Eric Stands by Stephanie as She Faces Cancer on The Bold and the Beautiful!

Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) confronted Bill (Don Diamont) about Katie. She demanded to know what he’d done to make Katie (Heather Tom) so upset.  Brooke's blood pressure went through the roof when she found out Bill was responsible for getting Deacon (Sean Kanan) out of jail!

Katie admitted she didn’t know how she’d manage if Bill went to prison.  Katie and Bill then revealed Donna (Jennifer Gareis) had seen Liam (Scott Clifton) and Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) having sex.

At the hospital, Stephanie (Susan Flannery) and Eric (John McCook) waited for the results of her tests. Stephanie couldn’t believe that after all these years, she felt sorry for Brooke because Ridge (Ron Moss) was gone. The doctor returned with the results and revealed Stephanie’s cancer has returned, metastasized and spread.  The doctor gave Stephanie and Eric a chance to talk. Stephanie told Eric she needed time. In return, Eric informed her he’d be with her every step of the way.

Liam dropped off a box of Hope’s (Kim Matula) things, which provided another opportunity for them to rehash the reasons they failed as a couple.

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    Today was powerful B&B, limited Liam & Hope, much more adult stories playing right now and picking up steam for November dealiing with vets…I love it! Second day I cried about Stephanie. I will not miss one minute until her last dying scene…this is going to change the whole canvas of B&B. Lots of story for many characters on the aftermath, especially Eric & Brooke…Brad going to do a redux? Hasn’t been done since Bill was writing the show. Could be interesting and then bring back Ridge…hmmm…DRAMA!

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    I was very impressed by today’s B&B. It was such a change from the vapid Hope/Liam/Steffy shit. It was heartfelt, well-written and extremely watchable. Bravo! I’ll be watching consistently until the end of the year. After that, and post-Susan/Stephanie, I probably will tune out.

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    I didnt liked fridays epi one bit.

    Stephanie ‘s story was rushed. It came out of nowhere. It was too fast, no build up, and yes the emotion was real, I could see that and SF is a wonderfull actress, but it could have been so much more powerfull.

    Brad even ended the show with Katie Bill and their happy family moment. WTF. He should have ended the show with Steph Eric.

    Brookes reaction was so lame. First it was powerfull, but where was the fall out after Bill tells her that he broought Deacon back into their lives. That was so lame. Brooke has lost her husband because of it FGS. She should have slapt him around the face, the SOB. Yet she did nothing, she said nothing. The worst was when Bill actually told them that what he did was good for Liam and Hope, while Brooke actually thinks the opposite, Bill actuyally gets away by rationalising his actions. What a mess. There where so many wtf moments in fridays episode that actually made it bad. I like monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursdays episode but friday lacked all the power which the previous episodes build up.

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    In 25 years of B&B I’ve never been so disgusted by the character of Brooke Logan and that’s saying a LOT!

    In the past, when someone screwed over Brooke she didn’t didn’t just like back and passively take it. Bill’s actions have screwed up three relationships, his with Katie, Liam and Hope, and Brook and Ridge. The Brooke I know never would have badgered her sister into forgiving Bill for the sake of the family. She would have packed up Katie and the baby and taken them to her home to get the baby out of Bill’s clutches.

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