15 Soap Opera Characters Who Must Be Like Sexual Napalm in The Sack!

No. 10: Tad Martin, All My Children

Pine Valley lothario Thaddeus James Martin (Michael E. Knight) more than earned the nickname "Tad The Cad" on All My Children. While dating frigid, teen bitch Liza Colby (Marcy Walker) during the 80's, Tad started plowing the overgrown fields of her mother Marian (Jennifer Bassey)!

While Tad evolved into a slightly more respectable citizen as the decades went on, he still had trouble keeping it in his pants. We lost count of how many times he cheated on true love Dixie Cooney (Cady McClain) — though she was no slouch when it came to infidelity herself.

Perhaps the truest test that Tad still had it was when he embarked on a sex-sational relationship with the much younger Simon Torres (Terri Ivens). Once a cad, always a cad.

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Absolutely! I don't know of one husband who's complaining that their wives are reading them/have read them.

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No John Black?

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Oops. I forgot Blair Cramer had men coming out of the bushes.

1) Asa Buchanan
2) Max Holden
3) Todd Manning #1
4) Todd Manning aka Victor Lord Jr.
5) Kevin Buchanan
6) Cord Roberts
7) Spencer Truman
Cool Elijah Clarke
9) Tomas Delgado
10) John McBain
11) Patrick Thornhart
12) Sam Rapport
13) Cristian Vega
14) Ross Rayburn

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Red Summers Newman is not on the list? C'mon. Desk, dumpster, dead body... you name it, Red Newman will do it.

All she has to do is get all steamy eyed, and men are willing to hop on board the Phyll-train. Ronan went from good cop to dirty for Red Newman. Michael has had tangle with those Red bones, back in a bondage session in the late 90s. Nick keeps on coming back for some Cougar Lovin when thinks of the things that Red can do to his body. Jack wont be limp for long with Red working back at New Enterprises and Jabot. Deacon had to have her by a dumpster, couldn't wait for a bed.

The only 2 who haven't gone Red are Adam and Victor. They know better than to get tangled up in her snatchy schemes.

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TV Gord wrote:
Addie Cramer. I'll be she was a tiger in the sack!


Addie rocked Cole Thornhart's world, legs back in the sack!!! Tongue Evil