Will Tragedy Rip Apart JaSam’s Family Forever on General Hospital?

Jason (Steve Burton) and Sam (Kelly Monaco) have reunited with baby Daniel on General Hospital, but don't expect their happy reunion to be long lasting. Will tragedy rip this newly-reunited family apart? Watch this week’s GH promo after the jump!

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    [quote=Tris Drake]I’m going to need to see a body,autopsy and burial.[/quote]

    Thank you! This is one soap character that I DO NOT ever want to see again UNLESS he reverts back to the Jason Quartermaine persona. Gawd! I don’t see the appeal of a one-dimensiional, one-note, stone-staring zombie in a motorcycle jacket! LOL

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    They are NOT divorced. That would require the papers to be filed which never happened! And the baby’s name is not Jason Jr. That is only a name that Sam said she might have named her child had he lived. But it was never definite and it didn’t happen. Now that she knows her son is alive, she has given him his legal name of Daniel Edward Morgan!!! PERFECT!!! :party: :love: :party: :love: :party:

    Steve Burton and Jason Morgan will be sorely missed!! :(

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    HALLELUJAH! The only silver lining with regard to Steve Burton’s departure is that Jacancellation will finally be OVER!!! Thank you Steve for choosing to leave and spare the masses the crapfest that Ron Carlivati decided to continue with! You will always be one of my favorites (that is until Jason “died” in Mexico and was replaced by Pod-Jason)and I wish you and your family all the best in TN!

    I hope the rabid little Jasam fans choke on their five minutes of happiness. I think Mr. Carlivati is a MoRON if GH’s great mob enforcer winds up “killed” by his accountant. I hope TIIC start to realize that boobs don’t make an actress- talent does. Florencia Lozano delivered an Emmy winning performance this week…someone else who shall remain nameless was snooze worthy- then again, I can always tell what actors and actresses do not have children in real life.

    Thank you Steve Burton…thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing not to renew your contract! Thank you for realizing TIIC will never get a clue.

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    Frankly I could care less how much happy family time they get- I am just happy to get it.. I am a total happy camper!! I get my Morgan family and hopefully after that I will get some cool Q heir moments and fun Davis times. I look forward to hopefully seeing the Davis and Q’s unite to bond over the baby!!

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    Frankly I could care less how much happy family time they get- I am just happy to get it.. I am a total happy camper!! I get my Morgan family and hopefully after that I will get some cool Q heir moments and fun Davis times. I look forward to hopefully seeing the Davis and Q’s unite to bond over the baby!!

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    Then Florencia definitely deserves an Emmy because the other acted as if someone just returned her lost wallet.

    02091714 shut the f up! If you’re not a soap fan than take hike. I think Steve has done a great job during his 21 year career…even with the BS he’s been given in the last few years and the albatross he was paired with, but there were times his character ate the show and when even he seemed like he couldn’t give a crap anymore. I’m not middle-aged, I don’t live alone and I don’t own a cat. Also, if you know GH in its current state you know there is no romance anymore. I’ve been watching soaps- GH in particular for the last 30+ years- and as a viewer/consumer I have the right to say when I think the product being produced is garbage.

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    Thankyou bornsoapstar. I also do not live alone and do not own any cats. I have 5 children, 8 grandchilren , and 3 dogs. I do feed the neighbors cat on occasion. How would someone know if Steve was a good actor if they never watched the show? Are you not a soap fan? Are you describing yourself there 0205whatever?

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    not a jasam fan so i don’t actually care what happens to them but I guess in jason’s case you live by the gun, you die by the gun. Sam knows what his life is all about right isn’t that why they were together because she ‘got him.’ She had to expect it to happen sooner or later.

    jason can be with Jake, Emily and Alan now. Sam will move on eventually and take little Danny? with her.

    I agree with the poster who said jm died in Mexico in ’09 so RIP Super Jase.

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    I don’t care how long this Morgan family cuteness will last, I am going to enjoy every single moment of it until it’s over.. no one can rain on the Jasammers parade. Cannot wait for the Q’s/Davis family scenes.

    Tea did break my heart though. Florencia was awesome.

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    Hate Sonny

    Holy shit, have a seat and a Xanax. It’s a message board, where people, including you, are free to express an opinion about a tv show. But for someone who implies that soap fans have shitty lives, you seem to have a lack of a life yourself there to get so worked up. Get a little perspective for f*ck’s sake.

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    Ok let me get out my checklist

    Middle aged – uhmm i guess 45 is middle of the road (thank god for Botox so I can be forever frozen at 30)

    Has a cat – Yes a pyscho of a cat who thinks its a dog – does that count

    No Romance – Sh!t I’ve been married for almost 20 years – Romance to me is that he still remembers to come home every night

    Sh!tty Life – Not unless you call having a great job, great family & terrific friends sh!tty…

    all of that and the ability to laugh at people like you who can’t allow others to express themselves

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    Hate Sonny

    A law student?!?! Jesus, I want whatever it is you’re smoking! I guess the standards are a little low to get into law school, eh, if you can’t express yourself more articulately. The fact that you are going on message boards during “lectures” shows your level of commitment to the profession. I’m going to be as clear as possible so you don’t have to divert too much of your focus from your studies. You are clearly delusional and you sound like a 12-year-old Justin Bieber stalker. And, why don’t you, as you put it in your “rich and spoiled” way, shut the fuck up and leave the conversation to the grown-ups, you dumb jackass.

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    Hate Sonny

    I’m going to cut you some slack because you’re probably still recovering from the tragedy of taking your cousin to the prom, but everything you say just reinforces what I said. Now, get back to your “studies” at McDonald’s University. Those fries aren’t going to cook themselves!

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    I could not believe the nasty comments about Steve Burton. He’s been on the show so many years, and as a long time viewer I will miss him. He was a HUGE part of the show. I agree, that under Guza and Phelps, it got to be too much – Sonny, Jason, Carly, the whole Mob storyline got unbearable. But Maurice and Steve carried the show for many years and he will be missed. I just want GH to survive. The show is not perfect but yet the last few months I can’t wait to watch it every day, thanks to Jane Elliot, Finola Hughes, Robin Matson, all awesome actresses, and Roger Howarth and Micheal Easton, and Tea broke my heart. I wish Steve Burton all the best and thank him for all the years on GH, good and bad.

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    Sonny and Jason makes General Hospital…I think Jason leaving is a big mistake not for his personal life but for General Hospital…No one else can be Jason so lets see how this thing play out…Hate to see him go..Gonna miss you Jason Morgan (Steve Burton)

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    I may be thrilled with Jason leaving the canvas that is in no means suggests that I will not miss SBu. In reality the character of Jason Morgan has become a joke to me since Sexico in Mexico when Jason stopped being himself and became what Fruza and Co. wanted.

    I am tired of Liason/JaSam wars over Jason, I am tired of SuperJase basically I want more for Sam and Liz and I think we can get it this way

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    I think people have to learn to seperate reality from fiction. I am looking forward to seeing things change with Jason gone. The show has a chance to reboot. That doesn’t mean I dislike Steve Burton. I wish him all the success in the world. I hope he is happy and his family is healthy. I hope he enjoys every bit of his future. I too look forward to the end of jasam and Liason. I doubt the Liz and Sam war will stop. But, I hope both ladies get stories that are respectful to women and both women get a chance to show themselves as strong and capable.

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    [quote=BornSoapStar]Florencia Lozano delivered an Emmy winning performance this week…someone else who shall remain nameless was snooze worthy- then again, I can always tell what actors and actresses do not have children in real life.


    Hate to destroy your illusion, but FL has no children. She has never had children. So, apparently you can’t tell which actors have children in real life.

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    So sad to have Jason leaving. Even sadder to see all these posts from people who obviously have no connection to the show. The show will always be great but we will miss Jason Morgan. Good luck Steve Burton.

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    I just want to add that I am not a middle aged woman, I actually just turned 21, I am deathly allergic to cats.

    I’m a fan on Steve Burton, he’s great with interacting with fans on twitter and has never been rude to anyone on there despite some of things people tweet him, but Jason like others have said hasn’t been the same since the fiasco in Mexico, it’ll be interesting to see the dynamic of the show change with Jason off campus, think of all the characters this will effect. I am looking forward to a long break from Jason, should Steve choose to return in the future I will welcome it.

    This site is meant for people to share their opinions, no one should be attacked for sharing their thoughts.

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    My computer has been dead for several weeks…I finally get the chance to log back on and wow. Some people need to relax. There is no need to go bat shit crazy because some people are happy that the character of Jason is going to be gone. As several others have already stated, being glad that Jason is gone, has nothing to do with Steve Burton. We all hope he has a fulfilling and wonderful life in Tennessee. We want him to be happy with his family. But Jason’s character has pretty much sucked since 2009 (I know- others have already said this but I happen to agree). He took back a woman he hated and that he threatened to kill. They had some boring happiness and ridiculous issues and then he acts like a dick towards her when he finds out the ‘miracle child’ she is carrying isn’t his (because of a supposed rape). He made it about him and his suffering instead of acknowledging all of the horrible things that she went through. I am no Sam fan, and Lord do I HATE Jasam, but the way he acted towards her really irritated me. How could anyone really enjoy that Jason? I wanted to support him because he was one of my favorite characters, but I found it hard not to want him to get smacked upside the head. That doesn’t mean I wanted that for Steve Burton or felt that he was that type of person. Learn to tell the difference between actors and the characters they play.

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    I am so sad to see Jason leave.. People always hate on the good ones. I love Jason and I love Sam. I was just watching because I was not able to watch Thrusday and Friday. I was so excited they were getting back together. I could not believe they would let him die. I was suddenly disappointed not very many reasons for me to watch anymore. The Soaps as we know it has changed. AMC gone OLTL gone and now my main reason for GH is praying these two would get back together. GONE. I am very sad.

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    I totally agree with you! I love Jason and Sam! I am sad at the comments too. I will probably only watch until he is gone then I have no real reason to watch anymore. There is nothing very interesting to me at this point. All the good actors are gone. Robyn… etc.

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    HOW can people be sad to see Jason go?? Wow I guess it’s like putting off throwing out your favorite sofa that is stained, bumpy and worn out but you still just can’t bring yourself to get rid of it. Jason (and Sonny/Carly/Courtney/Sam) have sucked the LIFE out of this show for the last 10 years. Why are people entranced with a rigid emotionless zombie who wears a black motorcycle jacket and just stares in every scene? Maybe it’s a weird sex fantasy or something….

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    Wow, I can’t believe some of the comments here. Get a grip people. It’s a soap, and no need to attack the actors. Good luck to Steve Burton. I will miss him as Jason, and miss JaSam.

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