Kamar de Los Reyes to Appear in Hot Guys With Guns

Former One Life to Live star Kamar de Los Reyes has landed a role in the upcoming film Hot Guys With Guns, according to FrontiersLA.com. Reportedly, Reyes will star opposite Alan Blumenfeld, Jay Huguley, Ben Patterson, Darryl Stephens and newcomers Marc Anthony Samuel and Brian McArdle.

Written and directed by former Noah’s Arc star Doug Spearman, the gay action comedy “harks back to the great noirs like This Gun For Hire, LA Confidential, and mix it up with Lethal Weapon. It's Boys Town meets Chinatown.”

Danny Lohman is an actor who takes his homework a little too seriously. Pip Armstong is his ex with a trust fund and a knack for finding trouble. Together they enlist the help of a jaded PI named Jimmy Peppicelli to break up a crime spree sending shockwaves through Hollywoood's Velvet Mafia. Reputations, careers, and lives are all above the line and in deep, deep danger.

You can find Hot Guys With Guns on Facebook and check out the film’s poster after the jump!


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*sigh* Kamar De Los Reyes...Yes!

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4 May 2009
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Looking forward to it.

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4 February 2009
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When I first scanned the headline and the pic I thought it was mentioning Kamar was on Hot Guys with iPhones. I film works too, I guess...

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Seeing that picture of Kamar reminds me of how happy I was when he left OLTL. Nothing against the actor, particularly, but Antonio was unbearable.

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ummmmm. Kamar is the biggest names amongst those no names. Kamar is talented. Sad that he hasn't gone on to do more.