EJ Gets His Proof on Days of Our Lives

At the hospital, EJ (James Scott) thought Nicole (Arianne Zucker) would finally admit the truth about his baby, but she stuck with her original story that Rafe (Galen Gering) was the father. Nicole is one stubborn woman. EJ insisted he heard Nicole say the baby was his, but she continued to deny him the truth. After more crying from Nicole and much persistence by EJ, Nicole FINALLY admitted the baby was his. The look on EJ’s face was fantastic. It was of immense sorrow, mixed with anger.

EJ arrived at Rafe’s home in the middle of Rafe and Sami (Alison Sweeney) getting it on. He demanded to know how Rafe could conspire to take his son from him. Rafe denied the baby was EJ’s and tried to throw EJ out. Furious, EJ played the recording of Nicole admitting EJ was the father. Game, set and match EJ. Will Safe explode after the revelation? Only time will tell.

Marlena (Deidre Hall) and John (Drake Hogestyn) shared a lovely dinner together. However, unbeknownst to them, Kristen (Eileen Davidson) was jetting her way towards turning their life upside down.

Later, a sweaty John woke up from a nightmare of Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) tormenting him. Unfortunately, he discovered he hadn’t actually awakened. Instead, he found himself in another dream or nightmare with Kristen in his bed.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady (Eric Martsolf) told Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) and Victor (John Aniston) how he and Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) had been talking. He shared the details of Jennifer's blow up at Nicole w. Maggie still couldn’t believe what she was hearing about the "oh so saintly" Jennifer.

Bo (Peter Reckell) shared the pain he was feeling at seeing his mother’s battle with possible Alzheimer’s with Hope (Kristian Alfonso). At the Brady pub, Caroline (Peggy McCay) wanted Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) to tell her what type of drugs they could try and other options.

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    I couldn’t be more bored with Days. It’s all the same old stories rewritten to be worse than the first 10 times they did the story.

    Sorry, but they need to fire the writing staff again.

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    When we could (possibly) have a good story with Bo & Caroline with the Alzheimers’ story…Bo will be gone. Why get invested….?

    Not excited about ED’s return as Kristin…she should be on Y&R IMHO.(They need Ashley!!)Not into a storyline about John & Marlena…

    Sorry Days, this writing team is making tings worse…the actors I watch for are in really awful sl’s right now (JS & AZ). We are right back to where we were a few years ago. This show is about 85%FF these days.

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    Why does this recap and picture as well as today’s NBC promo have to be about the WEAKEST link of the show right now? No offense to Ali Sweeney, I love her, and I love Sami. But no one is invested in the Safe pairing.

    We have so MANY other good things going on now – Kristen’s return, Stefano’s return and the rebuilding of the DiMera family, Caroline’s Alzheimer’s, Will/Sonny/ (possibly quad with Gabi/Nick), Bo leaving and how that affects Hope.

    ALL of these things are storylines the show NEEDS to focus on to survive. Have viewers invested in them again. Thank you.

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    Don’t ya hate it when someone wants you to keep a secret for them, and then they go an blab it?
    I know that Nicole is in a weak state right now with the loss of the baby and all, however I think she owed it to Rafe and Dr. Death to keep her trap shut. She has put both men in jeopardy. How is telling EJ about the baby going to endear her to Daniel? Well it’s not. First off she gets Jen imprisoned for something she didn’t do then she endangers Daniel’s career and possibly his freedom and maybe his life.
    If the man has ANY sense, he will not keep trusting Nicole.
    Rafe had absolutely no defense when it came to Sami’s accusations. “Why did you keep this from me?” blank stare. The reason why is that it was in the script. He should have come clean with her when they started getting close again. Sami is right about Rafe not trusting her. Not that she has earned that trust mind you. They need to break it off because the two of them just don’t work. What Sami needs is a slightly older man who is delighted in her strength and accepts her for exactly who she is. She would blossum from it. But if she keeps bouncing back and forth between the devil, the judge, and the executioner (EJ, Lucas, Rafe) Sami will never become the three deminsional person I know she could become.
    Caroline’s illness has the potential of being a great story. It is hitting all the beats and has alot of jumping off potential. I hope that this gives Kayla something more to do as well.
    I did enjoy the scenes between EJ and Kristen. LOL I loved Kristen’s declaration that she isn’t old enough to be EJ’s mother. Well yeah she is since she was pregnant before EJ was concieved! I have always had a problem with Kristen’s personality however. She started out so clueless and sweet. Then switched to coniving and evil. I never really understood her. One thing I will say is that she could have defended herself against EJ’s accusations. She was the victum of his mother and Stefano’s schemes. Surely even EJ can not defend his mother’s attempt to look like and pass herself off as Kristen.
    I think it would behoove the show to make Kristen more of a good guy again. It would make the triangle between John/Marlena/Kristen less clearcut. Plus if they ever decided to retire Marlena, Kristen would be a logical replacement for her. I would prefer more three deminsional characters on the show. Everyone is either pitch perfect or a mustache twirling villan.

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    James Scott owned those scenes! Wow! What a tremendous performance he put on. And Ali Sweeney was fierce when she was left on her own to confront Rafe. And, literally, she was on her own in those scenes since she was without an acting partner who could act. Here’s hoping what Sween said was true when she left the loft – Safe is through. Can’t come soon enough.

    I’m loving the Carolyn story, and the interaction of all the actors reminds us of the Carolyn from long ago and why she was a loved character. My only problem with this story is that it’s Peter Reckell’s swan song. After all the time he was Bo on the show, he deserved a better exit than being axed for a budget cut.

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    The show has been considerably better the last week or so.

    Peggy McCay has been on Days since February ’83, which is just a few months before I started watching Days as a pre-teen, and this is truly the best acting she has ever done.

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    Mark, I LOVED the fact that you pointed out that Kristen began as a good girl and was changed into a vixen almost overnight. That was typical of James E. Reilly: sudden, dramatic shifts in personalities. The man had no idea how to do intelligent storytelling.

    I never bought into the explantion that it was Kristen’s love/obsession with John that changed her. Susan was the one that was obsessed.

  8. Profile photo of cheesehead91182

    Gary Tomlin has cut Sami’s balls off. The Sami I know and love wouldn’t have given Rafe all that time to explain, she would have kicked his ass out and then started plotting revenge on Nicole. Sami used to be the baddest bitch and she has turned into Rafe’s rag doll. I really don’t get why Tomlin felt the need to change Sami and Will’s personalities. Sami had been manipulative and scheming since she was SOARSed and all the fans were enjoying Will turn to the dark side, and he should have a dark side considering Sami is his mother and Kate is his grandmother.

    On another note, why haven’t Tomlin or Whitesell done any interviews? Anytime a new regime comes on to a show we get at least one or two interviews with the new team. Is it because they don’t want to answer questions about why they have ruined this show?

  9. Profile photo of bonobochick

    On another note, why haven’t Tomlin or Whitesell done any interviews? Anytime a new regime comes on to a show we get at least one or two interviews with the new team. Is it because they don’t want to answer questions about why they have ruined this show?

    I’ve been wondering this as well. Very curious…

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