Kelly Monaco Scores 37.5 With Broken Toe on DWTS!

General Hospital favorite Kelly Monaco and partner Val Chmerkovskiy danced their way to a score of 37.5 Monday night on Dancing With The Stars: All Stars. What's even more impressive is they accomplished this feat with Monaco suffering from a broken toe!

The pair, whose contemporary dance routine had Monaco’s GH co-star Nancy Lee Grahn on her feet applauding, continued to sizzle on screen.  Re-watch the fantastic performance after the jump!

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    Miss Monaco was requested to concentrate what is, realistically, 10-12 years of intense study into rehearsing slightly under a week, culminating in a less than two minute performance of a style of dance that has as many definitions as there are steps to be executed. Was she perfect? No. But, there was enough base groundwork/step structure present and understood by her that allowed for her to “go for broke” with the emotional material that Val wanted to “say”. That she was performing with an injury, (and one that I am well acquainted with), makes her performance remarkable for the way she gutted it out. Brava to her. A satisfying performance… 0:)

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    I didn’t like it. I am not sure why they included the staircase given that they are expecting us to believe she broke a toe. Why make her run up those stairs. The stairs took away from the performance for me.

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    yes, I guess you are right–they do have good chemistry. Her dancing has been great, but I still don’t care for her as a person or actress. watched her on Dirty Soap and didn’t care for her and i don’t think she’s a good actress. That said, her dancing qualifies her to remain on DWTS.

    The travesty is that Bristol never should have been invited to the all-star season–she is neither a good dancer nor a star, and her dancing is the worst on the show. Only last night did Kirstie score lower than her. And then last week, 2 former champions and great dancers–Drew and Helio were voted off!!I love DWTS, but the Bristol factor is undermining the integrity of the show.

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    I think Bristol highlights the integrity of the show. Who stays and who goes has always been determined by viewers. There have been several seasons where someone less talented has stayed longer than I would have thought they should. I think that is the beauty of the show. The viewer rules. There have been times the judges were harsh like season 1 when they kept at Kelly and she won. I didnt see that whole season but viewers kept her on and gave her the chance to improve. Bristol is obviously a favorite of some. She stays for that reason. I am rooting for Tony as usual. He has never won. It will be killer if he goes and Bristol stays but she is just trying to earn a living. She isn’t her mother who I abhor. I wish folks wiuld stopping hating on the kid for her mother’s politics.

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    I’m not even going to get into Bristol’s politics thats a whole other can of worms. I’m “hating” on her because she can’t dance not because of who her mother is. Yes other people have stayed in past seasons that maybe should have gone home. But this is supposed to be all stars the best of the best. She isnt even close to the best, she isnt even close to mediocre.

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    Kelly’s contemporary dance last night was MAGNIFICENT!!!!! Her and Val have fabulous chemistry and their dance was SMOKING HOT!!!!! The fact that she’s never had ballet training, is partially deaf, has a broken toe and was sick to boot, only impresses me even more with how determined and passionate she is about everything that she does!!! I’ve watched last night’s performance several times and each time the emotion expressed brings tears to my eyes!!! She is a beautiful dancer and a joy to watch!!!! :love: :love: :love:

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    Kelly and Val’s dance was the most beautiful, sensitive dances I’ve seen on DWTS to date! Bristol Palin on the other hand, sucks. She should have gone home the second week.

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    I wasn’t blown away by the dance. I actually thought her ‘outfit’ took away from it because the shirt kept flowing in faces or getting stuck. I didn’t like the sequence on the stairs either.

    They do have some mad chemistry though. And Kelly does seem to be very graceful. And you could feel the emotion of the dance, which is wonderful.

    I’m not saying they did a horrible job. I’m just not blown out of my seat by the dance.

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