Lisa Rinna Tweets About Last Day at DAYS

 Lisa Rinna has left the building — again! The Days of Our Lives star tweeted about taping her final epsiode as Billie Reed on Tuesday. Said Rinna:

The Huffington Post recently revealed Rinna was leaving the soap with plans of hosting her own talk show.

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    Surprisingly humble and mature tweet from the queen of desperate…um, self promotion. As someone who has witnessed her holding signs up on the side of the road, bashing co-stars with more talent than her and wearing adult diapers, all in pathetic attempts for attention, I would like to say that I am glad there’s some substance beneath all that bad Juvederm and makeup!!!

  2. Profile photo of svexsal

    Why does she even bother coming back to Days? She’d be better utilized elsewhere she wouldn’t be brought back for like 6 months and then sent off. It’s a waste of time.

  3. Profile photo of snags

    About time! They got rid of Matthew Ashford and kept her around? No point! She hasn’t made an impact upon coming back. My question also is what was her job? She came back to “find” dirt for the ISA on the DiMeras. Then Stefano turned up…alive (surprise) and then what? And mind you she’s leaving this show for “plans” for a new talk show. It’s not even confirmed that she has a slot. So she’s trying to save face but we’ve seen her hock diapers. We know better. Glad she’s off the show. Can she take Daniel, Gaby, Rafe, Nicole and EJ too?

  4. Profile photo of angrierblackerman

    I actually like Lisa Rinna, she is wacky. I also liked Billie on the show again…could have made for some great comedic moments. A wasted effort now that Tomlin and Whitesell are back, and all they care about are Rafe, Daniel, Gabi, and Nick.

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