Barbara Walters to Donald Trump: “You’re Making a Fool of Yourself”


Barbara Walters used her platform on ABC Daytime's The View to call Donald Trump out on his ridiculous "birther" witchhunt against President Barack Obama. Trump recently offered to donate $5 million to the charity of Obama's choosing, if the Commander in Chief would release his college transcripts and Passport application documents to the reality show host. Check out what Babs had to say after the jump!


Here's what Trump tweeted in response to Walters' televised dressing down of him:

It's one thing to vehemently disagree with the President's policies or politics, which any citizen has the right to do, but it's quite another to perpetuate a racist conspiracy theory for no other purpose than to drum up publicity for your silly reality series. Does Trump really believe someone who wasn't born in the U.S. would have even made it through the vetting process to ever get a Presidential nomination, let alone be elected? Babs is right. Dude needs to have several seats.

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  1. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    I’ll give $5 to whoever can locate Donald Trump’s natural hairline……… :D :D :D :D

    This is just a ploy he’s using to drum up publicity for that disgusting piece of dog excrement that he’s trying to get into the White House. It’s desperate and disgusting, just like Twit Romney!!!!

  2. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    What exactly is his point? That was not an announcement anyway. That was a challange.
    An announcement would be. I have dirt on the president. This is the dirt…. Why didn’t he do the same thing to President Bush when it came out that he might have been AWOL during part of his time in the military? I will tell you why. It is all political. Mr Trump wants the republican part to win the whitehouse. It has nothing to do whatsoever with President Obama personally. If you have something Mr Trump, show your trump card!

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    TV Gord

    Even Donald is confused by his own “announcement”. When he was on Letterman* last night, he suggested that somehow, if the President releases his school and passport info, it could prove that he’s not American. Is he back on THAT again? Go away, Donald. Just. Go.

    * David Letterman is my idol, but he disappoints me by give this blowhard additional airtime last night. He didn’t go after him nearly as hard as he should have (and has in the past). It was an embarrassingly softball conversation. Dave, you’re better than that.

    By the way, I cheered when Barbara said what she said on Thursday. She’s usually always jumping to his aid, and even on Wednesday, she was giving him way-more benefit of the doubt than he deserves.

  4. Profile photo of pferrando

    If Trump really had anything on our President, which he doesn’t because there isn’t anything, he would out it before the election. I wonder if he realizes that a majority of the country voted already, or is currently voting.

    What’s he waiting for?

    And no he’s not a fool, he’s a dick.

  5. Profile photo of cord2012

    Regardless of your views of the president and regardless of Donald Trump’s true motives, I’m also troubled by him dragging a possible charity into this mess. Charities are (for the most part) nonpartisan entities simply trying to help certain groups or causes. They don’t deserve to be involuntarily dragged into the political cesspool for some billionaire’s game. If you have the money to give to a charity, give it to them. Don’t attach strings for your own selfish gain.

  6. Profile photo of blake3b

    So when he asked for the birth certificate earlier this year he didn’t mention seeing these other things until now??? It’s only another ploy from the Republicans to trick voters into being distracted and vote for them. That along with Tagg Romney buying election voting machines, latinos told that the election date is after the election, etc. When you have to trick people and lie then you know you are not going to win and you are desperate to do whatever it takes. It reeks of desperation.

    And Donald Trump, when is he ever going to go away???? He’s a blowhard. Ugh.

  7. Profile photo of caitlinp

    Besides making himself look like a bigot, what’s the point of Trump’s announcement? Why would anyone want to align themselves with the birther movement, especially when the guy who started all of that garbage is now saying that the President’s father is actually the Asian man, who was his mother’s second husband.

    Donald Trump and others have said that the President is the worst President ever, so I would think that they could rely on facts to back up this opinion, instead of having to result to trying to demean him by saying that he really didn’t attend Harvard, or that he’s not really a US citizen. Calling him names, comparing him to Hitler, using racist dog whistles, and portraying him as “Other” doesn’t demean him, it demeans the people who are spouting this garbage. I actually wonder if the people who do this, including Fox news, are trying to use some reverse psychology in order to get people to vote for the President.

  8. Profile photo of caitlinp

    [quote=Darlotto99]nope sorry Trump is right time to man up mr president[/quote]

    LOL, we are not on a school yard playground. Both the language you use here, and Trumps attempt at extortion make it seem like that’s the case. It reminds me of little kids on a playground trying to goad people into a fight. The problem is that none of those kids are worth trying to impress. They won’t be around to help if anyone gets hurt, and they’ll be the first ones who spill everything that happened to the Principal.

    The interesting thing that I’ve noticed is that so many people in the press seem to be embarrassed for Trump. Nobody is touching this thing, because it represents the same childishness that is displayed in the comment “man up”. There’s nothing manly about given in to bullies, especially when it’s been shown that nothing that the President does is going to change the bullies opinion or behavior. Those who think that he isn’t a US citizen or only went to Harvard because of affirmative action, are not going to vote for him. Bullies like Trump should be ignored.

  9. Profile photo of acela

    Barbara Walters is as much of a journalist as Barack Hussein Obama is a president-NO LONGER QUALIFIED… He who lets Americans die in Libya, & covers it up, of course with help from the “main stream media” to save his ass, should not only be defeated on Nov.6, but impeached for the lies and the cover-up. He is running so scared and desperate. So Shut Up Barbara regarding anyone who dares speak out against Barry. GO MITT.

  10. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    acela, I also think President Obama needs to answer a lot of questions about Benghazi, but it’s insane comments such as yours that make me want to distance myself from asking reasonable questions. Try to tether yourself to reality a little bit. You might find more support that way.

    Why are so many lunatics on the right? Trump, Coulter, Palin, etc. I know actual reasonable people on the right, but they’re afraid to speak their mind because the Tea Party has taken over. It’s too bad, because there should be a better balance between the political philosophies.

  11. Profile photo of acela

    And on the left, TV Gord, the main stream media has taken over helping to re-elect the president including all the MSNBC morons, Shultz, Matthews, Morning Joe crew, Maddow, Was. Post, the NY Times, ABC, CBS, & lets not forget sewer mouth Bill Maher, who gave Obama 1 million dollars, I could go on, but I’m sure you get the point. So I guess the left has their share of “lunatics” also.

  12. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    This past week, I was embarrassed by one person on the left and three on the right. Matthews, for saying Republicans are racist (not SOME Republicans, but Republicans) for opposing Obama. Coulter, for calling Obama, “the retard”, and Palin, for using the racist term, “shuck and jive”, about the President. Not everyone on the left are lunatics, just as all on the right aren’t.

    If you think ABC, CBS and NBC are part of the left wing media, that’s where I disagree, and I personally think it’s all a part of the right-wing persecution complex. Fox News and MSNBC are two sides of the same coin, but CNN is not a left-wing organization, as much as people on the right like to claim it is. Bill Maher’s a comedian, just as Stewart and Colbert are. If there were any funny people on the right, I would put them in that group, too, but there aren’t any (Geraldo Rivera doesn’t count). (They tried to do a right-ring version of The Daily Show many years ago, but couldn’t pull it off.) Maddow is unquestionably on the left, just as Bill O’Reilly is unquestionably on the right, but I think both of them are interesting and worth listening to. So, there are good and bad people on both sides. I’m just more embarrassed by the racist and insensitive things I’m hearing from the loonies on the right, especially as the final days of the campaign count down.

  13. Profile photo of isiola

    Barbara wawa…shouldn’t say anyone is making a fool of themselves when The View does that every day with their ignorant comments concerning a variety of topics Give it up BW…your opinions are as meaningless as The View….you just don’t get it & sadly never will!!!!

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