Author Files Suit Claiming Idea For The Talk Was Stolen From Her

A celebrity ex-wife and author believes her idea for a mommy-centric talk show was stolen and turned into CBS Daytime's The Talk. Angela Wilder, ex-wife of Los Angeles Lakers player James Worthy, is suing CBS, Relativity and Sony, claiming they lifted her pitch for a talk show entitled The Mother's Hood to create The Talk.

According to Wilder's suit, she pitched her idea to Sony TV's Holly Jacobs in late 2008. The suit goes on to allege Jacobs rejected the pitch from the Powerful Mate Syndrome scribe, stating:

"Stay-at-home mothers are a depressed group of people who would have absolutely no interest in watching a show about their own depressing lives."

Wilder's suit further claims she left two copies of her treatment, registered by the WGA and U.S. Copyright office, with Jacobs. The Talk, which debuted in 2010, has always been touted as the brainchild of former child star Sara Gilbert, who appears on the chatfest with Julie Chen, Sheryl Underwood, Aisha Tyler and Sharon Osbourne. The series is produced by RelativityReal, not Sony TV. However, Wilder is alleging Jacobs had a close relationship with CBS and the production company, which is why they are all named in her suit.

Photo of Sara Gilbert by PR Photos 

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  1. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    Brainchild? Suing? They are televising a daily henparty. It isn’t exactly new. My mother, aunts, and grandma have been doing that for decades! Why not have The View sue them as well. Maybe the Sex and the City people to?
    How much thought did it take to get a bunch of women together and talk? None?

  2. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    I wouldn’t want to claim credit for this hot mess of a show/”The View” ripoff!! This woman must be desperate for cash!!! How pathetic. Seriously, the idea of a group of women hosting a talk show together and discussing pop culture is hardly NEW. They do have another show similar to this garbage……….perhaps you’ve heard of it? It’s called “The View,” and Babawaaaa Walters created it back in 1997. And I am sure that there have been HUNDREDS of similar shows over the past century since television was founded.

    So this chick needs to get somewhere and sit down. The only thing I hate more than cheesy shows is frivilous lawsuits.

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