SPOILERS: Will Chelsea Bust Sharon On The Young and The Restless?

Chelsea/Adam/Sharon: The con woman is fed up with her husband and his behavior surrounding his ex-wife. Chelsea accuses Adam of cheating on her with Sharon and refuses to watch it happen. Watch for Chelsea to discover some startling news surrounding Sharon.

Victor/Victoria/Nick/Billy: Mr. Moneybags is a bit miffed by his eldest son's lack of interest in taking Newman Enterprises back from Old Smilin' Jack. Victor tells Nick he thought his son would jump at the chance to be the head honcho at Newman, and is a bit disappointed by his current attitude. Nick wonders why regaining control of the family business is a sign of how much he loves him? Later, Victoria questions Nick on why he's shunning the family. Nick is fed up with all the foolishness his family has done in the name of Newman Enterprises and wants no part of it.

Meanwhile, Billy tells his wife he is starting to feel a bit uneasy about being a double agent against his brother. Victoria feels his second thoughts aren't too much of an issue for him not to continue spying on Jack. Nikki quips she wishes her children would forget about the company, since all it has done is split the family. Later, Victoria fills her father in on Billy's possible change of heart, but Victor quickly informs his son-in-law he better follow through with the plan or he will bust him for knowing everything about L.A. and not telling anyone. Look for Victoria's business trip to possibly upset things for the entire Newman clan.
Kay/Jill: The two butt heads.

Phyllis: Red watches Nick and Avery share a close moment.

Kevin/Michael: The brothers have a heated showdown. Later, Michael gets stunning news.

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    I am LOVING the Newman family dynamic happening now over NE! It’s more like the Newmans, not going after each other but making each other fill like shit ;) Yes, I expected Victor being Victor to admonish Nick but Victor isn’t going to turn against Nick. This is Victor I know and yes love. Where under MAB Victor would want revenge on his own children. J&J is keeping the Newman clan intact as a family but as always deliciously dysfunctional ;) I liking Avery and Nick right now it’s fresh storytelling. I like Victoria being written stronger and Victor like…Y&R needs a powerful woman in business and ruthless. She’s daddy little girl.

    I love the way the story is going with the Adam\Chelsea\Sharon. All 3 actors will be good and see MCE talents emerge on this story! :love: They are going to show how Sharon’s kids are effected with her meltdown. It’s showing Nick as single father and loving this about Nick. This is what you do set foundations and Nick will have solid relationships years from now and the Newman children will always have chilly one with there mothers.

    Josh rebuild the effing Abbotts! At least bring home Tracy and give her story, bring home Dina, and yes bring home Kemo and adds more diversity. Jack needs a daughter himself…HINT! HINT! Josh ;)
    I’m in heaven 0:)

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    I love that Jack set the entire Miami trip in motion. He knew the minute Billy accepted the job offer it was because of Victoria. LOL. He planted those filed and is sending her on a wild goose chance. Too bad something bad apparently happens to Victoria in Miami.

    I guess they get to blame that one of Jack too. I thought the Abbotts were being rebuilt – seems to me Jack has lost all of them, except his flip-flippy son Kyle.

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    I hate that Adam is ignoring Chelsea & helping Sharon right now. Chelsea just lost his child. Never got into the Adam & Sharon pairing, So this is so disappointing. I thought Chelsea had finally tapped into the humanity of Adam.
    If they do go backwards ” and that’s how I see it” then I hope they keep MCE & pair her with someone we all love. She is a great actress, & loved her on AMC.

  4. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    [quote=ldylkng]I hate that Adam is ignoring Chelsea & helping Sharon right now. Chelsea just lost his child. Never got into the Adam & Sharon pairing, So this is so disappointing.[/quote]

    Count me in as one of those who never liked the Sharon and Adam pairing. I know a lot of Y&R viewers who became ex-Y&R viewers in part because of the pairing. Many of them are not on messageboards (they’re more into Skype and smartphone and Netflix these days) so they do not air their discontent openly, but just trust to say that you are not alone in your feelings, ldylkng.

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    I don’t like Adams sudden behavior either regarding Sharon. Before i liked him as a jacka–, but now i am not liking his sneaking around with another woman. I hope that Chelsea gets a back bone and leaves Adam.
    I don’t like Michaels new job either, and i think it is terrible that they are not showing him and Lauren more…they always seem like a real couple and it is fun to see them.
    I hope that Ronan gets a haircut!
    Like getting to see Avery more. Like Phyllis and Jack, they make a good pair.
    I keep thinking they are going to split Billy and Victoria up and that he will leave show…I also think that Adams character is up for a prime time show and might leave…I hope not!
    I keep wondering what they are doing with Cane and Lilly and Neal…love them, and want to see more!

  6. Profile photo of kintex

    I am enjoying the show. I love Adam helping Sharon. My only issue is the writing continues to paint Chelsea in sympathetic light while villanizing Sharon, Adam and Victoria.

    I am also tired of Ghost John berating Jack. I want Jack to keep NE for a while.

  7. Profile photo of tedew

    kintex … I know. Even though John is (is he?) just a figment of Jack’s imagination; I just don’t get why he’s being vilified by all included ghosts for doing exactly what Victor does and gets praised for.

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    I am really liking the direction “Y & R” is going at the present. Granted we have only seen 2 weeks worth of the new regime’s work, I’m starting to see some character-driven story here: Nick is growing a spine, kicking Red to the curb and giving up the family company to watch over his kids; Adam reverting to his secretive ways by hiding out Sharon, albeit hurting Chelsea which he hates doing; Jack’s shooting injury courtesy of Patty Williams coming back to hurt him (I’m sure he will be back in that wheelchair sooner than later).

    Some may disagree, but I for one am glad the ranch was destroyed – the set was 30+ years old. Victor is still holding onto the penthouse, so it will be nice to see that set after nearly 10-11 years.

    With Yolanda/Harmony saying bye-bye on Tuesday, I’m sure the MAB-projected story line with Sarge will be 86’ed.

    Looking forward to the departure of Genevieve Atkinson – you tried, Genie Francis, you tried. Unfortunately, your character’s entrance to the show was muddled and was immediately flawed with outlandish motives. You can thank MAB for that.

    With any luck, the silly “Paul shot Ricky” story will end shortly with Jennifer Landon going away on Friday the 2nd. While I admire the attempt to give veteran Doug Davidson a story line, it was half-baked from the get-go.


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    Like, GH, The Young and the Restless, has seen a dramatic change in a whole lot since the new regime took over. Some of it good, some bad. The good has been that some of the stories that Maria Bell had in place have been wrapped up quickly but the bad is that others are still lingering.

    The poor fact that Phyllis got off so easily since all the fans know the truth that she did try to kill Christine and Paul while Paul is still being held for Ricky’s death is absurd. Especially since the characters respective reputations should have planned a key role in which one got off. It would have been a great promo to lead up to WHICH CHARACTER GETS OFF but it was just another example of Maria’s stories having no bang and no one paying attention to it. Paul’s story should be done and he should be moving onto a great love story.

    Although the Newman takeover is great, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that Tucker will turn the tables on Jack, gain control of the company and then Victor and Jack will join forces to take him down. As for the Billy side to this story, it’s ridiculous that they are writing it that Billy has no spine to stand up to his wife and say that he will not double cross his brother and that he doesn’t just turn the tables on Victor and come out with the fact that he knew about Victor in LA but kept tabs on him. He reasoning is understandable if they only allow Billy to say Victor did the same to him and kept him away from his dying daughter! And he blackmailed a dumb Kevin at the same time.

    The character of Victoria just has no strength since the recast. Heinle is amazing actress and only acts to the words given her but Heather Tom’s Victoria would never back down from a fight and would have done it differently and not illegally.

    Nikki now hating Jack when this is all business and the entire town, including the ghost John, coming down on Jack for taking over Newman is dumb. Victor, Katherine and Tucker have all taking Jabot from the Abbots and to paraphrase Katherine when Jack begged her to sell Jabot back “darling, it is a company. It is not family. Move on” should be the same words that she says to Victor and his kids, as well as his dimwitted wife, Nikki. Sure, Katherine can lambast Jack for being slightly SLIGHTLY underhanded since he did all of his purchasing of Newman stock at a time everyone else, including Abby, was doing it BUT she should not toss him out like trash since it’s JUST A BUSINESS DARLING.

    When it comes to Jack people turn on him so quickly and without real reason that it makes me route for him every time. Jack has done far less than Victor has done to people yet he is always the punching bag. Victor turning the pics over on him was ridiculous since Jack should have returned volley byt saying “you destroyed my sister, AShley and sent her to a mental hospital. You destroyed my son’s mother and abused and used her. You killed my sister’s Tracey’s daughter Colleen and have her heart beating in you as proof yet are still evil. And you stole my father’s legacy JUST to get one over on me and crushed him. And your own children sued you for billions and that’s why I am sitting in your old chair”

    Y&R would do well to remember to give Jack more than a blow hard ego and one based in the truth. It would have been fantastic to see Jack take all of Victor’s comments and his turning the pics down to then one by one have Jack pick them up to knock Victor down with a comeback.

    As for the Adam/Chelsea and Sharon, story, I hope that they rewrite the Adam Chelsea love story to be less sapping and more equal but keep them together. They make an absolute great couple and Sharon can jsut be a friend. I understand Adam’s desire to help Sharon and I hope they write his argument to Chelsea over it convincingly so that she believes him and stands by him.

  10. Profile photo of Mets82

    Btw, I dont like Ghost John either. He plays such a goody-goody, its sickening.I think Victoria is a strong woman. She doesnt back down. I wonder and this is purely speculation, but I wonder if Phyllis is going to become crazy with Nick and Avery. Sure seems like it by the way she is lurking around and obsessed with Nick. Hell, if Im Avery I would date Nick and not even think twice. Why not? All everybody does is bow to Phyllis’ needs and her wants and if you cross her or dont like the way you talk to her about things, then forget it. I just dont see why Avery, Nick, Micheal, Daniel, etc. always trying to get on her good side.

    Btw, I hope everyone stays safe with this hurricane on the east coast. I dont want to take away from it because its very important but on a much lesser, lesser scale, the soaps were pre-empted here in the Hartford/New York area. Not only the soaps but everything has been pre-empted. Jeff Probst, Racheal Ray, The View etc. Obviously, the hurricane coverage is way more important. Would anybody know if they will be showing today’s Y&R and B&B?

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    I think there have been some glimmers of positive change here too on some fronts. However, the new seedlings need to grow.

    But so much of it is still the same old people doing the same old things. I agree that Jack is being vilified from all around including the annoying Undead. (All of these business dealings are not realistic anyway.) That is proving to be a catalyst for those same old people doing the same old things. (By the way though, I have not seen [or did I miss it?] where Katherine has de-friended Jack as was recently spoilered.) Victor is yet again hellbent on revenge and nearly disowning some of his kids, Katherine is still disowning Tucker and will soon again be at loggerheads with Jill. And Nikki; well Nikki may well be (to me) actually the most annoying Genoa City resident.

    Victoria is going to dump Billy (Billy should be relieved) for what he knew about Victor. But why is what he did or did not do so much worse than Victor knowing about it, using it and then blackmailing over it? Nick is the only one right now who has it nearly right. Victoria will probably once again sometime soon be in Victor’s bad books. So will Nikki when Victor tires of her once again or becomes annoyed with her once again. I just can’t stand Nikki when she’s back by Victor’s side and turns against those who could probably have given her a much happier stable life.

    Why is Victor still so prominent anyway? He’s starting to look like a ghoul and needs a long backburnered retirement.

  12. Profile photo of ToddBlairStarr

    Quite honestly there’s not much I’m liking right now. I’m happy Phyllis finally accepted that her marriage to Nick is over and let go. I’m also loving the Jack/Phyllis scenes..I was such a huge Phack fan :)

    I use to love John Abbott but his ghost is getting on my damn nerves.Seems he forgot that Victor pulle the same stunt on him long ago. My fingers are crossed that this new regime will stop having everyone kiss Victor’s butt and that he will actually lose sometimes. Team Jack. Team Abbott

    Speaking of the Abbott’s – what the hell are they doing to Billy? Is he seriously going to betray his own flesh and blood for Victoria?! This is just wrong. Victoria would never do the same for him. Ugggh!! Can Billy and Chloe hook up again…Villy’s not working for me at all.

    Chelsea/Adam/Sharon – I’m another fan who never like Shadam for the obvious reason. Anyway I am so pissed off at Adam for lying repeatedly to Chelsea all in the name of protecting Sharon. I thought this new regime wanted to rebuild Sharon. I hope if they continue this unconventional triangle that Chelsea gets to call Adam out on his bs. I loved that line “Con to con. Liar to liar” Maybe this new regime will allow MCE to act, because she was kick ass in that scene grieving for little Riley.

  13. Profile photo of Mets82

    Btw, isnt Billy Abbott leaving the show? I can see him confessing or Victoria finding out about what happened in LA and Billy leaving because Victoria will divorce him.

    To me, the show is pretty much the same even though Josh Griffith is cleaning up Maria Bell’s mess.Ron and Frank did the samething when they took over GH(Remember how fast they scrapped the whole “Woman in White” story)? Look at what Griffith is doing. He scrapped the whole Phyllis is guilty storyline and now Phyllis is walking around scott free. Harmony is now gone and Genevieve is coming up next. Even Victor is getting a change. He, for now, is actually caring for Nikki and the kids w/o always yelling at them. Not only that, but Josh has rewritten Adam. Now hes back to what he was before.

  14. Profile photo of tedew

    We can look forward to good stuff ahead and we probably will eventually see it sometime in the future.

    But us peeps don’t have to sit back and SHUT UP AND ENJOY THE PROCESS while it all transpires.

  15. Profile photo of SoapGirl

    Let Tracy stay in NY if all she will be doing is putting down her brother Jack and kissing the butt of the man who is responsible for her daughter’s death, Victor Newman. I can’t take it.

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