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Todd explains to Tea that her baby died that night in the woods.  Tea orders him to stop telling her such lies and slaps him.  She begs John for the truth, and he admits everything Todd is saying is the truth.  John reveals to Tea that Sam was in a shed close to the highway with her baby, and the children were switched. Tea angrily tells him to prove it, so John shows her the DNA results that show Sam as the mother.

John informs Tea that her son is buried in a cemetery.  Tea demands the body be exhumed and have new tests conducted by an independent agency.  John tells her the results will be the same, death due to respiratory distress and Hemophilia. Tea admits the disease runs in her family.  John breaks the news to Tea that Beta Thalassemia runs in Sam’s.

Sam’s worries the baby doesn’t know her and she isn't prepared for him. Jason tells her the baby is back where he belongs and she looks beautiful with him.  She feels guilty for being so happy while Tea is grieving.

Tracy and Luke share dinner. They admit their minds are stuck on Joe Jr. and Duke Lavery, respectively.  Luke feels Duke is up to something with Anna. He doesn't like it one bit and thinks she's been hurt enough. 

Meanwhile, Duke admonishes Joe for botching his plans for Sonny.  Duke wants everything back and needs Sonny's money and power to accomplish this goal. Duke explains he transferred most of Sonny’s assets into Kristina’s name all Joe had to do was kill her. Then, Trey would inherit the millions and Duke would run the empire.  Duke decides he needs another plan to takeover Sonny's empire.  He blames Joe for the screw up and warns that someone’s will have to do die.

Alexis advises Sonny that while Olivia might not be able to have Connie committed, Trey could, because he's her son.  Sonny thinks Trey will leave town due to his father's actions.  Sonny says he’ll do anything to get Kate back, but Joe turned Trey against his mother.  Alexis thinks they can leverage Trey’s guilt over what happened to Kristina.

Trey wants to know where he and Kristina stand.  She says she’s not his wife anymore, and believes she doesn’t matter to him.  Trey assures Kristina he cares about her.   They walk in the house as Alexis is telling Sonny to talk to Trey.  Sonny says he needs Trey's help with Connie/Kate.

Connie wants to be added to Johnny’s financial accounts, but he reminds her he’s low on money since the Jerry fiasco.  Carly shows up to apologize for her reaction at the wedding and give them a wedding present.  Carly gives Johnny the bracelet he gave her, because it's a piece of junk now.  Carly complains both Jason and Todd warned her about Johnny, but she didn’t listen.  She calls him a liar and a hypocrite, and Johnny tries to deny it.  Carly firmly tells him to own it.

Carly says Todd was there for her when she needed him. Johnny angrily tells her to stay away from Todd.  Carly informs Johnny she can see who she wants, and points out Johnny married someone else. She goes on to say she wishes Todd had told her sooner about the affair.  Johnny doesn't think Carly knows what Todd is capable of, and tries to tell her what he's done. However, before he can explain, Connie stops him. Carly gives Johnny one last kiss, as a reminder of what he’s giving up.  She tells him to live with the choice he’s made and storms out.

Sabrina explains to Patrick what she heard Heather tell Anna. She also tells him Anna didn’t seem surprised by the Robin talk.  Patrick questions Anna, who explains Heather's words and her trip to Switzerland.  Patrick refuses to believe people come back from the dead.

Patrick tells Anna sometimes he hears Robin’s voice asking for his help.  Anna admits she feels it too, especially today, Robin’s birthday.  Patrick regrets not taking those trips with Robin.

Britt’s angry with Sabrina for telling Patrick her news about Robin.  She talks to Patrick, who is upset Heather is lying to ruin lives.  She accuses Sabrina of breaking Patrick’s heart and offers to drive him home.

Todd tells Tea she did a great job and was a terrific mother to Victor. He wishes he’d had a mother like her.  Todd assures her the baby will know he was well cared for and loved. Victor was lucky to have her as a mother.

Sam says she doesn’t know what to call the baby.  Tea comes in and says his name is Victor.  Tea knows the truth about the baby, but she's been his mother from the day he was born and needs to say goodbye.  She asks for permission to hold him and Sam hands the baby to her.

Tea tells the baby to be good to Sam.  She explains his sleeping and eating habits and gives them his ducky.  She says goodbye to Victor and runs off.  Todd wants to go after her, but police officers show up to arrest him.

Anna arrives at her hotel room, where Tracy asks about Joe.  Anna says they haven’t found him, but did find Heather and the baby. She promptly sends Tracy on her way.  Luke needs to speak with Anna, but she’s had a long day and asks him if they can wait until tomorrow.

Sam tells him they need to give the baby a name. It has to be one that means something to them.  They welcome him as Daniel Edward.

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    I don’t understand Duke’s plan. I’m supposed to believe that Sonny hasn’t noticed that most of his assets are gone. And how would trey inheriting dead Kristina’s fortune allow Duke to take over Sonny’s empire?

    Kudos to FL today. Excellent Tea/Todd/John scenes when she finally finds out the truth. And excellent Tea/Sam/Daniel good bye scenes. I wish Sam had told her that she could stay in contact in the baby’s life.

    Britt, shut up. Horrible woman.

    Love the antagonism between Anna and Tracy.

    Why hasn’t Carly clued in? Connie shushed Johnny quite obviously. Any normal person would have realized that she/they have something bigger to hide.

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    Britt can go die. There was no point to bringing her on. If Robin were really dead it would be different. She would still be a bitch but Patrick could redeem her. But we know Robin is alive so why invest?

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    J Bernard Jones

    Perkie wrote

    I don’t understand Duke’s plan. I’m supposed to believe that Sonny hasn’t noticed that most of his assets are gone. And how would trey inheriting dead Kristina’s fortune allow Duke to take over Sonny’s empire?

    I don’t understand it either, but I think this is what’s going on: remember when the $20 million came up missing from Sonny’s accounts when Spinelli was mucking around and lost his computer super powers? Didn’t Spin pay back that money from Spin’s gambling? So what happened to the original $20 million that was lost? Then there was Jerry’s ill-fated bio-terrorism time-slot jumping plot in which he needed all that money to pay for the drug to cure him of his Balkan inflicted posisoning, in which the PC Elite – including Sonny – transferred that Dead Man’s Hand money to an account that no one has been able to find (referenced recently by both Tracy & Johhny).

    I think Duke is behind most of it (depending whatever other super vilains come into play) and he has all or most of that money. Duke said he wants everything back and I took that to mean everything: Anna and his life with her and Robin (who he wants healed first) and he wants his mob empire back, which is now controlled by Sonny and bigger than ever, along with the power that comes with it.

    So Duke has been enriching himself by using various proxies (Jerry, Joe Jr. via Trey and — I’m PURELY SPECULATING –maybe Britt?) in a master plan to reclaim his life without going directly up against a now all-powerful Sonny because Duke doesn’t/didn’t have the resources or manpower to take over the business in a head to head war. Joe Jr., who has his own agenda to get back what he also blames Sonny for for taking from him, is going along with it. Kristina’s death and Trey’s inheritance of her fortune is therefore a backdoor for Duke to get control of Sonny’s empire via Joe (who always made it clear to Trey that Joe would be the one controlling things once they “got back everything that was stolen” from them), somewhat like hiring an assassin to take out someone and then killing the assassin to keep one’s hands “clean.”

    Remember when Jason staged a coup de tat and took over Sonny’s business a couple of years ago? At that time, Jason had all of Sonny’s assets and money transferred into his own accounts before Sonny knew what was going on (if I recall, Jason allowed Sonny to stay in Sonny’s own house) and, along with a few Office Max boxes of files and his own set of henchmen, Jason became the new mafia don before finally transferring the assets back to Sonny.

    I think Duke is playing a longer, more intricate long con to acheive the same results.

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    It’s sad that when you take parts of the show out and look at the stories individually, GH is one great show. THen you add all the stories together and GH is just one major convoluted mess that doesn’t look any different than the show did before “Cartini” came on board other than better writing.

    The baby switch story is one really heavy and great emotional story ONLY BECAUSE a wonderfully talented actress, Florencia Lozano, is in the role of Tea, the one mom in this 2 mom baby switch. She knows how to go from happy to anger to sadness to revenge in one scene without a commercial break and make it the most believable twist of emotion than any other actress on daytime right now. Kelly Monaco goes from opening her eyes to closing them for long periods to signify all of those emotions and none of them make you think anything more than SHUT UP!

    WIth this story, though, Todd will get off which is just a dumb idea. Even worse to this story is that NOW they have the baby and the death of Jason is right after it. With the writers knowing about the actor leaving it would have been better to have sped the baby switch up more so that fans got more than a week of Sam and Jason as family.

    The DUKE wants all that is Sonny’s is ridiculous! All these many years and now Duke comes back because he wants Sonny’s money and power?!!! Dumb. Plus, if he can divert it all to Kristina WHY NOT JUST DIVERT IT TO HIS OWN ACCOUNTS AND DISAPPEAR WITH IT or just come back. The writing on the wall has been nut job nut job nut job trying to take Sonny down since “Cartini” came on. First, Joe, then Jerry, now Duke.

    Throw in the Kate/Connie ridiculousness and GH is only half a show.

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    This was a wonderful episode.

    Téa/ Sam scenes were superb. Touching and heartfelt. I felt FL was a tad more understated today, which made her pain all the more palpable.

    Tracy is such a gem. I love her friendship with Luke, hopefully TPTB that’s all they need to ever be. No romance there, please.

    Loved Tracy calling Anna “Mrs. Lavery” – that’s what she is!

    Connie and Kristina were cringe-worthy (does Kristina have only one expression) , but I loved Carly and her scenes with Johnny!

    I have also warmed up to Trey, and looking forward to his interactions with Sonny. Hopefully he can put his mother away for good!

    WTH is this Britt character – and why should anybody care?! Ugh, get her out of my screen pronto!

    Does anyone else think how ridiculous it is to have THREE new characters, all women, all working in the hospital, start exactly at the same time?! WHY? Well, it is a saving point if at least one of them (Sabrina?) turns out to be related to someone. But still! GH can’t afford any newbies, we need the money to lure back the vets.

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    Hate Sonny

    Florencia Lozano is a beautiful, talented actress, and while I agree that the scene where she fell to the floor was a little over the top, she is the only person in that good-bye scene who showed any engagement with the material. Kelly Monaco and Steve Burton are so over it, and it shows

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    Ugh! Cartini is doing character assasination on “Duke” already. If anyone remembers Duke from the 80s he was a villain. He was heroic and a victim of circumstances. To have him come back as some dark menacing power is stupid. Duke and Luke were trapped by the mob and wanted to get out and escape its criminal ties unlike Sonny who seems happy to be a mobster. I was excited to lose Jason since the mob story would then be diminished, but with Joe Scully Jr. sticking around and Duke back it seems the dark mob stories are even more present. I will be tuning out.

  8. Profile photo of Punky

    FL rocked. I wished Tea had ran out of that room in to Dani’s arms. She needs her so badly right now. I dont like that RC destroyed my original TNT and what he did to Todd and Dani is worse. As a child of two people who have grown through so much, the dynamic with her father would be interesting to explore. Dani and Todd dont have a relationship and instead I read RC is bringing Jack to GH. After all the Todd-Jack scenes on OLTL, it is odd that their relationship continues while Dani is continously ignored. I am shocked Duke wants to kill Krissy. She needs to dump Trey and get with Johnny.

  9. Profile photo of Tris Drake
    Tris Drake

    I don’t get Duke’s plan,but I’m on his team! He most certainly won’t succeed but I can dream. I Wish SB was taking MB with him. I may not like Britt for Patrick,but she does crack me up. Wanting to make sure Robin was really dead. I too think she may be on Team Duke. She is clearly crazy. I like her as Liz’s friend. She is the type to help you hide a body or switch test results.I’m not sure if Patrick Just attracts crazy or if he drives them all crazy.

  10. Profile photo of DonnyA2001

    Florencia Lozano is amazing and needs to be on this show as a contract player. Beautiful and an amazing actress. Her scenes were fantastic.

    I am on the fence about this Duke story, I REALLY hate that he is a “mustache swirling” villain…would rather see him as heroic figure struggling with his actions and his feelings of love. Basically, he’s going the way the writing wants him to go and that’s a little bit frustrating. I was younger when Duke was originally around and only remember bits and pieces, but I’m not caring for what I’m seeing. Hopefully we will soon be seeing a softer, more real side of Duke. I’m optimistic, but then visions of OLTL’s Eli and Marty (in her final days) spring to mind and I just don’t know…

    Britt and Sabrina are exactly products of the writing…nothing more. SO two dimensional, especially Britt. They are just there to provide some sort of lame story. It would be interesting if Britt is involved with Duke some how, would make for excellent story making. Especially if Sabrina finds out. I am LOVING that they are bringing more focus to the hospital and bringing more doctors and nurses into play, so I am optimistic about this story as well. REALLY wish they would bring on Dr. Kelly full time and do something with her character. I love the actress, she’s good and SO beautiful. It would be nice if they dive deeper into her sex addiction that was addressed on Night Shift.

    Out of all the new characters, I am enjoying Ellie the most. Wish they would bring a hot, new, studly gay doctor. Someone to befriend Sabrina and be the one who helps her break out of shell (cause we all know it’s gonna happen) and then he finds a hot stud of his own…Trey perhaps…?

    Overall I am liking GH at this moment, not loving it. Like that they are bringing on new characters and hopefully they get better, like the older set and wish they would do more with them, ready for Jason to leave, ready for Connie to go away, and let’s bring on GHs Blair and Tea full time…that’s all :)

  11. Profile photo of curacaoman

    Duke, if you have the skills to put all of Sonny’s assets in Kristina’s account, why not divert them to your own accounts?
    This story is LAME! pjc722 you are so right!

  12. Profile photo of Tris Drake
    Tris Drake

    I don’t know if Blair could be a full time regular. She and Carly are basically the same person. If Duke’s crazy plan gets Jason off my screen,I’m all for it. Duke may be my new hero.

  13. Profile photo of Perkie

    I’m all for getting Jason off my screen, but I don’t really want them to kill him off, so that I spend the next eleventy months watching and listening to his harem of women pound thier chests and bemoan the death of such a “wonderful” human being. Blech.

    I’d much rather Anna keep her promise and throw his sorry ass in jail.

  14. Profile photo of thecourt99

    pjc722 – great point about diverting them to his own accounts…and therefore neither Krissy nor Joe Jr would be needed.

    Also..if Duke wants everything from Sonny…and Joe Jr wants everything from Sonny….don’t their paths kinda collide? Joe is talking about getting his power back…and he is just going to hand it to Duke? How does that make sense?

  15. Profile photo of soapbaby

    I didn’t watch Duke back in the day, so I have no attachment to him BUT I feel this Duke being “evilest evil of all evils” is to salvage Joe Jr. who may have been originally conceived as a enemy for Sonny but comes off like the hired help. So, Joe Jr. is content sharing Sonny’s wealth with Duke?

    Duke being made a villain would also prop Sonny as hero and make Luke look like a proper love interest for Anna. Connecting the water pathogen, Joe Jr. schemes, Robin’s death, Duke’s return and even Connie/Kate is too much tomfoolery going on. Everything doesn’t have to be made an “umbrella” storyline to give Port Charles a sense of community.

    Back to Duke. Why transfer Sonny’s money to an account for Kristina for Trey to inherit versus just transferring the money to himself directly? And why a focus on Kristina when she would presumably only inherit 1/4 of Sonny’s fortune as she is one of his four children? Why no mention that Kristina is the child of a Corinthos and a Cassadine? Why make an enemy of The Cassadines? If Duke wanted Sonny’s empire, why attack his children who all except for Dante presumably have exorbitant trusts from other wealthy families: Cassadine (Kristina), Jax (Morgan) and Michael (Quartermaine)? Why not just kill Sonny and stage a coup?

  16. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    Florencia Lozano broke my heart. Yes, she sometimes can go over-the top with the yelling and screaming, but as a mother, I could feel her pain and would probably have reacted the same way. LOVED when she slapped Todd! But, somehow he will weasel his way out of this one too. But I love Roger Howarth so I guess I will accept what ever way they will get him off. Looks like Todd and Carly will soon get together, but I HOPE Blair gets involved.
    Yes, the show sometimes does not make sense, the whole Duke, Joe Scully connection now, and I just do not like Btitt and Sabrina at all. But, when I watch Soapnet and see GH in 2008 where EVERYTHING was Sonny, Jason, Carly, Claudia and the mob, at least now we get to see a variety of characters and the vets, Jane Elliot and Finola Hughes, who are the best.

  17. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    Tea was the best part of the episode.

    I just don’t understand Duke or why he has Robin.

    Was Sam saying she has no idea what to do with this kid? Is she acting like the kid fell from the sky? She had nine months to learn how to care for a child and that isn’t including the 5 or so years I had to listen to her wanting a kid.

  18. Profile photo of soapbaby

    Florencia Lozano was AMAZING. It’s too bad she has had no one to act off of in all of her scenes throughout this s/l because everyone is so flat. It’s like she is in 3-D and the other actors are in 2-D. Jason and Sam in particular are so flat, I literally zone out in their scenes. I am glad the s/l is over but I wish Tea had been treated more respectfully and Dani, Blair or even Starr would appear to comfort her. Perhaps Starr will show up on today’s episode. Speaking of Starr, after losing her own child and being close to Tea, she should be very angry with Todd once his role is revealed. Of course Todd will get off scot-free but it would seem that he would be the town pariah. Still, if Sonny, Jason and Luke get away with their various crimes, Todd should too ;-)

  19. Profile photo of stefanstavros

    I agree with those who already commented about the treatment of Duke’s character which we began to see fleshed out yesterday.
    Duke was a tragic hero who was led by love and good intentions. He was trapped by circumstances as one poster said already. I will NOT be a happy camper if they ruin him just to prop up Luke and Joe Jr. Duke deserves more respect than that as a legacy character of GH in the 80s. Moreover, please get Genie Francis (Laura) or Scott Baldwin back so Luke can float on over into their orbits and not depend on the Duke and Anna story to redeem him.

  20. Profile photo of Tris Drake
    Tris Drake

    Sam cared for Hope,so why is she acting brand new to kids? I won’t believe Jason is dying for real until I see it. I probably won’t even believe it then. I am looking forward to the fall out of Robin “dying” to save this bum’s worthless life and then him”dying” by violence.

  21. Profile photo of Yoryla

    I found it very weird too that Duke would order someone killed. He is not evil. More like someone is forcing his hand to do it.

    And another thing, does this really have to be about Sonny? I see Duke as a far superior character than one to care about Sonny Corinthos. I mean, Duke was already on the canvas as a mobster long before Sonny came into town. It’s ridiculous to try to force them onto the same level. They are not.

    GH hasn’t been “the Sonny show” anymore – let’s keep it that way. Thank you.

  22. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    Maybe this Duke vs. the bully scheme is the final(?) painful mob oriented plot gasp before that part of GH is cut from the canvas? (I can only dream, right? ;)) I’m still not convinced that Duke is the head honcho puppetmaster in this umbrella story. Are we really expected to believe that Anna, upon finding out that Duke set up K to be murdered, (and you know she’ll find out-unless they ignore that about her character), that he did it for the “greater good” that is his love for her and Robin? Please, spare me. I believe RC would succeed with this story if he dropped the mob angle and just focused on the “Search for Robin”/WSB narative. If the mob has to be mentioned, they can refer to the bully’s (now damaged, not repaired), connection with Robin and by extension, Stone, to add a bit of humanity into the mix. Just a thought… 0:)

  23. Profile photo of kintex

    I liked the Tea, Sam and the baby scenes but I also felt that they were rushed. I think a lot more could have been said. I would have loved it if it was a scene with just the two mothers and the baby. There was something distracting about Jason’s presence. Anyway I am glad this baby switch story is over and FL did a very good job.

  24. Profile photo of soapbaby

    Was there any explanation given for Sam naming her baby boy Daniel now after originally naming the baby boy Jason Jr.? I FFWD all JaSam scenes unless they are shared with a character I find interesting.

  25. Profile photo of westvirginiafan

    Carini can so some really stupid things (e.g the assassination of Mary Saybrook’s character on oltl) so its important that people fill up the boards with protests about duke–I didn’t watch back then, but from the clips, it seems like there are memories to be honored. As much as they have great complex villains (such as todd and, I think what they are trying to do with Johnny if they figure out a way to keep him on), they also had over the top terrible villains (oltl mitch lawrence the 100th time they brought him back from the dead–being on the verge of raping his own thought to be daughter). They do crazy well (heather, and connie) but they shouldn’t throw duke’s character in the ash bin for the sake of a plot twist.

    But overall the mix is pretty damn good. The new potential love interests for Patrick are silly, but they keep the plot at the hospital and its good soap to have him in an emotional mix before robin comes back to, as I understand it, usher him off the canvass as a happy family. (too bad–emma has the potential to be another robin in terms of a child actress that it wold be worth watching grow up).

    Let’s just keep hoping they have enough something for everyone that a broad audience is drawn in (and that we all have a little patience with the plot threads that are not our own cup of tea).

  26. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    Yesterday’s scenes with Sam and baby Danny were beautifully done!!! KeMo was brilliant and gave just the right amount of emotion to every scene!!! And that baby is just adorable. I love how he hugs her neck and stares lovingly at her. Even when Tea held him he was trying to get back to Sam. GH always manages to find such perfect children! And I LOVE the baby’s new name Daniel Edward honoring Sam’s brother Danny and Jason’s grandfather Edward!!! It is a strong perfect name, especially knowing that JI has passed!!! :love: :love:

    The Sam/Danny/Tea scene was very sweet. Thank goodness FL finally dialed it down a few thousand notches! She’s a wonderful actress when she isn’t screaming at the top of her lungs.

    Todd is a truly horrible person and I hope he isn’t able to weasel himself out of the kidnapping charges! I hated the character played by RH on OLTL and I hate him on GH!!! Thank goodness he and John finally told Tea the truth about Danny’s parentage and some of the truth about how he came to be with her! When she learns the entire truth about Todd’s involvement in switching the babies he’d better pray he’s still in jail where she can’t kill him.

    This Duke/Joe Jr/Jerry/Sonny/Johnny/Trey/Kristina/Anna/Robin story is ridiculous! I never liked Duke back in the 1980s/90s and I like him even less now. And I can’t stand Joe Jr so the sooner he’s killed off the better.

    The same for the Connie/Kate mess. Please let Trey sign those papers so she can be off our screens permanently!

    I’m not sure how I feel about naive Sabrina but I can’t stand Britt. I really don’t want to see Patrick hook up with another nutcase like Lisa! He’s had enough heartache and drama to last a lifetime and he and Emma deserve to have some happiness and peace until Robin can be rescued!!

    I totally enjoyed the Luke and Tracy scenes!! You can tell how much fun AG and JE are having and it makes their scenes so much fun to watch. Loved Tracy calling Anna Mrs. Lavery. AG, JE and FH are a joy to watch!!!

  27. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    Well here is another vet ruined for propping/pimping purposes I just can’t believe that are attaching him to Sonny (& his buddy Luke) villain #5,495,869,302 …when they inserted Luke so quickly in the Anna/Duke scenes; that was my clue…

    This was the only storyline I still hoped for, thus far, I’m not feeling it. I was hoping the Robin storyline would not involve this kind of nonsense. How many villains is on this show at the moment?

    ITA Duke was written as a tragic hero, a victim of circumstance not some outlandish Evul cartoon villain from a B James Bond movie; I liked his original story so why bring him back to new viewers who weren’t around back in the day will have a different opinion of him?

    Sorry but this is not the Duke Lavery I want to see to make Luke Spencer and Sonny Corinthos look good..

    somehow the Rick Webber storyline keeps popping in my head how they treated this beloved character there are still enough of old timers left to know this is utter nonsense.

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