Jess Walton Starts Airing on Young and Restless This November!


Great news for Jess Walton fans, The Young and the Restless' hellcat announced on Facebook that Jill Abbott will be seen on air in November. Walton posted:



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    HAPPY DANCE!!! 8c)

    Welcome back, Jess!! “Y & R” has not been the same since MAB had Jill written off to Australia to help Phillip recuperate from knee surgery!!

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    Excellent, can’t wait for the back and forth action we will see between Jill and Mrs.C. Today’s episode was pretty good although to many scenes with music. It was good to finally see what the tack house looks like from the front yard. Also someone tell the producers to turn down the volume on the background talking tracks during scenes as well. It takes away from the scene just lower the volume a bit its not that many people in the background for that track to be so loud.

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    Very good news! Except I think we’re going to find out she was the one gas lighting Cane and framing Genevieve (with Colin’s help). I say more power to her! That doofus deserves a taste of his own medicine. He’s lied and conned so many people in Genoa City yet acts like he can walk on water.

    I hope we still get some Tristan Rogers down the line. There’s a lot of unfinished storyline potential there.

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    [quote=80srockfan]Don’t think it has anything to do Genevieve GF last airdate is oct 30th.She back to ease tension with Mother&Son LOL.[/quote]

    Yeah. That’s why *son* is being mentioned extensively in future spoilers. NOT.

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    Excited to have her back and I hope it involves a lot of air time for her with a meaty storyline.

    I’d prefer it be centered around Jabot, but I do like watching her in scenes with Cane and Kay. All have great chemistry.

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    Praise God. They need to do ANYTHING they can to keep Jess around. Cause I don’t think I can take the idea of them bringing that damn Brenda Dickson back. We all know how busy the devil is…………..

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    [quote=80srockfan]Who bring’s Jill back to GC TUCKER spoiler. Because he starts showing Concern about Katherine Spoiler. Jill coming back to tell her this LOL[/quote]

    Your misconception of Tucker’s/Stephen Nichols importance on this show is always hilarious and never fails to disappoint. Thanks for the laugh, LOL!

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    [quote=80srockfan]Don’t think it has anything to do Genevieve GF last airdate is oct 30th.She back to ease tension with Mother&Son LOL.[/quote]

    By “mother & son” you must mean Genevieve & Cane? Jill is NOT his mother. And Jill ain’t gonna relieve anything, she wants them to be at odds.

    Gen’s last airdate is the same as Jill’s first – Nov 2. Don’t think that’s any coincidence.

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    Coffee_Junkie … I certainly concur with your opinion of Cane. He has done so much wrong and yet he has the gall to diss his Mother the way he is doing? But I do doubt that her return will have anything to do with that happy Mother and Son. But if it is then that could be juicy.

    It will be good to have Jill back and hopefully she’ll have something really good to do. Jess Walton doesn’t deserve to be underused as Tricia Cast constantly is.

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    [quote=alstonboy4315]….I don’t think I can take the idea of them bringing that damn Brenda Dickson back. ……[/quote]

    Jesus! I don’t think my nerves could take this either.

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    SoapArmageddon and Harlee490-

    Good for us, Brenda has taken herself out of the running for ever being considered by another soap b/c of her questionable plastic surgery and her affinity for walking around with enough spray tan to make her look like an Oscar statuette……. :D

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    [quote=harlee490]Thank you Bill Bell for Jess Walton to make the character grow and shine by a wonderful actress!![/quote]

    I read this interview once a few years back, it was with Jess Walton. She was hired pretty quickly since they were planning to can Brenda Dickson. She had little time to prepare and didn’t know much about the character of Jill when Bill Bell interviewed her for the job. She was wondering how long the *gig* would last and she asked him,”so how bad is Jill–would she kill somebody?” Walton said Bell just kind of sat there for a moment and didn’t answer her but then he slowly said, “we’d like to think she wouldn’t.” LOL!

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    So glad Jess is coming back. Have always loved her since she was on Capitol, yes I was one of the few that watched that show.

    Ah Hell no to BD, seen pics of her lately, she couldn’t get an acting job unless its for clown, no makeup needed.

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    You really can’t compare Jess with Brenda.

    Everyone isn’t giving Brenda the credit she deserves for carrying the Kay/Jill feud which was WILDLY popular and helped not only define the show, but help its ascent in the ratings. No doubt about that. So give her the credit for playing it the way she saw it.

    Having said that, the character has been Jess’ for a long time now and I think we all love and miss her and are looking forward to her return.

    Give her a big story!

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    [quote=SoapArmageddon]Coffee_Junkie, that story is hilarious. :) There were times when I thought Jill was perfectly capable of putting Kay out of her misery.[/quote]

    I don’t know how long you’ve been watching Y&R, but there was a time Jill and Kay would fantasize about killing each other, and it would show the scenarios. I remember one time Jill (Deborah Adair) dreamed about inviting Kay over for tea to *finally bury the hatchet* and Kay keeled over and died because Jill had spiked the tea with arsenic. In another scenario Kay electrocuted Jill (Brenda Dickson) in the bathtub. LOL!

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