Mark Consuelos to Play a Manny on NBC's Guys With Kids


Mark Consuelos is one hard working mo-fo! The All My Children alum has nabbed a guest-starring role on the Jimmy Fallon-created comedy Guys With Kids.

Per TV Line, Consuelos will play a "manny" to Chris' (Jesse Bradford) son Ernie. No word on when the actor's episode is slated to air. Fans can also catch Consuelos in Season 2 of FX's American Horror Story: Asylum, premiering Oct 17 at 10 pm EST on FX.

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So he is with NBC. ABC probably ran out of money paying the 20 million to his wife. I will let it go at that.

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He's an actor. He goes anywhere the work is. He hasn't had a deal with ABC since he left AMC. And he's not "with NBC". He's on one episode of an NBC sitcom. If anything, he's with FX, since he's a regular on the new season of American Horror Story.

And so what if his wife gets 20 million dollars, if that's true. She's worth every penny.