Morgan Fairchild Tries to Remember Her Soap Roles on Watch What Happens Live!

Ageless sex kitten Morgan Fairchild has appeared in practically every daytime and primetime soap opera ever produced. She's also done her fair share of sitcoms and procedurals. This made her the perfect candidate for a game of "Name That Show" on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live.

Fairchild played the game with reality star Kate Gosselin during her recent appearance on the zany, late night Bravo series. Find out which of Fairchild's memorable soap turns came up during the segment, after the jump!

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    I loved it and showed SFT! I remember that story I was in high school…Jennifer. She was at one point in love with Scott (Peter Simon) She was one crazy bitch and killed a main character in Eunice…Jo’s sister!

  2. Profile photo of marieperoy

    This is the first time in 50 years I have seen Ms Fairchild look bad. She had aged so beautifully and her plastic surgeries had set in so well. I hope she is not in some kind of health trouble because she looks really unnaturally bloated here.

    Fun game though even if I don’t see the point of bringing Kate Gosselin into this.

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    I loved her on Friends and The City also. I wasn’t a Loving viewer but I LOVED how they killed off half of the cast and changed the name and the locations and everything. That made me tune in. Well also into Loving while they had that killer on there offing the fired cast members. Too bad The City didn’t live long.

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    Dont forget Racine on Paper Dolls, Jordan on Falcon Crest, Constance (?) on Flamingo Road. Does anyone remember a Tv movie she did in the 80’s where some man was stalking her?? I have wondered forever.

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    You’ll have to be more specific on that TV movie, gato1. Wasn’t every other 80s TV movie about a woman in peril?

    You may be thinking about “The Seduction,” with Andrew Stevens and Michael Sarrazin. If so, it was a feature film. One of my older sisters took me to see it after much begging from me.

    In the movie, Stevens stalked Fairchild, while Sarrazin was her boyfriend. If it’d been me, I would have gone for Stevens. His character was crazy, but he was really cute.

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