Randy Nick Newman is Back on The Hunt on Young and Restless

Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) is smooth, suave and did we mention rich? His marriage to Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) is in ruins, but the Newman prince is putting himself back on the market. Which Genoa City woman will fall for him next? Watch this week’s The Young and the Restless promo after the jump!

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    teeheehee…as much as I want to hate Nick, I can’t!!! I don’t know what it is about him, but he kind of reminds me of myself which is not a good thing. :( Oh well…still enjoying Nu-Y&R

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    Restless Vixen

    I can’t hate Nick either, stoney! I think Nick as skirt-chaser works for me more than Nick as corporate executive. Something about him not being as concerned to get Newman Enterprises back just rings more true for me

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    Why is it that sometimes Nick can look so devastating and then other times that Neanderthal pops out?

    Whichever. But whether zipper or button fly … hopefully the Genoa City pharmacies have a very good FIRST RESPONSE supply on hand.

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    Is it me, or does it seem that Avery is a romantic ‘Speed Bump’ on his way to something (someone) else?

    I just don’t see much lasting potential in this one. Maybe that’s exactly the point. Just cattin’ around with no commitments, I guess.

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    [quote=hey mon]I have tried to hate Nick. But I think deep down in, we all want to be Nick.[/quote]

    Deep down we all want to have sex with Nick…I don’t want to be him…I jsut want him. He is beautiful.

    Seems to me that Nick Newman is the new lead for this show. He is being written very differently. More commanding and in control. No more purse carrying. Good for Nick. He is starting to act more like Victor Newman too.

    Nick is too fine to be tied down to one woman anyway. Of anyone should be sleeping their way through town, it is him (not Tucker). Hide your wives, hide your daughters, Nick Newman is on the prawl…Let me make him a list:

    1. Leslie (cause she is a dy player and expendable..no real romance required)
    2. Chloe (she needs some excitement in her life)
    3. Lily (Just cause he can)
    4. Phyllis (if he has no one else that night)
    5. Sharon (Pity sexy cause she is crazy)
    6. Roxy (just to cause some angst for Devon and pay him back for cheating n her. Do it Roxy)
    7. Jill (Cause he can and Nikki would hate it)
    8. Chelsea (vindictive with Adam)
    9. Nina (No reason, just cause)

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    Why must Nickclueless be written as such a self-righteous hypocrite? If Lauralee Bell is gonna stick around, I think they should DEFINITELY put Cricket with Nick. It would piss off Phyllis and since Cricket has always been a self-righteous bore, they would fit well together!

    I love Joshua Morrow, but this character just grates my nerves these days!!!

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    I don’t watch every day and so I hoping someone can answer a question for me.

    Nick went after Jack claiming he caused Victor’s injury. When he did that the doctor had already stated it was a result of the two back to back injuries, a horse fall and an explosion. Did Jack have anything to do with those events? Otherwise he had no reason to blame Jack.

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    alstonboy4315 … not sure if Cricket is a good match for Nick (is she a good match for anyone?) on the fly button popping front, but you are definitely on the right wavelength when it comes to Phyllis Wrath Inducing Quotient. Of course who’s to say that’s not already in that sometimes Federal Agent’s mind?

    I guess I can suffer through Nick much more if we get to have him tom catting around in nothing but his black boxer briefs.

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    I kinda enjoyed “The Bug” with Nick last time. She came back and for the first time EVER, didn’t have a bug up her butt or a huge chip on her shoulder. Of course, she’s back to her old self now, so I agree……what’s the point of keeping her around? Danny and Cricket just ain’t sparking my interest these days! Can’t muster up the energy to care about these two aging ex-soap “heartthrobs”………

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    I’m liking Nick more lately–not that I’ve ever truly disliked him–and I hope this divorce from Phyllis separates those two for a very long time(actually, forever would be okay). Now if he’ll just where as little as possible as often as possible I think we’re good to go(the male eye candy has been scarce of late what with my beloved Peter Porte being killed off and Marco Dapper apparently evaporating into the ether somewhere).

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    I like the factor Nick & Phyllis is finished (for now) and don’t mind Avery because it’s fresh and new and not rehash. It he stays with her is another question. This thing with Avery could be the adult relationship, she’s a professional and no baggage and could open up a story for Avery especially with new writers.

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    Avery is a hit and run with Nick (pun intended!). Just to piss off Phyllis. He will find his way back to Nu Sharon when the time is right. That was what The View ep was all about. Drumming up a little support for this famous Y&R couple.
    They were a supercouple once. I think they could get back there again. Much like Vic and Nik do all the time. Personally I loved Nicolas and Sharon when they were a happy couple. Their stories were realistic and about stuff that wasn’t the usual soapy stuff. They had trouble with their kid or with some old flame that went wacko or usually dealing with Victor and or Nikki. I found this to be compelling. Not for every single couple ever on any soap but I thought it worked for them. I would like to see that again. Now they even have Adam and Phyllis to bug them on top of the usual stuff. Plus their kids are getting older too so they can have them to worry over as well.

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    Angie Lucy

    Nick and Lauren, just to shake things up.
    Nick and Cricket, to tick off Phyllis as mentioned.
    Nick and Olivia, because a sista needs some screen time.
    Nick and oh who cares, just put that boy in a towel and dump water on his head!

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    @alstonboy4315 & Mark

    alstonboy4315…thanks, I loved those two fighting on my TV scene. CW & KZ had the kind of chemistry of a “super couple” rather dark and maddness, or revenge or humor both delivered! :love: :love:

    Mark ITA about Nick & Sharon but right now instead of another redux let differences and situations living apart and show the process of working through their problems and finding each other again…they are the “Nu Victor & Nikki for the future”. Let Nick be a whore dog, Sharon get the help to rediscover Sharon again and maybe finding the support from Adam and she turns to Nick when better and another knife in Adam’s gut. They are building a Nick & Adam as brothers’ rivalry in the sense “JR & Bobby” which is so smart on Josh’s part…he paid attention what they are doing at redux with Dallas.
    The music is better and familiar as in the past and not this weird sounding background music from MAB…trying to infuse something new. The pace of show has SO IMPROVED in a short time! Thank You! JFP that’s your touch all over the flow and greatly improved with quality scenes. Both Josh & Jill I think has listened to fans and making Victor & Nikki the partiarch & martiarch of the show and keeping them together…about time! :) The scenes of V&N at the burnt ranch was the V&R I personally love and having not seen in longtime. Josh & Jill is showing the audience why they are so important to the show. Rebuilding the Newmans and it starts with those two as the power couple.
    Everything is more family based again with whole families are enacting together again not being isolated like it was being written by past regime.
    I’m loviing the Jack story and PB is beaming with delicious story arc and it shows. PB is pitch perfect in his glee but still deep down he’s hearing but not believing his conscience. This is where Jack is different then Victor, Jack isn’t ruthless. I’m loving the material so far from Josh and moving YR forward. I liking the past full week of JFP…regardless what think of her she knows how to make any soap look better…that’s a good eye. ;)

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    Blue Skies and Palomino Ponies

    I like the suggestion of Leslie for Nick. I agree that the Avery thing is more of a speedbump than anything else…I just don’t feel chemistry between those two no matter how hard they try to make me. And I don’t like it. I’m not a Phyllis hater, so while I know she deserves some fair play turnabout, I like the relationships with Avery and Lauren when they can disagree with her, talk her off the ledge, but still love her.
    I’d enjoy if we could just call a moratorium on the family musical chairs of love. At least for a little while.

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    I am SOOOO glad that Nick and Phil are over. I’m hoping for an eventual reunion with Sharon, but in the meantime I like the pairing of him and Avery. It creates tension with Phil, and I like the idea of sisters fighting over the same man. Haven’t seen that on this show for a while.

    I’ve missed about three or four shows now, so interested to see how the new writing is when I sit down and catch up on the DVR.

    Last week’s ratings looked good, so it’ll be interesting to see if any “new” viewers checked out the first full week of writing under Josh.

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    Today’s episode (Canada) …

    While Victor escaped hospital confinement to rush off to the burned out remnants of his lavish manse to reminisce about his secret threeways with Colonel Austin and Miguel before being rudely interrupted by Lady Macbeth
    … Phyllis back at the tack house had the nerve to tell Summer that she always accepts HER mistakes?

    And Master Cane … just who right now is the town’s biggest hypocrite?

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    The idea of nick and sharon back together is just sooo boring. love the nick andn phyllis thing, chemestry is awesome not to mention the sex!!!! i would love to see them back together although there not the conventional couple,their difference adds a spice to Y&R like no one else does!!!! I agreee that his relationship with Avery does dosen’t work, there’s no spark there. i think its time phyllis deserves some lasting happiness she’s been up and down and all over the place for too long. ther eis simply nobody that can do the things she does and bring such attention to Y&R. she’s just hot and awesome and who better for her to be with than hot and awesone Nick. you just wouldn;t be able to hold them back!!!

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    Hmmm…Nick’s infidelity held them back. Nick prioritizing Sharon held them back. Phyllis’s lies and manipulations hold them back. Phyllis’s infidelity held them back (Nick really shouldn’t be one to judge there).

    Nick and Phyllis should reunite, but give them other loves and some long years between them. Their chemistry is tired at the moment. It’s all about keeping them fresh, and they stopped being fresh after their first divorce.

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