SPOILERS: A Family CRASHES and Burns on Young and Restless!

Adam/Chelsea/Summer: The Newman black sheep and his wife get into a car crash, courtesy of his hot-headed niece. Chelsea is taken to the hospital, where doctors tell her she and her baby are fine. Once Adam gets word his wife and child are okay, he steps away from the hospital for a moment. Nick learns of the accident and accuses Adam of putting Summer and Chelsea in harms way. Adam burst Nick's bubble when he informs him the accident was caused by Summer. Not only that, but Adam is the one who saved his idiot daughter's life! 

Nick thanks Adam for his selfless act and the two find out Summer will be alright. Meanwhile, Chelsea gets devastating news — she has lost her baby boy.

The doctor isn't sure if the accident caused the miscarriage and needs to find out more. The newlyweds head home, where Adam is having a tough time talking about what happened. Later, Summer shows up to apologize for what she's done and is totally in the dark about Chelsea losing the baby. While the two are speaking, Summer tells Chelsea they should act as though the accident never occurred. Chelsea rips into Summer and tells her all about losing her baby. Summer is horrified and flees, causing Chelsea to realize Summer never knew about the miscarriage. Adam rushes out after the blow up, leaving his wife to wonder if he blames her for their tragedy.

Victor/Nikki: The two get caught up in the past, as they start to map out their future.

Jack: Old Smilin’ Jack puts Billy in a tough situation with his new scheme to take on Victor.

Adam: He lies to Chelsea to help out Sharon.

Cricket: Once the verdict comes in about Phyllis, Ms. Blair is fuming mad and decides to sue her!

Phyllis/Avery: Red confronts her little sis re: Nick.

Nick: He gets into a huge argument with Jack over his plot to takeover Newman Enterprises.

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    So Phyllis wins. Seriously? I can’t… I never expected jail time but she gets off scot-free? REALLY? What a slap in the face to long time fans.

    Summer causes Chadam to lose the baby? Ouch. I guess Nick and Adam really are even now. Karma is a bitch.

    Poor Chelsea. Shadam is about to reunite and she has no way to stop it.

    Is Jack REALLY trying to screw Billy’s marriage. I know they are brothers but to expect him to side AGAINST HIS WIFE is just stupid.

    Jack vs Nick. I dig it.

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    Well, looks like we’re about to see the end of Chadam, which was one of my favorite new couples. Now, what will Chelsea do once she loses Adam for good? Other than Jeffrey being her father and her Mother Anita rarely making any appearances, why would MCE still be on the show at this point?

    Phyllis getting off scot free pisses me off too! I certainly hope that Christine does sue her. With a lawsuit, the burden of proof is much lower than in a criminal trial.

  3. Profile photo of Bartman202

    I would like to see Summer de-SORAS’ed – aging her to driving age after being born in 2007 was just ridiculous, IMO. Anyone could have been the cause of the impeding accident – that Summer was chosen and not killed off just makes me dislike this kid even more…!!

    Get rid of Chelsea – nobody likes her.

    IMO, this whole Phyllis/Christine/Paul “hit and run” story is just beyond ridiculous, mainly because Christine was NOT, repeat, NOT, a federal agent at the time of the incident. MAB really took liberties with the history of Bill Bell’s stories, didn’t she???

    Friday the 12th can’t come soon enough – however I am looking forward to the Jack/Victor feud escalating – it should be good and I hope it is!!

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    So Adam now saves Slummer, as he earlier saved New-ah. And he is still treated like shit by the Snoozemans.

    I disagree with the comment that ‘nobody likes Chelsea’. I see she and Adam as a dynamic couple from troubled pasts who have self-awareness of their flaws. This is a rarity on this story, and should be encouraged. Gawd knows the Newmans, Katherine C, et al have no idea of how hypocritical they are.

  5. Profile photo of richalan67

    I think too Christine was Federal back then. At times she would take on those cases. I think JG has Phyllis get off because he is going in different directions with so many characters. He needs to fix the shizz of MAB. I am waiting for him to write the breakdown sl of Sharon. I am so happy he is going to restore her stronger than ever. I also think we are seeing some tweeks of his concerning Victor. I am so excited that today is the last day we will ever see Marine Arena Bell’s name in the credits. Hamner should also be gone today. Hogan needs to be fired when contract is up next month!!

  6. Profile photo of tedew

    Have not seen this episode (whenever it is) but this is one minor case where a spoiler alert (yes in a Spoiler Site) should be posted.

    Phyllis getting off (legally) is completely and totally disgusting and actually quite an insult to viewers. Phyllis did the deed and then resorted to various criminal activities to cover it up. That verdict will be a travesty albeit probably expected. At least Y&R is being consistent in their stance that anyone can get away with anything and never have to fess up or pay up. The whole scenario was very badly conceived, was extremely annoying and reeks of pandering to that aged ALL ABOUT EVE-like Ms. Stafford a la the countless EB rumours.
    Everyone else except the purp was written as a villain in the case.
    So what next for that double talking teflon coated Jezebel?

    (Bartman202 … I get your point, but there is something in the back of my mind that seems legit that Christine was somehow Federal back then; but I can’t be sure. Even so, the win irks me.)

    Summer acting the way she is right now is also annoying and so very trite. There is absolutely no reason for her extreme reactions at this point. It’s something she’s “grown up” with so she should be used to it all by now.

  7. Profile photo of debmich

    Really? Killing off another baby? Will you please stop doing this!

    While I agree some of MAB’s storylines need tweaking, they don’t need to be completely scrubbed! Some flow or follow through is necessary!
    These characters have been developed and should continue to develop in a similar direction, or a gradual process , not a 180 degree turn!

  8. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    So basically Adam saved two of Nick’s kids. Wow. And I’m going to say that he will still be treated like dirt.

    Let’s hope this Summer storyline is already happening with the recast. The current one is awful.

    Chelsea loses her baby and Adam lies to help out Sharon. You know where this is headed – SHADAM reunion!!!! FINALLY!!!!

    Can’t wait for the new stuff to air.

  9. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    I think today’s episode is the last one officially penned by MAB and Co.

    I would love it if the new writing team used Adam’s loss and grief over this baby as a way for him to face up to his role in that Ashley/Sharon gaslighting and baby switch and show him as truly redeemed.

  10. Profile photo of kintex

    I am so glad Adam helps out Sharon. Its too bad he didnt acquire additional NE stock for himself when Sharon was in charge. I hope this leads to a Shadam reunion.

    Nick needs to take a seat somewhere and shut up.

    Summer causing the death of the Chadam baby is surprising. Interesting that while her mother is on trial for trying to run 2 people down, Summer causes an accident and a death. How will her self righteous daddy handle that?

    I am not sorry to see the Chadam baby die. Chelsea had a baby in April her uterous needs to be on vacation. Adam should have a baby with Sharon.

    I think they should try Chelsea and Jack or Jack and Avery. He doesnt have have any romantic chemistry with Nikki, Phyllis or Sharon.

  11. Profile photo of Yoryla

    ALL these spoilers sound SO foolish, stupid and wrong.

    I am glad that Chelsea loses the baby, they moved way too fast as it was. But Summer?! Of all people, why her? It’s just stupid. It should have been Sharon who caused the miscarriage – I kind of liked the “karmic justice” – idea.

    And of course, Phyllis gets off, as we all knew. But I can still HATE it.

    YES Christine sue her ass every which way from Sunday with all the charges you can think of – God knows there’s plenty of them flying around Genoa City!!!

  12. Profile photo of bnt83

    Adam and Chelsea are one of my favorite couples. I for one don’t want to see a Sharon/Adam reunion. I thought they were planning on breaking Sharon down and then building her back up. Putting her back with the guy who made her think her baby was dead is not what I expected to see from a new mentally healthy Sharon. It’s seems as though a lot of posters here really don’t like any of the newer characters…I actually like Chelsea and Avery. And while Yvonne zima is not the best actress, the turmoil that she brings to Phyllis and others makes her character enjoyable to me.

  13. Profile photo of ToddBlairStarr

    How very predictable. So much for the character driven storyline vs plot points. I don’t like the baby dying, and the marriage crumbles seemingly overnight but it’s angst and I could deal with that. Adam lies to Chelsea? That was one of the best things about them, they didn’t have to lie to each other about anything. Adam can tell Chelsea about Sharon coming to Kansas the night before the wedding, and deal with her during the mess she was making at NE but NOW he’s lying? How is any of this any different from what we were already watching? Summer is the cause of the accident. Really? Is this supposed to make Adam/Nick even?

    One good thing about this mess is Melissa Claire Egan gets to shine. I’ll continue to watch and support her.

  14. Profile photo of ClosetYRFan

    Actually, this is the third child of Nick’s that Adam saved:
    – Noah from the burning house
    – Faith by shielding her from a falling roof in a barn
    – Summer and the car accident, somehow.

    While I’m a huge Shadam fan and do love their dynamic, I think it’s a bit too soon for them to reunite. I thought they were steering things towards an actual Shick reunion – we all knew they’d get back together eventually (and for real, not those lame teasers MAB kept throwing at the Shick fans to keep them happy). Then again, reuniting Sharon with either Newman boy at this stage seems far-fetched.

    That said, we don’t know what kind of help Adam’s giving Sharon or whether it comes before or after her complete mental break. On that note, it’s a bit odd that these spoilers don’t actually deal with the fall-out of Sharon burning the ranch down. Maybe they scrapped that idea?

  15. Profile photo of ClosetYRFan

    And as much as I’m loath to admit it, Leslie was right: all they have is proof that Phyllis rented the vehicle, but there are no eyewitnesses that put Phyllis behind the wheel of the vehicle that hit Paul and Christine. Tim could have, but he died and Phyllis took his evidence. The show is actually being accurate here.

    Here’s hoping that Phyllis gets ripped apart in civil court, where the bar is set much lower.

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    truthtakestime2000 you did click on the spoilers at your own risk, and if DC didn’t post them. There 5 million other websites that have spoilers so again it at your own risk

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    Did MAB takeout her frustration on the actors characters with all the slapping left and right?

    One thing for sure I’m glad there a recast of Summer, because the current actress chew scenery with all that whining, moaning and groaning. I hope the new actress acting skills are far better.

  18. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    [quote=Yoryla]Just saw the first JG episode, and all I can say is:
    I can’t watch that shit. Ugh.[/quote]

    Does anyone have to understand that comment?

    Yes it was the first episode written by Josh Griffith. It was also an episode that had Maria Bell and her hacks in the credits and an episode that was still dealing with her storylines – as are part of the stories here in these spoilers.

    I saw his first episode too … and of course it’s not an entirely different show but the dialog has been the best in month IMO. It was on point and it felt once again somewhat passionate. I don’t expect the wonder do-over with one episode in.

    If you can’t watch this shit you shouldn’t. No one should watch shit. But if you want to critize you should have a closer look. I don’t see Griffith’s stuff airing in a while because he has to deal with all these messes … but at least I can expect that it doesn’t get any worse. A few weeks ago, I was AFRAID of watching Y&R. So much that I even had to stay away for a few weeks – which pained me. I don’t have that anymore … and that’s actually very nice for the moment.

  19. Profile photo of pjc722

    As much as I love this show the writers, even now the new ones take the characters away and in new directions that run contrary to history. I can understand the Newmans hating Tucker for what he has done to Victor in lying about his whereabouts and trying to take over Newman… I can’t understand why Devon has to be so damn self righteous… but Katherine’s response and disowning him is ridiculous. Victor kept Billy away from his daughter who was dying and from his wife AND even made sure that Vicki only knew the bad about Billy … PLUS Victor orchestrated the whole damn thing! All Tucker did was make sure that Victor never came home and did nothing to keep him away.

    Then you have Nick and his getting angry at Jack for attempting to take over Newman. Honestly, the loyalty of Vicki and Nick flips back and forth so much I have whiplash. Throwing Nick… and eventually Vicki… into the mix is just going to be one stupid mess.

    Sharon and Adam… KEEP ADAM AWAY FROM SHARON. The fans love Chelsea with him and so do i. COmplicate their lives in another way, not the stupid way.

    While we are at it, when someone is arguing don’t have them forget the past! No one ever throws the right ammunition on this show and the fans are all screaming SAY THIS THAT THEY DID THAT!!! and then nothing.

    The show needs to level out because although it has a new staff they need to pull up before it crashes and burns.

  20. Profile photo of Yoryla

    [quote=soapjunkie88][quote=Yoryla]Just saw the first JG episode, and all I can say is:
    I can’t watch that shit. Ugh.[/quote]
    Does anyone have to understand that comment?

    Oh, come on!!! If you have seen the episode, you know EXACTLY what I mean. Obviously most people haven’t seen it yet so I am not going to spoil here.

    Blaming MAB until the the world ends is not gonna work anymore. Yes, her name was still in the credits, but JG is now in charge of writing – the responsibility is his. It is sheer nonsense to think all the negative things are MAB’s and all the positives are from JG.

    Even if Satan himself had written Y&R the past five years, you don’t just drop everything like that to prop certain characters. Not only is it stupid in regards to making viewers angry, it is childish. If a newly-appointed CEO goes to work at his new company, he can’t just say “okay, whatever has happened here before me doesn’t matter, I will do this and this”. It doesn’t work that way.

    The point is, I am not invested in these new happenings. And I want to be COMPELLED, and I have yet to see anything like that.

    It wasn’t ALL bad though. I did like the production, filming and music of the ending scenes (not the storyline itself). That had an exciting feeling to it.

  21. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    @Yoryla: Fact is that the writers still have to work with her shit. Even when you are a newly-appointed CEO you can’t sink all things that the previous regime has done wrong on your first day. These things take time.
    I think it’s not fair to expect wonders on Josh Griffith’s first day. Let his work begin, let them take things in order … but you at least have to be so invested to give this a chance. If not than people should quit.

    And if you are talking the courtroom scenes … I hope and wish that this is the end to be real honest with you. Just because I can’t stomach this law and order crap anymore. This particularly story had so many holes … I did not want to see that trial that makes no sense – nor do I want to see it with Paul. Just be done with this shit.

    Other than that I can live with the episode. Since we are in the spoiler topic here … I have no problem with the accident and I thought the end was nicely produced.
    For the first time in a really long time it even felt like my Sharon Newman is back on-screen. I can already with a lot of it again. More than I could in the last six months.

  22. Profile photo of ToddBlairStarr

    @ Yoryla I saw the much hyped episode. I didn’t walk away feeling like the show was vastly improved over what we had been seeing already. One thing for sure lots of fans will be pissed when you see one particualr storyline and how it plays out. I realize we have to give JG time but…I didn’t agree with something major he decided to do. It has nothing to do with Adam and Chelsea either (but that’s a rant for a different day).

  23. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Another miscarriage? Such a tired cliche, women losing their babies. I was looking forward to seeing Adam become a father. Stupid writing choice. Nothing but sensationalism!!!

    I can no longer stomach watching that HIDEOUS actress who plays SyPhyllis’ demon spawn on my screen. Glad they are recasting her. Do it yesterday!!

    Kevin needs to grow some testosterone! I swear I remember when he USED to be a man, not some PMS-ing “househusband” in need of a Midol.


  24. Profile photo of tedew

    I don’t get the glee expressed by so many in here on the news that there is going to be yet another miscarriage. I don’t get the disdain for Chelsea either.

    I also don’t get the negative judgement based on one episode. If everything changed drastically very suddenly I’d probably hear the howls of horror from here.

    Phyllis gets off because of incompetence, obstruction and technicalities. It’s still appalling for me to even think of it even though I expected it. There has to be some sort of comeuppance in store for Phyllis. It’s more realistic and only fair to us. I hope it comes fast and deals brutally with her. I can’t stand the thought of her gloating and reverting back to form because of her manipulations. She’s evil, she’s selfish, she’s a user, she’s a bitch. The evidence actually is all there, give her the punishment she so richly deserves.

  25. Profile photo of cgoff

    the asinine H & R is thrown out by the new judge who determines that the case was a waste of the courts time!

    it never should have been prosecuted to begin with! I hope Michael and Heather lose their jobs! and I hope Christine is reprimanded by the judge!

  26. Profile photo of jcrenny

    [quote=tedew]Phyllis gets off because of incompetence, obstruction and technicalities. [/quote]

    I would actually have been okay if that were the case. It seems like this judge was straight up paid off. Whatever. No one expected Phyllis to actually serve time (and I don’t need another SL of that boring crap) but for her to just walk without any consequences? That is some BS.

    And all it does is make me (and many others I am sure) loathe this character even more.

    Hell even Adam shows remorse and he has committed some truly heinous stuff. Phyllis acts like her shit don’t stink.


    As for Chelsea. Well I never have been a fan of the rapist con artist, but I didn’t want her baby to die. Oh well. It has. Now maybe she will do something other than giggle and be annoying.

  27. Profile photo of RealityCheck 33
    RealityCheck 33

    I think the judge that dismissed Phyllis’ case is dirty. Ronan is in on it. This isn’t over by a long shot.

    Adam & Chelsea are over. It’s only a matter of time. Now that the baby’s dead, there will be grief and a break up. Hello Shadam.

    Nick is an ass, just like Victor. His reaction to the car crash by immediately blaming Adam proves Adam’s belief that he’ll never be accepted as a member of the Newman family.

    Victor and the rest of the Newman clan can pound sand. Go Jack Go!

  28. Profile photo of acela

    Yoryla, If after just ONE episode of the new regime, you say “I can’t watch this shit”, I have 3 words for you, “than don’t watch” My God the rants are already beginning.

  29. Profile photo of glowery

    I love Adam and Chelsea together.

    I have detested Sharon since she first appeared on my TV screen and always will.

    Someone needs to take Summer out behind the wood shed and give her an attitude adjustment.

    I knew Phyllis would get off, but I am not going to like it if she runs around with this smug, I told you so attitude. Instead she needs to be thanking her lucky stars and start turning over a new leaf.

    What ever it takes just get the bug out of town. I cannot stand Laura Lee Bell or what ever her name is. She is a no talent actress who would not have a job if not for nepotism.

  30. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    [quote=RealityCheck 33]Adam & Chelsea are over. It’s only a matter of time. Now that the baby’s dead, there will be grief and a break up. Hello Shadam.[/quote]

    Agreed! And Chelsea has much more potential without playing Adam’s “yes”-sayer. Looking forward to a Shadam reunion. :)

  31. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    Personally, don’t get the hate regarding Chelsea; granted, I wasn’t fond of her at the outset, but I think pairing her with Adam was inspired and for me they’re the show’s best couple. Too bad she loses the baby and equally too bad that we may witness an Adam/Sharon redux; the Sharon character has been all but dismantled and really needs to get off the canvas for awhile and brought back when someone can actually write her as Sharon and not some scenery-chewing loon. As for Phyllis, is anyone really surprised? As great an actress as MS can be, the best thing this show could’ve done is send that character to jail and off our screens for a year and give someone else a chance to drive story. This would’ve been the perfect opportunity but at the end of the day everyone knows Phyllis(or Victor) can literally run somebody down and get away with it.

  32. Profile photo of Yoryla

    [quote=acela]Yoryla, If after just ONE episode of the new regime, you say “I can’t watch this shit”, I have 3 words for you, “than don’t watch” My God the rants are already beginning.[/quote]

    Oh you are absolutely right.

    And believe me, the next time I feel this way, I won’t be writing about it anymore, I’ll just tune out :)

  33. Profile photo of ClosetYRFan

    Question: if Chadam does break up, what would Chelsea do? Like, she came into town as a rapist con artist (WHY are people so quick to forget that?!), gave up her baby and married Adam. So if she and Adam divorce, she has nothing (besides Jeffrey) to tie her to the town.

    I know MCE survived the chopping block, so she’s staying. I just hope they give her character a purpose and a story in town, instead of joining the ranks of Chloe, Cane, and Lily who are just there and don’t really add anything.

  34. Profile photo of SoapGirl

    [quote=pjc722]Sharon and Adam… KEEP ADAM AWAY FROM SHARON. The fans love Chelsea with him and so do i. COmplicate their lives in another way, not the stupid way.[/quote]

    Speak for yourself just as I am. I want these two back together and with good writing they could help turn the page (in a good way) on this show. If OLTL, AW and GH can make a rapist, child stealer twice over fan favorites then they can do the same with Sharon and Adam. Victor has committed every sin and broken every law 100 times over yet people still love this guy. He has beat up, kidnapped and setup his own family and he kept Sharon from her child and did the same to Billy while his child laid dying yet he is loved. Shadam have a lot more chemistry than Nick and Sharon could ever have. I’m glad they got rid of that kid so Adam can get the hell away from his boring as hell relationship with Chelsea.

  35. Profile photo of ClosetYRFan

    Ugh. Just saw Phyllis’s reaction to getting let off. No remorse, just basically saying “I RUN THIS SHIT!”

    I hope she gets raked over the coals in civil court, I’m so sick of this character.

  36. Profile photo of TraceyAbbot101

    whew – just watched today’s episodes…

    My jaw dropped a few times…

    can’t stand the fem Fenn and the scenery chewing Summer.

    Really? Tucker just walks out of jail a free man? No proof of stock manipulation? Guess this is the exit for Genevive.

    Oh no! Chelsea…. I hope she and Adam can survive this.

    and… da da da dum…..Phyllis walks away, a free woman… guess it paid off, her watching all of those reruns of “The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air”…

    I know it will take some time for things to smooth out…..

    Is that the plane from Australia that I hear????

  37. Profile photo of otalia4ever

    I am sure Victor had something to do with buying off the judge. It is “WTF” moment that Phyllis got off again! Just like Victor. Maybe they should pair Victor and Phyllis together. I don’t think the Redhead slept with her father in law yet.

    So sad about Chadam. I actually like the pairing. Way better than Shadam.

  38. Profile photo of tedew

    First of all (and this is aimed straight at TraceyAbbot101) … I wish you’d stop referring to Fenn as fem Fenn; it’s just incredibly insulting to him and also to the gay contributors in here (myself included).

    I’m liking the theories about the judge in the Phyllis verdict. I was also suddenly thinking of Victor just before I read otalia4ever’s post. I hope (probably in vain) that it does comes back to knock her for that loop she should be taking. Regarding the negative Christine remark about that case … she had every right to try to have Phyllis convicted. Phyllis did the deed and all really knew she did as soon as it all came to light. Only Phyllis thinks it’s been erased.

  39. Profile photo of Yoryla

    And, as I promised, I won’t even write about this follow up episode anymore! By the end of the post I would be steaming from ear to ear.

    Y&R, in the words of the NOT convicted criminal Phyllis Summers: Are you kidding me? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

  40. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    [quote=RebeccaJ]Wow, Summer was hurt so badly in the car accident I didn’t even recognize her when they showed her in the hospital;)…[/quote]

    Being Not The Brightest Bulb In The Pack, Where Are You Seeing All This Stuff?
    I Have Watched Friday’s Show And Though I Don’t Watch Previews, Was This Shown In The Previews? I Am Always Amazed When I Read Some Of The Posts And Accidently Discover What Sometimes Turns Out To Be Two Days Later, Before I See What Posts Are Referring To.

  41. Profile photo of cgoff

    the case against Phyllis was thrown out because of Christine! the new judge took the time to go over all the information regarding the case (even though it was just minutes on the 1 hour show) and probably checked and found out at the time of the accident Christin was not a federal agent therefore she LIED! and the case is thrown out, per Leslie’s request to dismiss because the statue of limitations had passed.




  42. Profile photo of tedew

    No matter what, this is still bullshit and there is something fishy about that new judge. I also don’t believe Christine lied because I’m not sure that she was the one that came up with the Federal Agent bit in the first place.

    For whatever reasons some dislike Christine, she and Paul deserve justice. There is so much more to hate about Phyllis and all of her dastardly deeds over the years. So much more to hate … even if it’s just the attitude she’s going to be spewing over this possibly correct but immoral ruling. She must pay!

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