Nick and Phyllis Are Pretty Much Dunzo on The Young and the Restless!

Michael (Christian LeBlanc) and Heather’s (Jennifer Landon) protests fell on the deaf ears of the judge, who threatened to hold Heather in contempt of court. When Cricket (Lauralee Bell) tried to intercept on behalf of the state, the judge wasn’t having any of it. He ripped into Cricket, saying she wasn’t actually a Federal employee at the time of the crime and the statute of limitations had run out.

After the judge left the courtroom, Cricket and Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) verbally tore into each other.  For a moment, I expected Cricket to haul off and slap Phyllis the oh so wonderfully way Nina (Tricia Cast) did. Later, when Cricket and Paul (Doug Davidson) were licking their wounds, she told him she still plans to make her nemesis pay.

Soon after, Nick (Joshua Morrow) received a call telling him that Summer (Hunter Haley King) had been in a car accident.  He and Phyllis rushed off to be with their daughter. Unfortunately for Phyllis, Summer didn’t forgive her mother for her actions. Nick ordered Summer not to talk to Phyllis that way, but the flaxen haired brat didn’t listen. What did you think of Hunter Haley King as Summer?

Avery (Jessica Collins) arrived at Summer's hospital room and spoke with Nick and Summer. In the background, Phyllis picked up on something between her sister and her husband. When Avery went to leave, Phyllis confronted her outside the hospital room. She demanded to know what was going on, which I found choice since Phyllis had been with Ronan (Jeff Branson). Avery denied anything going on between them. When Nick went out into the hall, he told Big Red he was filing for divorce.

Meanwhile, Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) revealed to Adam (Michael Muhney) she had lost their baby. After taking Chelsea home, Adam found Nick and told him Summer had killed his son. I have a feeling I’m REALLY going to enjoy this story. Adam on the warpath vs. Nick is bound to be stellar. 

Lastly, why do I enjoy Michael as a glowering overprotective father so much?

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    Will Cricket, the annoying bug who I have always despised, actually develop a DARK SIDE and become interesting, after all these years? Gosh, I hope so. If they are gonna keep her as the self-righteous bore she’s always been, they can ship her back out of town!!!

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    loved the “new” Summer – seemed age appropriate.

    And Fenmore actually standing up to his Dad, you mean he actually has a set of balls on him? Interesting choice of a pairing: Fenn and Summer.

    I love the new direction of the show, loved the scenes with Adam and Chelsea, and then Chelsea, alone, breaking down.

    I like what I see!!

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    For the first time in a long time, I feel like actual STORIES are playing on my screen and not some scatterbrained ideas about what crazy things can be thrown at the caricatures next (thus leading to no real resolution nor character growth). It’s not perfect, but it’s improving and I’m happy to see it!

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    alstonboy, do you think LLB is actually going to stay on the show much longer? I would think she would want that storyline to wrap up quickly since her sister-in-law got the boot and the family basically is powerless now at Y&R

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    I don’t know, but based on the writing, Cricket is gonna be in town for at least a bit longer. Otherwise, I don’t know why they’d be setting up World War 2 between SyPhyllis and Cricket/Paul.

    And as far as her family being powerless, I think that technically, they lost power the moment Jack Smith and Kay Alden left. Latham started TOTALLY dismantling this show the second she jumped on board and Maria Bell almost finished the job. So much for “family loyalty”….

    With “family” like Maria Bell ripping apart your father’s legacy, who needs to look elsewhere for enemies??

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    Finally saw this episode that I’ve heard tell of so much.

    So even though the judgment was probably legally correct, Phyllis IS guilty and Christine should seek justice whether she remains self-righteous or turns to her dark side to do so.

    Today …
    Hated Phyllis’ expected but still grating post ruling rant on Christine.
    Hated most of everything that Nick did or said against Adam, even the obvious begrudgingly offered thanks for saving Summer.
    Mixed feelings at what Michael had to say to Kevin and Christine.

    Doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy much of it though for the promise of better days ahead.

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    I could not stand self righteous Phyllis today. She got off and everyone congratulated her. One thing about Phyllis. EVERYONE cowbows or whatever its called, to her. Micheal, Daniel, Nick, Avery, and Ronan. Who cares who Phyllis is? What the hell, I would have taken a shot at the judge too. How rude can one person be?

    I think someone had something to do with it. I mean the judge gets “sick” and was going to prosecute Phyllis and then this new judge comes and lets Phyllis go? Something isnt right there.

    I just dont understand how the writers write for Phyllis’s friends. I mean Phyllis does all the wrong and yet they always need her approval and begging her for forgiveness.

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    I don’t think Josh deserves all the credit, but the storylines have been fast forwarded very quickly. That’s neither good or bad. I am curious what ideas he has because so far nothing I’ve seen (other than the newSummer) was put on the screen solely by him/Jill. The “new” couples were all explored before as was angry Adam. So we’ll see where he takes us. It’s only been two episodes.

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    Josh is laying his groundwork for his material and writers. Being only full 2nd episode what was the shift was dialoge and much more family dynamic with Lauren/Michael/Fen/Gloria, Nick/Phyllis/Summer, Adam/Chelsea/baby Newan (MCE torn up today) Christine & Paul. I think Chris is going to be on canvas for a minute and possiably a redux is happening with Chris/Paul/Nina would be fun. I going to like this Summer I believe this was a good call to recast. This Summer does have chemistry with Fen. I liking Fen with balls, being more of rebel. This is Y&R young story coming which has been missing the last 5 years. It looking as if Josh is going to write her more like a spoiled brat. I love it! They wrote “Melinda Sue Lewis” the same exact way when Mindy arrived. Mindy Sue would go to Granddaddy and he buy her anything. Victor spoils his grandkids and watch she will have a good relationship with Victor. In about 2 months when his writers are going into their own stories, is when the fired ones will be leaving and it will come fast and furious. Remember Jill is coming home…I can’t wait! I wish Jill bought up some Newman stocks and rock GC! :love:

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    It was great seeing Cricket getting her ass chewed up by Judge “James Avery”, and the look on her face afterwards, still it’s good to have Lauralee Bell back, even short term!

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    Cricket has EVERY right to want justice served! Sooooooooooo sick of Syphyllis getting off. I, too, hope it comes out that the whole “judge switch” thing was orchestrated by somebody, and that Phyllis gets her just punishment. I love Cricket’s determination that it ain’t over yet!

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    That picture of Phyllis, that smirk, for me, emphasizes the whole essence of Y&R now. It’s like the proverbial “f u itches”.

    I would rather stare directly into the sun than see this “PERSON” get off just like that.

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    Really? They spend the money to bring on the dad from FRESH PRINCE just to have him come in and say that Phyllis is off?! you would think that both Leslie and Michael would have figured out the weak link with Christine a while back.

    I’m not a fan of Phyllis… sorry, Michelle Stafford plays her to too many extremes from screaming villian to high school shy porm queen… but knew they had to get her off but this was one of the lamest ways and clearly was a waste of our MONTHS LONG investment in this story that took 20 years to resolve.

    The fans already knew Phyllis did this crime… as well as, a few other deeds back in the day… yet for months we’ve waited to see if she would actually pay for her crimes. It would have been better to have Leslie get her off on the statute of limitations and then have Christine sue her and force her to admit guilt on the stand. Because all this story has done has made Phyllis even more annoying to fans because she can scream she is not a villian.

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    ANd then you have the twist on the Kevin & Michael story. I think it’s absolutely idiotic that Chloe is allowing Kevin to talk down to her. Kevin has been one of those characters, like Phyllis, that has been given too many breaks, saved too many times, and never learns from the mistakes. For Chloe not to use the argument that Kevin can’t just think of himself all the time now that he is married. THat he has a wife and a step daughter to consider when he has a hairbrained scheme in mind. The pure fact that Kevin can be so easily manipulated would honestly make me think that Chloe, a woman who is supposed to be a tough smart girl would say “you’re not a man. you’re a coward to always take stupid and foolish chances that jeopardize our marriage and MY DAUGHTER”

    And the simple fact that no one walks up to Kevin and tells him out of everyone in Genoa City, from his mother to Chloe, Michael has ALWAYS BEEN THE ONLY ONE TO TRULY STAND UP FOR HIM. I would love to see Lauren take that opportunity to say “eff-it to hell!!!” and to walk up to Kevin, grab his arm and tell him like it is. Tell him to grow a pair, be a man, stand up for himself, and if he doesn’t realize who Michael has been for him than anything and everything that has and will happen to him HE DESERVES!

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    I’m glad Nick dumped Phyllis, too, BUT did she have to invite Ronan over and Nick hook up with Avery INSTANTLY?!!! There has to be fall out somewhere. Nick and Avery should have just talked about the issues with Phyllis and NOTHING happens. Nick is just gross because AVERY is Phyllis’ sister. Phyllis is a SELFISH COW because her daughter hates her because of Ronan yet she can’t keep her panties up long enough to tell Ronan “right now I have to repair my relationship with my daughter” speech?

    But i can tell there is a difference with Y&R now. I am liking it. I just hope it doesn’t change into something it truly wasn’t before Maria took over 5 years ago and that Jill has every intention of reverting to the old way of the show but with a fresher take on the storytelling. Don’t rush romantic entanglements. Adam and Chelsea should come out of the baby death story stronger and Sharon should have a NEW lover, not Adam. And Jack should be stronger and not so stupid when it comes to Victor.

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    [quote=ChristianDavis148]Only two episodes into Josh Griffith’s reign as Head Writer and I’m ABSOFREAKING loving what he’s done so far![/quote]

    Agreed – enjoying what I have been seeing the last two days – I was saying it all along and it looks like Josh did his homework: The Bug was NOT a Federal agent at the time of the incident!! MAB probably was going to drag this terribly plotted lame duck story out, but JG stepped up and ended it within 5 short minutes – LOVE IT!!!

    Chelsea loses the baby and ‘bad’ Adam starts showing his colors again – COOL!!! The Newmans are in for some shizz and this time, it’s uber-personal!! Perhaps with the baby gone, JG can un-do this whole “Jeffrey is Chelsea’s daddy” plot link, which I never bought for a second! Also, I hope we never ever have to see Anita again…!!

    Don’t like Chloe and Kevin together – meh!! Break them up, please, but DON’T BRING BACK ANGELINA!!

    The kid playing Fenmore is creepy – I smell a re-cast down the road…

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    Yesterday, when I went over to You Tube, I peeked at today’s U.S. episode and right off the bat, I could tell that the PACING has really IMPROVED on this show. All of the scenes seemed to really ‘move’ and ‘flow’.

    The only exception were the Cane scenes which I found a bit sluggish as they seemed to drag.

    Everything else seemed compelling.

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    So I checked into Genoa City for almost the first time since the morning after Diane’s murder. I just had had enough of that. So I have missed a few things like who is Chelsea. But overall I thought the episode was well done. I am glad someone actually knows the law in GC. After last years tial where Sharon was tried for killing someone 2000 miles away in a different state, I was begining to believe that the law in GC was totally different than elsewhere. So Phyllis got off.
    I totally want to see that pipsqueak of hers get that smug I don’t care attitude wiped off her face when she learns that she caused a miscarriage.
    And Grandpa better not buy her a new sports car until he buys her some driving lessons first!

  19. Profile photo of Mets82

    I think Kevin has gotten a little whiney for me lately. I agree with what was said above about how Micheal was the only one that stood by Kevin and he compares Micheal to Tom?

    I really do not see anything different in the writing. It looks the same to me but did you notice one thing? That on Y&R the beginning credits has Josh Griffith, writer but do you know whose name is after it? Maria Arena Bell. Maybe Im reading too much into this but you really wonder how much control Griffith has.

  20. Profile photo of tedew

    I suppose I have to agree with those who aren’t liking Kevin’s attitude right now.

    But for some reason Michael bugs me more lately. We all know that Phyllis did the deed and most do actually know it. Phyllis went to great lengths to cover over her crime and selfishly employed others to help her out. She’s the main villain here and Michael knows it but he seemed hellbent on getting her off rather than convicting her. He was handed a get out of jail free card for sure when that suspicious new judge so aptly read between the lines of the case.

    I’m still annoyed that all except Phyllis were made out to be or were changed into the villains in this case. I think that Christine DID act as someone would who just found out who tried to kill her (and Paul) so many years ago. She may even have thought she was correct in using her Federal Agent slant on the whole thing. The judge’s rant at his ruling reading was not realistic, Michael’s rant against Chris was annoying and Phyllis’ rant against her was just plain excruciating. So many did so much so wrong in the attempt at getting Phyllis measured for her newest orange jumpsuit.

    Phyllis still needs to pay. She needs to pay for that crime and not be punished by karma. Alstonboy4315 made a comment that he’d like to see Cricket turn dark. If that happens and then Phyllis does actually become a victim; that would not be a good thing at all.

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    I like some of the changes so far, the pacing of the show seems much better. I think the recasting of Summer is HEINOUS, lying in that hospital bed she looked like she was in her early 30’s. Also cannot stand the new music cues, where did those come from and old “21 Jump Street” episode???

  22. Profile photo of Mets82

    @tedew-I think Micheal may bother you because hes in a tough position. I think a lot of what he is saying and doing now isnt because he want to say it or do it but because he has to because hes the D.A.

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