Will Adam Help Nick Save Newman on Young and Restless?

Ever wonder what would have happened if Abel had tried to appeal to Cain's sense of family, before he got his head smashed in? On today's episode of The Young and the Restless, Nick (Joshua Morrow) tries to convince Adam (Michael Muhney) to reconsider his decision not to help the family retain control of Newman Enterprises. Good luck with that… Watch a teaser below!


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    Not sure that Adam should side with Jack against his “Family”, but it could be delicious. However, I’m definitely liking his quips and double entendres lately.

    But come on Nick … get over it plus you are going to have to be eating very large crows or ravens even soon enough. Adam’s deeds aside, he will never ever be considered a true Newman by those two no matter what he does.
    Why? Because his mother is not Nikki.

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