Katie Searching for Executive Producer as Jeff Zucker Explores Other Opportunities

Ricki Lake isn’t the only talk show host looking to bring in a new executive producer. According to Deadline, Katie Couric’s talk show Katie is hunting for someone to replace Jeff Zucker. Reportedly, Zucker is under consideration for several jobs, including the possibility of taking over at the ratings-challenged CNN. 

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    TV Gord

    Katie has a two-year deal, so calls for her cancellation are pointless.

    This is par for the course. Anderson Cooper went through a few executive producers in his first season. I am surprised that Zucker didn’t last longer, though, since he and Katie were supposed to be buddies.

    I’m not blown away by any of the new talk shows, but Katie has some good days. Not enough, yet, but who knows. While I’m a fan of Anderson’s, his show is not getting any better and I think he’s just running out the clock on HIS two-year deal.

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