The Talk Sees Ratings Spike!

The ladies of CBS Daytime's The Talk have a lot to celebrate these days. For the week ending Oct. 5, the chatfest posted across-the-board increases in viewers and key demos.

The Talk was up 23 percent in total viewers over the same week last year, 13 percent among women 25-54, 17 percent among W18-49 and 25 percent among W18-34. Season-to-date, The Talk is up 21 percent in total viewers,11 percent among W25-54, 25 percent among W18-34 .4/02) and even in W18-49.

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    [quote]The Talk Sees Ratings Spike![/quote] somewhere today Les Moonves is sitting in his tower office and twiddling his fingers (like Mr. Burns from the Simpsons) and saying “Excellent!!” Because the wheels in his head is turning now and he is probably saying “there is a solution for those costly production (namely soaps).” You all know he is calling Sony today to tell them to look at the figures.

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    THIS IS NOT GOOD NEWS. This show replaced As the World Turns. We need to unite and not watch The Talk; with news like this we are saying to ABC that once the dust has settled we’ll give in and watch their crap!

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    Yes. It’s interesting that in order to get the ratings up on a show that replaced a soap, they bring on current and former soap stars.

    I’m okay with the show. Nothing special, but it’s definitely better than ABCs replacement talk shows.

    ATWT shouldn’t have been cancelled. They should have looked for ways to cut costs without sacrificing such a loved soap. GL had been in ratings trouble for years. I get that one.

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    I call it “The Script” or “The Sharon Osbourne Show” as she has an opinion on anything and everything.

    And their promos are so cheezey….. so stupid. They pretend to be all friendly off camera, but I doubt it.

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    If everyone that oves soap would band together and refuse these talkers on ll network we would not loose anymore soaps.We need to stop giving any talk shows ratings and let Neilsen know we don’t want them,We want soaps.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Procter and Gamble wanted to get rid of their soaps. They got rid of their executive supervisory position, cut their operating budgets to nill. Allowed Chris Goutman and Ellen Wheeler to run amuck.

    I initally blamed The Talk and Let’s Make a Deal, but not anymore. If the parent company didn’t want to stay in the soap game, you can’t blame the network for coming up with new shows to fill their lineup. Plus, the fact that The Talk promotes the two soaps currently on CBS shows that CBS still sees the value in Y&R and B&B.

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    Sheryl Underwood is the only one worth watching on this ridiculous show. Not that I can stomach it for more than 5 minutes at a time……..

    Try as they might, they will NEVER be on the same level as Whoopi, Joy, Hasslebitch, Barbara and Sherri!!!!

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    You said it sister Jamey! I was a hater of this show because losing ATWT just year after GL was cancelled and heart was still breaking then my other P&G soap the following year! I was a true hater until this past summer. There was so much hatered and bash going on about Y&R & B&B and notice they had soap actors from CBS mainly but ABC as guests on regular basis. People like me who grow up solely on CBS soaps went back to CBS daytime and found the TT is a good time! It’s not political like The View just fun time. I love the show 1230pm to 3pm (still won’t watch LMAD)I’m back at watching my CBS daytime lineup. It’s the best 2.5 hours on daytime…OMO. :) CBS is very happy right now with their daytime lineup and Y&R & B&B isn’t going anywhere and I honestly believe the first time in a long time CBS is committed to their soaps. :love: JC has a wicked sense of humor. As a group the chemistry is working among this cast. :love:

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    I feel odd about voicing any opinion lately but I couldn’t resist. Her’s my opinion (and it’s only that):

    On a personal level, there is no time in my life for this show. I have no interest in the Talk(I have watched approximately 1 show and 2 or 3 clips) but I have no interest in vilifying those who do. And here’s why:

    This show has been on air for how long now? About 2 years? I just think it’s too late at this point.
    The beauty of ABC SOAP fans banding together was that it was a very TIMELY boycott. It came on the heels of cancellations of AMC and OLTL. Even though neither soap could be saved, it definitely made its statement and it was quite obvious that the failure of the Revolution was as a result of ABC soap fans making their statement and I think GH got a bit more respect (as well as ABC soap fans) as a result.

    Perhaps if there had been some concerted effort in regards to CBS immediately after GL was cancelled, it might have bought ATWT some more time. I know people wrote letters individually but their just did not appear to be the unifying effort. Once P&G had successfully dumped Guiding Light, it would be hard to imagine them stopping short of dumping ATWT.

    Jamey is correct in his assertion that P&G was on a mission to get out of the soap production business. From my personal experience, I knew from the year 2000 that they had no more interest in ATWT (I couldn’t say back then about GL).
    As much as I once loved ATWT, I have to be honest- it was TERRIBLE the last several years! P&G/CBS just let the writing and production values deteriorate.
    Imagine if ABC/DISNEY or CBS/SONY didn’t lift a finger to improve GH and Y&R nor made any attempt to fix their struggling shows? That’s where P&G/CBS was toward the end.

    As for the Talk, people can watch or not– it won’t bring back ATWT nor GL, especially after 2 years.

    But you know what? I’m not going to rule out Daytime Dramas. Before most of us were born, soaps existed.
    Some radio soaps didn’t survive the transition to TV and some have not survived the Digital transition but I think it’s all cyclical and years from now, we all may very well be observing another Daytime renaissance.

    Don’t laugh, it could happen.
    In any case, isn’t it a nice thought to have?

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