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Sonny informs Carly of Jason's shooting and possible drowning. She is confident Jason will return and becomes enraged with Sonny for believing otherwise. Carly orders Sonny to leave. Sonny tells her not to hide from the truth, and Carly breaks down. Sonny says he’s going to Starr’s, and Carly asks about Michael. Sonny tells her he already knows, but he’s going there to see Trey about having Kate committed. Carly gets angry that Sonny hasn’t taken thirty minutes to mourn the man who dedicated his life to Sonny.

Sonny hates that Jason is gone, and Carly claims it’s because no one will be there to clean up Sonny’s messes now. Carly calls Sonny single-minded and knows Joe Scully was his mess.  Sonny’s sorry they can’t help each other through this and starts to leave, but Carly stops him and apologizes. They hug and she says it wasn’t his fault, but he believes it is.
Michael visits Monica and tells her about Jason. Monica is angry that she lost another family member, so Michael assures her there’s still a chance Jason will be found.  Michael says Jason never gave up on him and was like a father to him.  Right away, Monica exclaims Jason isn’t Michael’s father. 
Monica says she’s suffered so many losses and doesn't think it's fair to lose Jason too.  She asks about Carly, and advises Michael to hug her immediately.  Michael hugs his grandmother and tells her she’s never alone as long as he’s here. 
The Davis women visit Sam to offer their support, but are surprised to find her in denial about Jason's possible death. Sam knows Jason would not leave them now that they are a family again. Alexis wants to talk about the next step, but Sam says she’s waiting for him to come home. She points out that no one believed her when she said her child hadn’t died, and yet, it was true. She believes the same thing can happen to Jason. She admits he’s likely hurt, but still alive, and needs her help.
When Sam leaves the room, Alexis tells her girls to humor Sam while she processes everything that just happened.  Molly wonders if Sam could be right, and suggests a boat could have picked up Jason. Alexis doesn't think that's possible because the coast guard checked the boats in the area and didn’t find anything. Sam overhears and declares her husband isn’t dead and if they believe he is, she doesn’t need them. She vows to do it on her own if she has to.  Sam threatens to disown her family if they don't share her beliefs about Jason. Alexis and the girls leave, but not before Alexis tells Sam that she loves her and will be back. 
Connie gets flirty with Todd in hopes that he’ll give her Crimson back. Todd says he’s not giving her a job, because Starr would never forgive him and Carly would hate it. Connie realizes Todd is hot for Carly. Todd denies it and asks why Connie isn’t playing with Johnny’s money. Connie gets flirtatious again and sits on Todd’s lap, just as Carly walks in and catches them.
Trey finally comes home to a worried Starr. He explains to her his father died in his arms, and he didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to the only family he has. Trey wonders if Sonny really needed to kill Joe, but Starr says not to jump to conclusions. Right on cue, Sonny shows up at the door. 
Liz goes to the crime scene and runs into Spinelli, who’s been looking for Jason underwater.  Liz says she’s scared and doesn’t know how to live without Jason since he’s always been there for her. Liz admits she hurt Jason and kept him away from his family because she wanted him to be with her. She regrets the time it cost him with his child.  She shows Spinelli the results she changed.  Spin says it was in Jason’s nature to forgive her and worries he only caused Jason annoyance, which Liz disputes.  Later on, Liz tosses the DNA results into the water. 
Sonny offers Trey his condolences, but Trey doesn't want to hear it. He thought Sonny would be celebrating Joe’s death.  Sonny wants to discuss Kate.  Alexis shows up and offers her sympathy, but says they need his help.  Trey knows that as Kate’s son, he can have her committed.  Alexis says the more Connie is in control, the more Kate disappears.  Trey understands that without his help, there is no Kate, but he's not helping them because Sonny murdered Joe.
Carly’s angry to find Connie all over Todd, but he brushes off Connie and offers Carly his condolences. He admits he didn’t publish Jason's demise in the paper for fear she’d find out about it that way. Connie wants to know what happened, and Carly tells her that Jason is missing and feared dead.  Connie snarks about justice, and Carly slaps her across the face. 
Todd picks up a screaming Connie and tosses her out of his room.  Carly thanks him for not running Jason's story in the paper.  She admits Jason put his life in danger every day, but he was always there for her.  She explains her history with Jason raising Michael. Carly is sad Jason never got his family, since it didn’t matter to him that the baby wasn’t his.  When Carly leaves the room, Todd opens his safe and looks at the paternity results. 
Michael goes to the hotel to find Carly and runs into Connie, who comes onto him very strongly.  Michael’s not interested in her advances, so Connie makes a crack about Abby being a hooker, which makes Michael angry.  Connie tells him he won’t get any action from Starr, so he should let her give him some relief.  Starr arrives in time to see them talking.
Sam’s looking at maps when Spin arrives to see how she's holding up. Before Spin can get a word out, Sam declares him exactly what she needs to find Jason.

Monica sits looking at a photo album of her family, then makes a call to someone saying they need to talk. 

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    Good lord Connie, calm your hormones. You don’t have to hit on every male in your path, especially not a 20 year old boy. Eeesh.

    Love, love, love Laura Wright. Only person capable of making me cry for a character I didn’t like. Loved the denial, the anger, the grief, the Sonny smackdown. I’m just sorry she apologized about it after.

    Having said that though, why is she letting herself into Todd’s room? He could have been ‘entertainiing’ someone at that moment. Seemed a tad rude, even if it was a plot point to catching Connie.

    Excellent Davis coven scenes. Sam in denial. Alexis trying to navigate the emotions. Molly and Kristina upset. WEll done all around.

    Much better work from EV today. Trey was far more beleivable first in devastation with Starr and then anger with Sonny.

    Ironic that the AJ in Monica’s photo album was Sean Kanan. Guess we now know who he’s coming back as. I did love the Monica/Michael hug. Up to that point, I wasn’t really feeling LC’s grief.

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    BRAVO to Kelly Monaco, Nancy Lee Grahn, Haley Pullos, Maurice Bernard, Laura Wright, Leslie Charleson, and Chad Duell!!! BRILLIANT performances from all of them!!!

    I loved that the Davis girls were there to enfold Sam and Danny in their loving embrace!!! But I’m not surprised that Sam’s gut instincts tell her that Jason is still alive. She knew that the baby that was placed in her arms wasn’t hers but everyone tried talking her out of it. Now she’s sticking to her guns and I don’t blame her! :love:

    I love that Sam was charting the tides and the water currents to look for Jason!!! A very difficult and technical thing to do!

    Wonderful scenes between Carly and Sonny and Monica and Michael!! I’m glad that Michael took it upon himself to tell his grandmother the news.

    I also enjoyed Spinelli’s scenes today.

    Loved Carly slapping Connie! KSul is much more believable at playing Connie then Kate. She is downright vulgar and really a riot!

    Can’t wait for tomorrow!

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    TV Gord

    The saddest thing about this hour was the starkness of the reality that Monica is so alone in the world. What has happened to the poor, once mighty Quartermaines? She can’t count Tracy among her friends and we won’t see Edward again. Maybe AJ’s return will mark a resurgence in that household. Maybe Michael will stay there for a while to keep an eye on his grandmother (especially if Edward’s passing is imminent). It would be nice to see the house filling up again. It would also be nice to have more Alice.

    Hey, I can dream…

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    I was glad that Michael was the one to tell Monica.

    I loved Connie’s Stone cold is stone cold line and the smackdown Carly gave her. Too much!

    I wasn ‘t feeling it from the penthouse.

    I liked the Liz and Spinelli scenes. I felt both of their grief. I liked that Liz was willing to comfort Spinelli. The two of them were extremely important to Jason and both loved him very much.

    Trey is a weak link .

    I like the way Star is trying to take care of him.

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    Monica! Monica! Monica! Monica! Monica!

    Thanks for posting that pic. If I had to choose my most favorite thing that Frank and Rob have done, it’s bringing Monica back after Phelps sent Charleson out to pasture.

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    I really don’t remember for sure but I am thinking that there was a big fight between Jason and AJ (Billy Warlock) and AJ fell from the 2nd floor and was killed on camera. This just proves that even if they did find Jason’s body, he could still be alive.

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    Out of everyone, Laura Wright, as Carly ,showed the most emotion about Jason’s death. She rocks it all the time and deserved the Emmy. Starting to see how Sam is just blocking out the fact that Jason is gone, so the lack of sadness is starting to make sense.
    Loved seeing the photos of Alan, AJ and Ned. I still wish Alan would come back. With John Ingles death, the Quartermanes need a new male head of the family, and I always loved Stuart Damon. Everyone else is coming back from the dead, why not Alan? Would love to see Ned back too.
    Shawn just doesn’t fit into the show and don’t feel any chemistry with him and Alexis. He only seems to be eye candy. Ron C. and Frank V., on One Life To Live, loved to show a lot of hot shirtless guys and I’m seeing it more on GH now. In that case, I’d love to see David Vickers on GH, as Tracey’s new guy. She always falls for the bad guys and he always liked the older rich women. I can just see him walking thru the Quartermane mansion just wrapped in a towel, like he always liked to do and he is very funny!!!
    Roger Howarth shirtless, WOW, the man definetly works out. Roger’s face always seems to light up when Carly walks in, I can see he likes working with her, (can’t blame him, she’ s so pretty, wish I had her hair!!!).
    I’m sure AJ will cause a lot of problems, and I do think Sean Kanan is a good actor so hopefully, there will be good episodes ahead. Just wish the writing was more stable. The problem with GH, as it was on OLTL, is that they can have some great episodes, (like the Todd/Tea scenes at the police station), and then there will be shows that seem so rushed and unevenly put together. I’m thinking, it’s because finacially, Frank V. was always good at keeping OLTL on budget, and I can see it on GH, cutting different scenes and actors together on each show. Just want GH to live on!

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    TV Gord

    The one good thing about Connie getting wrapped up in Todd’s life would be that he would have someone new to assign the “crazy calling” ringtone to.

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    Everything you said Sassy!!! It reminds me of how Liz didn’t want Jason to follow his gut after his gut was right about Ewan.. Sam isn’t ready to give up on her family and I don’t blame her. When she excepts it I know she will do an awesome grief scene- but I hope to see more steely determination. I can’t get enough of the Davis clan- I really really hope we get a Thanksgiving episode with them the Q’s and little Danny and Michael. I am still thinking Michael will take on a protector role with Danny like Jason did with him.

    I hope to see Michael more with Monica now. Some of my favorite scenes have always been when Jason or Michael just stopped by. They did great- but it sure seems it is setting up a AJ return.

  10. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    My only issue with Sam’s grief and mind you I get denial but did she really have to bring bitchface to her Mom when she entered the penthouse. I mean even if Jason wasn’t missing and just got shot did Sam have to be all “watch out for the baby” to Alexis when she tried to hug her.

    Love me some LW and she is bringing it for me..if there is one person who should be in denial in Carly but it’s great seeing her range of emotions.

    Absolutely FLOVED the scenes between Liz and Spin..and that’s how you bring emotion without going overboard.

    On a shallow note – i really liked the sweater that Liz was wearing

  11. Profile photo of DanielAvery

    Also kind of shallow, but why was Connie raving about what a great butt Michael has, when Michael was wearing a coat that fell well past his rear?

    They did an excellent job of conveying through image as well as dialogue just how alone Monica is. Long shots of that empty living room, along with the wall of photos of gone (and/or presumed gone) family members were really thoughtful on the part of the director. I was holding out hope that they would pull a fast one on us and have SK not come back as AJ, but I’ll just sit back and see what happens. With so much of the town being presumed dead or coming back from the dead lately, the funeral parlor in Port Charles may have to open up a refunds desk.

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    TV Gord

    I just re-watched some of this, and it’s clear to me now that Monica called AJ at the end of the show, so she knows he’s alive. That’s why she jumped on Michael when he said Jason was like a father to him. She knows his real father is alive and has been supporting him staying away for some reason.

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    Tris Drake

    I too loved Liz’s sweater! If they found more for her and Patrick to do (preferably together),I would have no complaints. LW rocked it! The other actors seemed over this story and so am I. If they are going to keep shoving Sam down my throat,KeMo better start bringing it. Sonny couldn’t give Trey a day to mourn? I hope he loses everything. Shame on Alexis for helping. Mikey calling Monica by her name urked me,but nice scene other than that. Great seeing Ned’s pic,I love the GateKeeper. I can’t even find the words for SK’s return. Can’t wait til he’s on my screen.

  14. Profile photo of liason4real

    I have always liked scenes between Liz and Spin.

    I had to RME at the “we are the Davis girls” chant since it sounds way too much like “we are the Cramer women” that I heard for decades on OLTL.

  15. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    I think I’m the only one not to have been taken with LW’s scenes when she was told of Jason’s disappearance. They just seemed hollow to me. Maybe it’s because her way of playing Carly has always had an “Amazonian quality” that matched the strength and physical stature of SBu. That in turn, for me, contributes to a lack of vulnerability. Not that LW isn’t capable of it. I saw that during the scenes at Jr.’s bedside when he was in a coma. Having said that, I totally enjoyed the scenes with RoHo and KSul and that slap that Carly gave Kate-Con was spectacular. Todd wrestling Kate-Con and carting her out of the suite with one arm was pretty funny too.
    Not pleasant was Kate-Con coming on to Jr. I know it’s “Connie”, but it just struck me as rude, crude and (borderline) socially unacceptable. But that’s my sense of public decorum making itself known, LOL! I also have to say that I caught the catch of desperation, the putting on of a brave front, and then the giving in to the trickle of tears when KeMo’s Sam shut the door on the Davis Girls. HP’s stricken look as Molly and the hurt squeak in her voice was pitch perfect. As for RH’s Liz, I got the distinct impression that the crumpled DNA results being dropped in the harbor was a symbolic way to say “I’m sorry” and “farewell” to a future that she wanted but now is gone. I have to say Spinelli in a wetsuit was amusing and oddly touching. And LC with CD, “As long as I’m here, you’re not alone.”, was one of my other favorite moments… 0:)

  16. Profile photo of sweetiepie

    The absolute best thing about this episode: Carly calling Sonny on his self serving $hit. I so cannot stand Sonny, and this is from person who used to love him. Then she goes onto apologize, bleach!! Okay, maybe there was a tie, Loved, loved LOVED Carly slapping the bejesus out of Connie. I cheered like I was at a football game.

    The absolute worst thing about this episode, Connie hitting on Michael. WTH??

    Glad o see Sam’s family rally around her, but I do understand that she is not in denial, she truly reps in her bones that Jason is still alive, and I love that shetold her mom and sisters just that. What I didn’t like was the way she did it. I was always taught that it’s not what you say, but how you say it.

    I was really happy that Michael wanted to be he one to break the new to Monica before she found out elsewhere .

    Sonny is a complete asswhole (spelling intended). He goes to Trey, says sorry about your dad, I need you to commit Connie. Real piece of work.

  17. Profile photo of soapbaby

    A shirtless Roger Howarth was the only saving grace of another unremarkable, piddling episode. This week has been such a bust. The murder of Jason Morgan and the fallout should be dramatic but it’s all so lackluster. I have not been moved by any of the performances or dialogue, save Jane Elliott regarding Joe Jr. (because she is always awesome.) There have been particularly poor performances by Lindsay Morgan and Eric Valdez. The Davis Coven scenes never rang authentic for me and the scenes were no different. Haley Poulos was the best actress in those scenes, emoting more with her expression than all of the other actresses combined!

  18. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    I get the idea of Monica hiding AJ being alive so he wouldn’t face charges and Jason wouldn’t kill him. I do not understand the idea of calling him and AJ now being able to walk around Port Charles without having to face charges and Sonny killing him. It kind of makes sense for AJ to want to save Robin from the threat of being poisoned and his minions failing. I don’t understand AJ wanting to hurt Monica and Edward. I guess he could want to keep Jason from baby Jason and the timing for that motive is perfect. I would like to find that he has Jake in order to make sure Jason was never allowed to be in his child’s life. Jason did keep Michael from him. I get him wanting to bankrupt Sonny. I guess it would make sense that he hurt Kristina in order to take a child from Sonny. It doesn’t make sense to funnel Sonny’s money to Kristina and the Duke. I assume AJ is behind everything.

  19. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    AJ came back from the dead once already after falling to his death over the railing in a fight with Jason which I knew he wasn’t going to win…when BWs AJ first came back in true Guza style he reeled his fans with a different AJ who had his act together then sure enough he turned AJ into a villainous looney tunes who kidnapped Michael then went on the run with him. Instead of AJ bonding with his son in a positive way AJ went right under the wheels again for the beloved Jason Morgan and Sonny Corinthos…AJ didn’t have a chance in hell of being written for instead of against.

    He died this time by the way of Dr. Hunter smothering him in his hospital bed…rumor has it that it was shot that Michael killed AJ but the focus group reaction was so negative they re-shot it so AJ died a different death…

    I’m curious to see how he will be written this time around will the new regime continue by writing most characters the same way the old regime did or be creative and write something new.

    Great seeing Elizabeth Webber; I am still waiting for her to get a storyline and some decent witing yes its a tad better but the pimp hand still has her pimping and propping Jason; yes I realize in this instance it was appropriate however that is pretty much all she gets..nothing proactive, not great writing for “the other residents” Elizabeth, Steve, and off screen Audrey “The Webbers”

  20. Profile photo of iowaninmn

    I am hopeful that in a few weeks or months, the Q mansion will be bustling with activity. AJ will be back … Monica will ask Sam and Danny to move in, which I think Sam would be inclined to do. I see this as a set up to AJ hooking up with Sam and raising Jason’s son, just like Jason, Carly, and Sonny stole Michael from him. Eventually, there could be a reunion with Michael and AJ where Michael finally realizes how awful AJ was treated years ago … and plop, Michael is at the mansion … and Star moving in too of course. Finally some justice for Monica as she has one of her sons back and her grandsons all under one roof.

    Michael needs to stop calling her Monica (how about grandmother, or grandma?)… but I did love his line to her that she would never be alone. She has been so alone for so long, it’s nice to see it acknowledged, even though it has never been played out on screen. It seems significant because Monica never had a family … wasn’t she raised in an orphanage? So losing the family she created should have been devastating. At least we have an opportunity to see her gain some of it back.

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