear. You don’t get this with B&B anymore. Today I don’t even care anymore if Stephanie and Brooke like each other or don’t because it has become irrelevant thanks to the lazy writing.
    Stephanie and Brooke used to be the most dynamic relationship in soaps. It’s pretty sad what it has become.

    Ron needs to end this Kate/Connie nonsense. I think it got that far because people were having so much fun with Connie. But personalities like her … you can only have in small doses IMO. Ron overdid it. And the story around it is pretty bad. People should have known days before the wedding that it was Connie not Kate.
    Kudos to EriK Valdez who I really like as Trey. However I never warmed up to his father Joe and I’ll be happy if and when this chapter is behind us. I could even live with him kidnapping Kristina but his nature … I just can’t stand that guy. Always pretending that he does no wrong and playing the victim – not my type of character.

  3. Profile photo of snags

    Jamey and Jillian, thanks for the reminders on the old (and BETTER) Days promos. I jumped to You Tube and watched “One Stormy Night” and Marlena’s return. I didn’t get to see promos of the episodes, but to see Wayne Northrop as the one and ONLY Roman Brady just brought back so many fond memories! And then Jack and Jenn and Isabella going into the Salem River. Hooked! Beth Milstein was a writer during that era. She needs to come back.

    Speaking of which, what part has Lorraine Broderick played since joining Days? I know it was mentioned she’s part of the writing team, but what is her contribution? For someone I enjoyed on AMC, I haven’t gotten the inkling that there’s a signature scene that rings of Lorraine. Oh I should shut up. All this reminiscing is making me realize how CRAPtacular Days is right now. Hell, I could even settle for faux-Carrie (Tracy Middendorf) in the “One Stormy Night” episode. And I HATED that recast! I miss my Days!

    And just for fun, Marlena reunited with “Roman”/John. I’m not a fan of Drake’s but man Marlena and her sighs and mewws!

  4. Profile photo of Transfigurationjc

    Thank you guys so much for trashy that ridiculous Connie story and Sonny’s wedding. That “story” is pure garbage and that’s the kind of stuff that continues to plague the entire genre with a bad name! And kelly Sullivan’s and Lindsey Morgan’s acting ( Kristina) is just horrendous. I will continue to fast forward all of their scenes until the wonderful day when they are written off the show. This kind of junk is classic Cartini. No matter how they are worshiped and no matter their ratings. I will always hate their style of writing. Their material is rooted in sensationalism and devoid of substance. As an intelligent, savvy viewer I find their stories at times to be insulting and laughable. SMH.

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