General Hospital Says So Long to Stone Cold

This week General Hospital bids goodbye to Steve Burton’s Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). Watch this week’s GH promo after the jump!

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    TV Gord

    I don’t care about Jason one way or the other, but it would be nice to see a little respect for the fans of Jason and Steve Burton to let them feel bad openly instead of having to wade through a bunch of obnoxiously gleeful posts from people who don’t know when withhold their comments for a little while.

    Just a thought…

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    I really like Steve Burton/Jason Morgan and I always liked his character. He was such a Huck in his earlier days…He made the show and I loved action movies and he and Sonny played the parts excellent. (Jason comparison talented is like watching Clint Eastwood.

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    I am going to miss the actor and the character – if they have decided to do away with him. Who knows, I was ecstatic over getting rid of Robin and they still bring her back. I just hope they don’t stick Sam with over the hill McBain.

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    Over the hill McBain? Michael Easton is 45 and Steve Burton is 42. Kelly Monaco is 36. If you think Easton is over the hill then Steve and Kelly are there as well.

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    TV Gord

    sponge89, I wish I had that kind of respect 100% of the time, but I have my moments, too. I’ve tried to wear a halo all of the time, but…it burns…it BURNS!!! ;-)

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    I haven’t enjoyed Steve’s Jason for many years esp. since he got stuck only to prop and pimp a pairing seems his only way out is to leave…after a decade; Steve always said Jason can’t be domesticated so I guess it was his cue to leave.

    sorry to see him go…he seemed bored with the character he has a new project coming up so I’ll see him there.

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    I didn’t care for Steve Burton when he was Jason Quartermain, but I loved when his character changed into Jason Morgan. I’ll miss him on GH & hope he decides to come back after he takes some time off. But PLEASE, if he decides to return, No JaSam!

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    I am/was huge Jason fan. Will miss the character. And today’s show was just Off the Hook. I’m a manly man but I teared up with the Sam-Davis Girls and the Carly-Sonny scenes today. Awesome.

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    Steve always said Jason can’t be domesticated so I guess it was his cue to leave.
    Cyber, Yes, it seems Jason couldn’t be domesticated with Liz, but the show had no problem having a fierce mob enforce making freaking necklaces and carrying around cheap figurines.

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    TV Gord

    Today’s show was great in showing how many lives Jason touched. I wish I had seen more of his work when he was more engaged in playing the part. I was sorry that he didn’t recover from his brain surgery with his memories of the mob gone and the Quartermaines back. That would have been some meaty material that might have kept him around.

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    liason4real – When will you ever get it? He just wasn’t that in to her!!! If he’d wanted to be with her he would have found a way. No one needs to make up all those excuses unless they’re trying to find a gentle way to let someone down who they care about. Not someone they are madly passionately in love with!!! Geesh!!!

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    Sassydreams, When will you realize as Jamey stated in another thread on this board that a “meddling executive” is the only reason that Liason was never a public couple?

    Jason sure was into Liz the night that Jake was created. ;)

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    Jamey was stating his opinion as an Elizabeth/RH FF. Nothing more and nothing less. I do not happen to agree with it. There have been several head writers and executive producers over the years and it seems they all felt/feel the same way about Elizabeth and RH in regards to Liason.

    I also do not agree with you about that night. Jason was drunk and in pain, lonely and devastated by what he had just seen. And Elizabeth was there. There was zero passion and in my opinion they have zero sexual chemistry. It was like watching a brother and sister have sex. Nauseating!! I think if Carly had been there weeping on his shoulder and coming on to him, they would have also had sex. Jason wasn’t into Liz that night or any other and he tried over and over again to tell her without hurting her. She just refused to hear it until he finally spelled it out for her! :O

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    I will miss Steve and I wish him luck. I will miss the character of Jason…well the Jason before 2009. Jason has been, for the most part, crap since he got back together with the mob moll wannabe sam. You don’t just go hopping back into bed with a person you threaten to kill and feel a violent hatred for (hence the threatening to kill her). Scenes between Jason and Sam were hard to watch. They were boring and where others saw passion, I saw none. That is the plus side of Jason being gone. No more jasam.

    And yes, I will miss Liason. They had amazing chemistry whether they were being friends or something more. They always had eyes for each other. I love how they were with each other. I hate that they were never given an actual chance. And I hate that Jason was never a true father to Jake. I hate that Liz asked him to stay away, even if it was for Jake’s safety. I will miss Jason/Liz as friends and as lovers. Yay for youtube clips!

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