Stuart Damon Back as General Hospital’s Dr. Alan Quartermaine?


Could Dr. Alan Quartermaine (Stuart Damon) be paying another ghostly visit to Port Charles? A recent issue of Soap Opera Uncensored reported Stuart Damon was recently back taping at General Hospital.

Don't expect the man who gave Monica (Leslie Charleson) her house to be in Casper mode this time. Word on the street is several of Alan's loved ones will imagine having conversations with him during a trying time for the Q family. 


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    Damnit, just bring Alan Quartermaine BACK from the dead! Enough is enough. The only reason I can think of NOT to bring Alan back from the dead would be if Stuart Damon has officially retired and refuses to return to the role full-time.

    Otherwise, this is just another piece of Guza’s bullshit that needs to be undone. Hell, Ron had no trouble bringing back that damn Mitch Lawrence from the dead on OLTL, so what’s the problem here?

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    I can see Monica and Tracy needing Alan when Edward dies. I’m happy SD was around when they taped Edward/JI’s memorial. Monica’s photo album with pictures of SD, WK, and SK pretty much foreshadowed those returns.

    GH should find some way to bring Alan back alive. GH could really use a patriarch.

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    I’d prefer he come back live and restored to the Q family mansion but I’ll welcome any reason to see SD back on my screen. Despite all of his faults, he will still be my “Prince Charming”. ;) (Thank you Rogers and Hammerstein!)… 0:)

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    We don’t want any ghosts!!!

    We want him back for real and for good! Letting him go was one of the biggest travesties on this show, and now it is FINALLY time to correct that mistake!

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    Scooter Smith

    As much as I would like him back from the dead, correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t they kill him off with a heart attack and bury his actual body? I can’t imagine that A.) He was that devious. I’ll grant you almost all the Q’s are schemers, but he was never a Roger Thorpe/Carlo Hesser type guy. And B.) If he DID fake his own death, I can’t imagine him staying away from his family for this long.

    I would much rather see them do something like they did with Prince Richard/Jeffrey O’Neill on Guiding Light. The day of Edward’s funeral, have Monica go to the Floating Rib or The Haunted Star considering climbing back into a bottle, and sit at the bar next to a man who is the exact opposite of Alan Quartermaine, but played by Stuart Damon. He could be in Jeans and a Cowboy Hat & Boots. When she confronts him, asking if this is some sick joke, he will have no idea, and tell her his name is Andrew Buchanan. This not only will be a huge story for the Quartermaines, but will spur speculation of a Buchanan connection to OLTL, that would allow for rumor mills to run wild of cameos from the Buchanan clan after January 1st when PP ends their rights to OLTL.

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    The upside of NOT having him be a ghost, but as an “imagined conversation partner” is that when he DOES show up alive, there won’t be any “Didn’t we JUST see his GHOST” concern.
    Be patient, I bet a return is coming…

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    I’m over these Ghost Dad stories. I hope soap writers think twice before killing off a critical legacy character in the future just for short term ratings- it is almost assuredly a decision most live to regret.

    Plus killing off people has just become overused plot fodder…and so has bringing characters back from the dead…and now having them float around as ghosts has also become overused. Come up with another way, writers, directors and producers whenever a character needs to exit the canvass, so that they can actually bring them back down the road.

    Why couldn’t Alan Quartermaine as well as John Abbott (Y&R) have gone to a convalescent homes or hospice or be in a coma indefinitely only to have an ‘Awakenings’ story later on when the storyline permits (or the ratings necessitate).

    C’mon writers please, enough with the Ghost stories! More imagination, please.

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    I love alan but I have to say I dont really want him back alive. I honestly dont believe that SD is physically able to carry the kind of workload that would be required to do the story justice and I would NEVER EVER EVER under ANY circumstances accept anyone else in the role. Too, I HATED the end of AMC where suddenly everyone and their aunt was alive no matter how dead they were on screen. Alan DIED. not pillow on the floor died, not rolled off a pier died, not died with a face that wasnt his own died but DEAD died. If they are going to bring back someone from the dead I would much prefer to see Emily since that door was open with helena floating around and the show needs someone to fill that quintessential good girl role because robins departure left a hole in the canvas that sorely needs filling. My second choice I think would be hope and cole – again no one actually saw the full death, no bodies were recovered and if irene mannings group took them to control victor or patrick, that means johnny did not kill two people.

    I would happily settle for tracy and monica regularly imagining convos with alan so that SD stays on my screen. It might also be interesting to see monica with a new love interest and then she feels so guilty she regularly “sees” alan.

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    Emily was the enemy of a woman who has access to the science that brought back stavros from the dead and she knows that castle better than she knows the back of her hand. The “body” as it was, was left unattended for long periods of time and while the B&W ball was more than a week in terms of what we the viewers saw, I dont think it was nearly that long in Port Chuck time. In fact I think rough guess, emily was killed at night and rescue came the next morning.

    If I learned that SD was able to physically do a full time work load I might feel differently but I just personally dont want a half dozen returns from the dead and emily seems far more plausible and far more relevant to the canvas if she can work a full schedule and SD cant. that doesnt mean I dont want him back or would hate to find out that he was coming – in fact I would be thrilled – but were it up to me I would rather see emily back from the dead. Keep in mind too both Victor and robin will be coming back from the dead because we know they are both alive and aj just showed his mug friday. How many can come back before it gets silly? I remember it being something like the tootsie pop commercial when AMC did it. how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop – A-ONE…..A-TWO…..A-THREE CRUNCH.

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    If they could bring back every dead Q, i would roll with it and laugh at the obsurdity. But, if I had my druthers, I would bring back Jake and Robert Scorpio .

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    I just saw today’s episode and have to say that I would love for them to bring Alan back to life. He’s the piece missing that would bring the Q’s back to life. Especially with Edward gone, Stuart Damon would make a fine patriarch of the Quartermaines.

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