It Wasn’t The Women in Jason Morgan’s Life, It Was The Life in His Women on General Hospital!

What's that they say, behind every good hitman there's a good woman? General Hospital's presumed dead mobster Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) certainly had his fair share of lovely ladies watching his back over the years. From girlfriends, to wives to relatives, let's look back at the women who made an impact on Super Jase's life and times in Port Charles.

No. 10: Keesha Ward

Back when he was still known as Jason Quartermaine (Steve Burton), the sweater loving, pre-med student fell hard for Keesha Ward (Senait Ashenafi). Keesha's grandmother Mary Mae (the late Rosalind Cash) and Jason's grandfather Edward (the late John Ingle) both opposed the relationship, because of their own sordid, shared past.

Decades earlier Edward and Mary Mae had embarked on an affair that resulted in a son, Bradley Ward. Edward standing trial for Bradley's murder (He didn't do it!), and Mary Mae's stunning revelation of her son's true paternity, threatened Jason and Keesha's young love. The two eventually consummated their relationship during a spring break trip to Paris. Alas, Jason and Keesha's love affair was cut short.

Jason received a devastating brain injury, following a car accident caused by a drunken AJ (Sean Kanan). When he woke up, he had no memories or emotional connections to Keesha. Keesha later moved on with AJ (Billy Warlock), but that relationship was derailed because of alcohol and the machinations of another woman on this list — Carly Roberts (Sarah Brown).


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    I would have loved to see the clip if Jason telling Liz she smells like snow…..The supercouple of the decade.

    Or the clip of when Liz went to Jason’s (when he lived above Jake’s) after a photo shoot. She left her glove there and later Jason picked up the glove and had a vision of Liz standing in the doorway smiling at him with her hand on her hip then Jason started smiling.


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    Angie Lucy

    This is a testament to how great a character Jason Q/Morgan can be when written well. I enjoyed Jason all of these ladies (except Courtney–I try to have amnesia about those long four years). In fact, he and Alexis had a sweet relationship in the beginning, when she was helping him with his custody case for Michael.

  3. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    OMG How I loved Jason and RObin. After Robin and Stone I thought I could never see her with any one else and then BAM- Jason and Robin were so pitch perfect. Then after Carly came and destroyed the dynamic that I felt was Sonny, Jason and Robin I didn’t think I could go on. However I got my Jasam and Scrubs.. Happy ever since!!

  4. Profile photo of BornSoapStar

    Well written. Loved the older clips! Jason Quartermaine/Morgan will always be my favorite male soap character. I love you Jamey for pointing out what we all know to be true about the “meddling network executive” and Steve’s departure resulting in a rushed and pointless Jalame reunion. I love watching Jason and Robin’s friendship/relationship. He helped her love again after the loss of her soulmate- Stone. I also loved Jason and Brenda’s love/hate friendship. Their’s was one of the funniest marriage-of-conveniences ever!

    It was Jason’s friendship and deep underlying attraction to Elizabeth that ultimately captured my heart forever. Steve Burton and Rebecca Herbst had an onscreen chemistry that is rarely seen. They were spectacular together.

    I personally think the “meddling” began with Kung Fu Barbie…who I thought at the time was hands down the worse pairing with Jason ever. Wow! was I ever wrong…Jasam Part II has forever secured that dubious honor.

    Jason Morgan died in Mexico in 2009. If Jason were to return I hope the REAL Jason Quartermaine/Morgan returns. If it’s POD-Jason, then I hope he stays dead.

    I wish Steve Burton and his family all the best in TN. Ron Carlivati should be drummed out of the industry for the worse written “death” of a veteran performer in soap opera history!

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    I miss seeing Karen Wexler on the list since the Jason-Karen-Jagger was so central to GH upon my rediscovery of it in the 90s.
    Vulgar title of the article, eh?

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    Jenny and Greg, Jesse and Angie, Tad and Dixie from AMC and Tina and Cord from OneLife are all time favorite soap couples. The commonality is the good partner/partner who has done bad things but isnt truly bad.

    My GH couples are Robin and Jason and Liz and Jason and Keesha and Jason. Once upon a time Jason was a favorite as were the partners and I guess that’s a part of my favorite couples: put 2 of my favorite individuals together.

    Edited Post Clip of faves plus Carly: Clips reinforced my love for favorites, made me wonder what ever happened to Senait Ashenafi, how does KMc look almost exactly the same, how could I love SJB so much while I have such an intense distaste for Carly esp. as played by TB, who I like as an actress.

    Finally, I lost my love for Jason when he returned the organization to Sonny. Jason’s reason for retaining “the outfit”, Sonny’s general unfitness as a leader hadnt changed and so it seemed like a plot rather than character driven move except Sonny and Jason having a genuine war would have been more interesting for the characters and story. I could never hate Jason though and I will miss him on the canvas.

  7. Profile photo of liason4real

    Jamey, thanks for posting the Liason video.

    Jason/SBu looked smoking hot with the long (porn hair)! I miss Liason. I miss what stories should have been told for Liason once Lucky found out that Jake was not his biological son.

  8. Profile photo of soapbaby

    Funny, I’ve mourned the Jason Quartermaine/Morgan seen in these clips for four years now! Jason hasn’t been so alive and vital since being paired with Elizabeth and the clip used here exhibits their bond beautifully. I hate that we never got a Liason/Cake family unit, so I cherish there scenes from ’06-’08. R.I.P. Jake.

    I so enjoyed Jason and Brenda’s marriage of “convenience.” It was great fun to watch and I am convinced had Vanessa Marcil stayed with the show then, a real romance between Brenda and Jason would have been explored.

    Lastly, I want to state how disappointed that Jason Q’s memories never re-emerged in Jason M. That was huge missed opportunity for great drama. Jason Morgan’s s/l flatlined years ago and the lifeless pairing with Sam McCall leveled the character. He needed a real shakeup. I never imagined Jason Morgan would remain without the repercussions of Jason Quartermaine’s memories retuning. That would have made an excellent story.

  9. Profile photo of Kazy24

    My perfect Liason! That clip was wonderful. I will forever be bitter that they were never given a true chance to explore this amazing couple being an ACTUAL COUPLE!!! But I am thankful for the scenes they were able to share as friends and lovers!

  10. Profile photo of jasam4ever888

    I feel like I can’t wake up from a nightmare filled with incompetent people. Nothing compares to the chemistry and love story of Jasam. They were an impeccable team. Maybe I’m crazy, but from what I just read about Jasam’s love story, is that Elizabeth was always Jason’s backup plan. Whenever things went wrong with Sam he would in fact turn to Elizabeth, but was always drawn back to Sam. Let’s see, Hitman/nerdy nurse or Hitman/Bad Ass, Smoking Hot, Leather Wearing, Guns A Blazing P.I. Ahhhhhhh, No brainer! I’m assuming that like myself, you are all huge Steve Burton fans, go to YouTube and pull up some old interviews that Steve did, he admits that he had a lot of say in Jason Morgan’s storylines and that Guza pretty much gave him the reins, He admits that his character was best fit with Sam and that he couldn’t picture his character being truly happy with anyone else. I’m not saying that he didn’t love Elizabeth, but there is a huge differece in loving someone and being in love with someone, he was in love with Sam, do a little homework. Sam was the only one out of all of his leading ladies (besides Carly/just friends) that truly excepted and loved Jason for who he was, their love was unconditional. I don’t know about any of you but that’s the kind of love I want! Jason and Sam were like one of a kind: adventure seekers,fearless and loved living on the edge, who wouldn’t want a partner in life that you are completely compatable with. The man of so few words could talk to Sam for hours and about things that he couldn’t or wouldn’t talk to anyone else about. I’m just not computing you Liason fans thought process…..JASAM 4-EVER!

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