Wally Kurth and Robin Christopher to Return For Edward’s General Hospital Memorial

Sean Kanan won't be the only familiar face soon traipsing around the Quartermaine living room set on General Hospital. I'm hearing Wally Kurth and Robin Christopher will be reprising their respective roles as Ned Ashton and Skye Chandler Quartermaine for episodes honoring the passing of Edward Quartermaine (the late John Ingle).

Look for Skye to mix things up with Todd (Roger Howarth), Blair (Kassie DePaiva) and Tea (Florencia Lozano) during her visit. What will these past and current residents of Llanview, PA have to talk about?

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    I better get the tissues ready. I will be crying my eyes out. Love that Ned and Skye will be there. I miss those glorious days when the Quartermanes were such a big part of the show, and they always made me laugh. I still wish Alan could be there too. I am so glad John Ingles got that last show, which had me in tears. RIP John, and I hope GH gives you the great memorial you deserve.

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    TV Gord

    Thankfully, I have edited VHS highlights of Skye’s time in Llanview, so I will be digging them out this weekend to refresh my memory about all of their connections. Juicy stuff! I can’t wait!

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    I love that RC is coming back even if only for a visit. Now if they could bring IR back sooner that would be fun. Instant quad with Carly/Todd/Jax/Skye. (Working on the assumption that John Z is being moved away from Carly.) I’m on record as saying I think KdP’s Blair is a carbon copy of Carly so if it ever came down to a choice as to which woman was on canvas it would be Carly, hands down. My question is, why would Skye be mixing things up with Tea? I understand, too, Tea’s needing to be part of the wrap up of the baby switch, but rather than swell a bloated cast, why not have her wreak havoc on Todd off screen? And with the exception of the last day she was on with RoHo, FL’s delivery was grating, like a rusty hinge that needed some oil. But that’s me… 0:)

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    I think GH should keep both Ned and Skye! I loved Jax and Skye together! Remember when Skye cut off Blair’s hair on OLTL? That was hilarious! I can’t wait to see those two battle in Port Charles.

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    And both of them should stay! It would be great for Tracy to have at least one of her son’s in her life. And I would just like for Skye to get something from Edward that would drive Tracy insane. Oh there would be so much story potential. I really really do hope they stick around.

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    Maya Ward and Keisha Ward should attend. And while at it they should leave bring along Chloe who never appeared. I think she would of been played by someone young to interact and get between Molly and T.J.. I would also like it if Brooklyn, Louis (Rena Sofer), Lucy, Emily or her twin, show up.

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    SwanQueen – I co-sign your post! I agree 100% with everything you said!!

    I love that Ned Ashton will be back on canvas!!! I hope there is a way that he can stay for awhile!!!

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    Oooooh what wonderful news!!!

    Welcome home Skye! I LOVE Skye Chandler Quartermaine, and I so wish she would stay!!! I totally forgot she was in Llanview and knows these people lol!

    Same goes for Ned Ashton too, though I love that WK is on DAYS now.

    GH just keeps on getting better and better! :)

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    Angie Lucy

    Alexis needs to be in a Ned/Shawn sandwich. Yum.

    Skye needs to be re-Q’d. Yes, I know about her and Ned, but if it worked for Dallas with Lucy and Ray…

    And of course, the other Mrs. Alan Quartermaine, Lucy Coe, needs to come home–especially since her BFF Felicia is back. Todd should hire Lucy to run Crimson, putting her and Maxie together at work. Then whenever Kate gets better, she’d have a natural nemesis.

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    I’m so happy that Wally Kurth is coming back as Ned. I just hope they will keep him longer. I love Wally on DAYS, but there is so much more that can be done with Ned on GH.

    Looking forward to seeing Ned again. :)

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    I know people here are going to be all up in arms if more people aren’t there at Edward’s funeral. It isn’t like RC/FV can just snap their fingers and get everyone back. Some people have moved on. Even having Wally there is a surprise. Dylan won’t be, probably not the Wards, no Emily/Alan/Jason or Robin because of storyline implications/availability. I hope we at least get flashbacks to see Edward with Alan and with Emily and Jason, Lila, etc.

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    They could bring Alan back if they wanted to do something like that did when Palmer died on AMC. Have Alan waiting in heaven and welcome him there even if we obviously can’t see Edward.

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    soapy opie

    Love seeing them both back.

    Hope Skye stays for at least a little while. She has SO MUCH
    unfinished business with Todd, Blair, Luke, Tracey, Monica …etc.

    Plus, she (& little Lila) will doubtlessly be mentioned in
    Edward’s will.

    Also, I believe Wally is only on recurring status at Days,
    so they probably can’t prevent him from making short guest
    appearances on other shows, provided it doesn’t conflict with his
    Day’s schedule. Possibly they even approved it, since John Ingle
    was once a vital part of the Days’ family.

    They don’t utilize Wally nearly enough on Days, but he should
    be seeing more action, now that Will & Sonny’s story is heating up.

    Miss John Ingle so much & really looking forward to GH’s tribute.
    I’m sure Frank & Ron will do Edward/John proud.

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    I’m glad she found & made time for this funeral.

    unlike the funerals of the actors who played Myrtle, Palmer, Phoebe on ALL MY CHILDREN, and the funeral of Phil Carey on ONE LIFE TO LIVE. Funerals that she didn’t attend for undisclosed reasons.

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    WK should stay on GH and never look back, IMHO. So happy he’ll be there for Edward’s funeral at least.

    I’d love it if they take this opportunity to acknowledge Skye’s past with Todd & Blair.

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    soapy opie

    P.S. – PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let us all be realistic on who GH
    can & can not get back for Edward’s funeral. Frank & Ron are doing
    a terrific job on a very tight schedule & an even tighter budget.

    Let’s give them the credit they deserve.

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    The Q’s were such a bright spot for me during my time as a fan of the show. I loved everything Labine wrote for them. I love Ron & Frank and know they do justice with this story.

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    This is awesome! Skye is one the best characters and I loved that she was on 3 of the ABC soaps. I was waiting and hoping that they would do something with her and Todd/Blair. I just wish that Max was around too since he was involved with the Skye/Todd/Blair storyline too.

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