The Things Sonny Does to Get Will Upside Down on Days of Our Lives

With John (Drake Hogestyn) and Marlena (Deidre Hall) gone, Sonny (Freddie Smith) told Will (Chandler Massey) he wanted to do something with him they’d never done before. That turned out to be climbing a wall. It also provided an opportunity for them to talk about Will being “upside down” [insert your own puns here]. Apparently it takes strapping him into a harness and hanging him from ropes to get Will upside down. Then there was the discussion of Yak butter…I can honestly say I never expected the words Yak butter tea to be said on a soap.

Sonny and Will later bumped into Gabi (Camila Banus) and Nick (Blake Berris), which set up the opportunity of a flashback to Will and Gabi having sex. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see where this could be headed.

Sami (Alison Sweeney) seemed to be trying her best to be supportive of Rafe (Galen Gering). However, she couldn’t help herself from meddling. Fortunately for , Marlena (Deidre Hall) intercepted her in Horton Square.

After eavesdropping at the hospital, EJ (James Scott) practically crowed to Justin (Wally Kurth) over the phone and ordered his attorney to get a DNA test ordered. After he hung up, EJ learned from a nurse that Nicole had lost the baby because someone pushed her. The look on EJ’s face was a combination of fury and sorrow. Smartphones are such wonderful devices that EJ decided to use his to get proof of Nicole’s lie. When he heard about Jennifer's (Melissa Reeves) "actions" he told Nicole he'd make Jennifer pay.

At the Brady Pub, Caroline (Peggy McCay) was not happy about Bo (Peter Reckell) and Kayla’s (Mary Beth Evans) hovering. Roman (Josh Taylor) showed up later and was shocked by the news his mother may have Alzheimers.

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    Yak Butter Tea:

    Will “That’s not a real thing.”

    Sonny “It is a real thing and it’s delicious and it’s salty and I think you could be into it.”

    Greatest line EVER!!!!!!!!!

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    Nick is uncomfortable because they needed to create some angst (however contrived) between members of the younger set. At this point, I would argue Nick is still a pretty expendable character, even though he has family connections. So, if fans have a negative reaction to his story direction, the writers probably wager that they can just ship him off in six months without much fuss. (Not that they care about fan reaction or anything).

    And personally, I hope they don’t go the rape route. Soaps rarely do any rape story justice…and with DAYS’ current writers, it’ll be just another huge mess.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @cord2012: No soap can do rape worse than Passions did it. For them the many rapists would re-rape each week and it was played for jokes all at the same time. And actresses played their rape storylines like they were just having a tough time leaving an obsessed man.

    Another recurring theme on Passions is sexual violence. Many storylines, especially since 2005, have included rape as a plot point.

    In 2005, so many plotlines came to involve an element of rape that fans began to refer to that year as the “Year of the Rapes”. Early that year, Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald was sexually assaulted and nearly raped during a club raid. The show then carried a plotline over whether they should do a rape test while Paloma was in a coma (at the time she was a virgin) and Jessica Bennett was also raped a few weeks later while at a club. Also early in the year, Alistair Crane repeatedly raped his wife, Katherine Crane, while at the Crane Compound. Late in May, heiress Fancy Crane was nearly raped by a man in Las Vegas who demanded “payment” for letting her into a party after she lost her invitation. During the tsunami and later in November, Liz Sanbourne attempted to rape Julian Crane at knife point. In August, Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald was raped by Alistair Crane when she refused to pay him (with sex) for helping her with visitation of her infant daughter, Jane; Theresa later married Alistair, and he continued to rape her throughout their marriage. Also in August or September, Kay Bennett was attacked by a gang of men while walking through the park at night, though Fox Crane soon arrived and the two defeated the group. Liz Sanbourne also revealed during the tsunami that Julian Crane had raped her in Boston many years previously (she later revealed that it had been Alistair who had done the deed, thus producing a son, Chad Harris-Crane).

    The most prominent rape storyline began in December 2006, when Crane heiress and police cadet Fancy Crane was raped during a sting operation designed to catch a peeping tom. The brutal attack left Fancy in a brief coma and emotionally traumatized the young woman. Fancy was also the show’s first rape victim to visibly experience prolonged effects; her bubbly demeanor disappeared, and she became extremely nervous and could not stand to be touched for several months. Fancy was eventually raped for a second time in January 2007, and her boyfriend, Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald, was framed for the crimes; the rapist was later revealed to be Vincent Clarkson, Fancy’s biological half-brother through their father.

    Rape also played prominently into the 2007—2008 storyline involving Mexican drug cartel leader Juanita Vasquez. Sometime between the births of Pilar’s second and third children, the Lopez-Fitzgerald matriarch returned to her native Mexico to visit with her childhood best friend, Juanita Vasquez. There, she discovered that Juanita’s husband, Carlos, was still involved with his family’s drug cartel and was planning a hit on a rival family; when Pilar confronted Carlos, he raped her, and she accidentally killed him in self-defense. Pilar then called the police in an attempt to stop the hit, but the police ended up murdering the entire Vasquez family, including Juanita and Carlos’ young children, except for Juanita. Juanita refused to believe that her husband had raped Pilar and made it her life’s mission to murder Pilar’s entire family, eventually murdering Pilar’s sister and two nephews.

    Men on the show were equally as likely to be violated as women. Fox Crane, Julian Crane, Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald, Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald, and Ethan Winthrop have all been victims of sexual assault.

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    [quote=appleridge]I think Nick is uncomfortable around Wilson cause he was raped in jail[/quote]

    Yeah, that was my first thought as well though they might just be throwing another point of conflict into the mix. If that’s the case it seems as though that would go against Nick’s character a little bit…oh wait this is DAYS we’re talking about-everybody goes against character at some point!

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    @david46208…My Gawd I never watched an episode of Passions but my jaw dropped that a soap did that many rapes in 2-3 year period. I would think even fans of Passions it would wear thin. It’s ridiculous to have that kind issue taken so lightly rather men or women.

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    [quote=DaysFan23]Such a shame that Will and Sonny have ZERO chemistry! Oh well.[/quote]

    Will and Sonny have some chemistry, just not as much as they should have. It’s slowly improving, though, as Will becomes more comfortable with himself. You can’t blame Sonny for any lack of chemistry, though, as he’d probably set up a web cam and broadcast their sex sessions for the entire world to see.

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    [quote=LonePirate][quote=DaysFan23]Such a shame that Will and Sonny have ZERO chemistry! Oh well.[/quote]

    Will and Sonny have some chemistry, just not as much as they should have. It’s slowly improving, though, as Will becomes more comfortable with himself. You can’t blame Sonny for any lack of chemistry, though, as he’d probably set up a web cam and broadcast their sex sessions for the entire world to see.[/quote]

    Yeah, I think there are definitely sparks of chemistry here and there; the issue for me is that while Freddie Smith is giving one-hundred and ten percent I think Chandler Massey sometimes doesn’t seem fully invested(he’s already made it clear in previous interviews that he preferred Will and Sonny as platonic friends). I agree though that it is getting better.

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    I think Sonny and Will have a lot of chemistry. They just haven’t been given proper airtime nor writing to show much of the romantic aspect of their relationship. I was very surprised though with this conversation. That was great dialogue.

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