Kimberly Matula to Remain ‘Bold and Beautiful’

You can stop tweeting me suggestions for Hope Logan Wishful Castings. Kimberly Matula is staying put on The Bold and the Beautful! Here's what the blonde bombshell posted on Facebook:

If you were writing B&B, what story would you pen for Matula's Hope Logan? Take your best stab at Wishful Storytelling in the comments!

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    I’m glad she’s staying. And why would she leave when the other two are staying? She’s not the only one responsible for the triangle from he!!.

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    *wipes myself*

    thats about as much as I care about Hope Logan. Haven’t felt anything for her since that whole “HOE for the Future” sign Pammie hung above her head back in the day. Ahhh…if I could see that now, maybe I could tolerate Ms. Logan

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    I wish a new actress would take over for Hope, that way Hope would be taken in a new direction. I don’t see chemistry with her and the other actors. She needs to be put with a younger actor, like 18 or 19 – not someone in their 20s. Her character is too immature. I don’t like the way she over-acts her part and the way she pronounces words drives me nuts. I FF through her scenes.

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    I am so happy KM is staying on the show. She is a wonderful actress and her chemistry with Scott Clifton is so natural on screen. Bell should have backburned JMW instead of KM. Honestly, JMW acting ability is very limited. However; she is at her best when parting the the seas for guys and being a bit.. plus manitpulating to get want she wants. Serious emotional acting is not her strong suit. the paring of SC & JMW looks forced to me. It’s not believeable on screen. She needs to be with Bill.

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