DC #694: Don’t Forget to Have Your Pets Spayed or Neutered

On today’s Daytime Confidential podcast Luke Kerr, Jamey Giddens, Jillian Bowe, Regan Cellura and Melodie Aikels dish the latest The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital and The Young and the Restless headlines and storylines, including:

Stephanie learns her cancer has returned on The Bold and the Beautiful. How will the matriarch’s passing affect the show? Does the character of Rick need something better to do? Who is really in control of Forrester Creations? 

Nicole blames Jennifer for the loss of her baby, but what will happen to Nicole next? Find out what the DC gang thought of Eileen Davidson’s return as Kristen DiMera. Is it time for a “new Sami” to shake up Salem so the current character can transition into a Kate like role?

Anna and Duke reunited onscreen after years apart. What will happen to Anna and Luke with Duke back in the picture? Sean Kanan’s return to General Hospital is a secret, but it seems he’ll need the help of Diane Miller. Tea’s baby was kidnapped by Heather, who ended up on the roof of General Hospital where Sam and Jason tried to talk her away from the ledge. Has there been a recent villain so many soap fans want to survive?

Jack Abbott is on the verge of taking over Newman Enterprises and isn’t afraid to rub it in Victor’s nose. What will happen if Newman becomes Abbott Enterprises? Wham, bam and bang, Phyllis’ trial wrapped up quick. However, The Young and the Restless' Cricket has another plan to get vengeance on her foe.

All this and much more on today’s show!


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5 Responses

  1. Profile photo of bonobochick

    Loved your comments about DAYS. The show is a mess. The breakdown is better but the stories are just awful. There’s nothing to look forward to because it’s always obvious what’s going to happen.

    Like Jillian, I don’t know what these writers are doing either.

    I do know this show desperately needs another woman for the 30s group or fewer men. We’ve got 4 (soon to be 5) men and 2 women for that age group.

  2. Profile photo of smellykellyjay

    When was Countess Willona on DoOL, and when did Billie Reed own it/her? Was it that show’s version of Satine Cosmetics?

    And don’t just share the clips of B&B’s Brooke amongst yourselves. Post ‘em here on the blog!

  3. Profile photo of readingfoxhound

    Jamie loved you keeping tight lipped and still letting slip just enough to get this returning GH viewer buzzed. With “Something Wicked this way comes” comment it took me back to before Guza became enamored with James Franco and makes me giddy with the possibilities of a regime who honor’s history past and present and is gearing up to give us an amazing journey to GH 50th with a bang. So far with the hints of a missing Ric (during the contagion storyline, Molly mentioned it) To Sean Kanan returning as(?) I am actually invested and care to see what can come next and wish that folks would just enjoy the ride. I can no longer predict the outcome of stories as what became apparent with the Frons-Phelps-Guza regime with the obvious Mob winners and grisly deaths to legacy and long time characters being the casualities. I may miss Mac but love how Anna with McBain and Co. are actually solving cases. The mob violence has died down and the once background characters being fleshed out. I would never have thought I would see the day that we would have a show where every character has a personality and a purpose other than to fawn over Sonny, or Jason. So far these last few months I haven’t missed an episode and hope to be saying this 6 months or a year from now. After all again thank you on the podcast and making this viewer salivate at the prospect of something good happening in Port Charles.

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