SPOILERS: Old Smilin' Jack is on The MOVE on Young and Restless!


Jack's Power Plays: The grande dame has a chat with Old Smilin' Jack about taking over the Black Knight's company. Kay insists Jack give the company back, but he scoffs at her request. Katherine declares their friendship over because of his actions. Funny, I don't remember Kay ending things with Victor when he snatched her childhood pal John Abbott's business!

Jack is hurt by her actions, considering how far the Abbotts and Chancellors go back. To get Kay's attention back on her own affairs, he offers Neil the CEO slot at Jabot. When Kay can't match the salary Jack offers at Chancellor, she encourages Neil to to run the perfum palace.  

When Billy and Cane learn of Jack's latest move, both men feel stabbed them in the back. Billy is furious at the thought of a non-Abbott running Jabot, while Cane is outraged because he thought he was a lock for the gig. Billy, however does accept Jack's offer to work for Newman, with Victoria's blessing!

Jack tries to woo Abby with a job at Newman, but his niece refuses. Later, Jack offers ex-wife Phyllis a gig. She initially balks, but changes her mind once she learns how Nick is planning to play hardball in their divorce battle. 

Billy/Victoria: Jack's kid brother is caught in the middle of the Abbott vs. Newman war. Jack demands nothing but loyalty, but Victoria and her father want him to prove he has the Newmans backs.

Jill: She returns when Katherine's focus goes back to Chancellor Industries.

Avery/Nick/Phyllis: Despite Red's best efforts to save their marriage, Nick is no longer interested. He cluses is kids on his decision to file for divorce, and both Noah and Summer prove supportive.

When Nick receives a chess set as a gift from Avery, he heads over to thank his sister-in-law. Nick finds her locked out of her crib in a bathrobe! The pair flirts, while Nick picks her lock. Of course Phyllis shows up and gets pissed about her baby daddy and sister getting chummy again.

Chelsea/Adam/Sharon: Things aren't looking good for Mrs. Newman. After Sharon torches the Neman ranch, she gets devastating news about her health. Adam gives her a shoulder to lean on, much to Chelsea's chagrin.

Nick/Noah: The two discover evidence that puts Sharon at the scene of the ranch fire.

Neil/Harmony: The couple has a tearful goodbye. Debbi Morgan's last airdate is Oct. 30.

Tucker/Genevieve: The old lovers have a bittersweet meeting as Gen departs Genoa City. Genie Francis' exit date is slated for Oct. 29.

Marcy Rylan: Her last date on the show is Oct. 23.


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I think Abby leaving is going to have to do with Ashley in some way.

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What I read on Twitter! Ronan Has a son? WHAT?

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I would care more about Ronan's offspring if they invested more into his character beyond his romps with Heather/Chloe/Phyllis.

My hopes for YR in the longterm: give me a REASON to care about the non-Abbotts and non-Newmans.

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Since Victor has been renewed, the Newman name will survive and so will it's dynasty. I have never liked Jack, since he was so cold hearted in his first marriage. Too bad Genny is leaving. Each character has slept with almost all the opposite sex. I loved when Lauren said she had slept with most of the men in the room. I guess with the limited characters, that's all they can do. When they run out of the opposite sex, what next, it's coming as on Days.
I love to hate Victor, I am thinking Abby will get a call from her Stock broker soon and find out that she
can help her Dad. I have watched Y&R since day one and have always loved the action between Kay and Jill. They have kept me as a fan.