Willie Geist on Today Gig: "I Feel Complete Opportunity"

Morning Joe regular Willie Geist is excited about joining Today's 8 am EST hour this Nov. 12. Here's what he told Broadcast & Cable:

"I feel the opposite, I feel complete opportunity," he said in a phone interview. "When I go over there, which is a lot, to the Today show, and spend time with the producers and Matt and Savannah and Al and Natalie, there's no head-hanging. No ‘oh no, we lost our lead.' It's let's fight, let's get it back. That's part of what attracted me to it. I think everybody understands this is a moment of opportunity maybe a moment of a little evolution. I don't look at it at all as walking into the number two show, I look at it as walking into the iconic number one show that will again be the number one show."

Do you think Geist will improve Today's ratings? Sound off in the comments!

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The Today Show's situation is that they alienated their audience by going heavy into celebrity news and having a hard-left political tone. Then Matt Lauer stabbed Ann Curry in the back and she was publicly humiliated by the idiots at NBC and the show's moronic executive producer, who not only trashed her in the media, but then piled it on.

Good Morning America put together a good team and has a great show that is fast moving, informative, and fun to watch. The Today Show looks old and tired and gloomy. Get rid of Lauer immediately. He's dragging the show down. People won't forget what he's done.

Maybe Willie Giest should replace Lauer right now, right after the Executive Producer is fired. Giest is certainly more likeable than Matt Lauer is now.

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I still don't know who this guy is. Nor do I really care. And YES, I am too lazy to Google him. Another talking head..........

Fire all of them, as far as I'm concerned............ Tongue