First Impressions: Sean Kanan Returns as AJ Quartermaine on General Hospital

What are your First Impressions of Sean Kanan's return to General Hospital as AJ Quartermaine?

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    All the a-holes on Twitter who are calling this BEAUTIFUL man “Chubby AJ” need to be slapped! Rude, disrespectful and insulting. A lot of men would KILL to look like Sean Kanan. With that being said, I know I am gonna get in trouble for this, but who cares? I would rather have seen Billy Warlock come back as AJ and Sean Kanan come on as a Jason recast. Oh well…….no use crying over spilled milk now. I have always liked the actor. Not really familiar with his version of AJ, since I wasn’t watching then, but I am willing to see where this goes………….

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    I loved the still very attractive Sean Kanan as A.J. Quatermain and I was so happy to see him back. Make no mistake about it, when it comes to A.J. vs. Sonny, I’ll always be Team A.J. Michael is his child. I know Michael’s going to be his usual high-strung emotionally unstable jerky self at first but I hope he opens himself up more to his REAL father and grandmother. I’m excited about Sean’s return.

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    Sean Kanan was the Perfect AJ, Im thrilled he is back as that character. He looks amazing as well and couldn’t be a more welcome site to GH in an effort to rebuild the Quartermaine Family. I am equally happy they did not try to pawn him off as the “new” Jason, that would have been lame and I think the story opportunities they have with Jason missing are far greater than a last minute recast of a character so identified with Steve Burton it would have been a disaster. Having AJ back can open up a massive amount of storyline now for all of the Quartermaine family.

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    Biologically yes AJ is Michael’s father but in ever other aspect no. I always found AJ to be the weakest of the Q’s he was just spoiled. I can’t remember the name of the character that was Kristina’s boyfriend that beat him but I believe if AJ had raised Michael that is what he would turn out to be like. A very preppy abuser. I like Michael and see more of Jason’s qualities good and bad in him. I can say there are striking differences between AJ and Michael. For instance Michael is a caring sibling , AJ on the other hand was a horrible big brother to both Emily and Jason. Michael although raised in the mob has a sense of right and wrong ( sometime screwed up but decent) Aj on the other hand didn’t and this goes went on before his interaction with Carly and Sonny. Before the car accident. AJ just was always a selfish whiner(loser). Am I happy he is back NO because I don’t seeing it being any good for Michael.

    Real father? Michael has a father his name is Sonny Corinthos and Michael has taken his last name. He knows the history of his childhood and has stuck with Sonny. Since I can’t stop it and he is back I don’t mind if they share a cordial friendship but if RonC every has Michael call AJ dad or father. I am going lose it big time

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    Gald to have Sean Kanan back as AJ. He was always my favorite AJ followed by Gerald Hopkins and then Justin Whalen. I was never a Billy Warlock fan.

    The only issue I have with this story is the timeline. Was Steve in town when AJ died? I don’t think he was. Didn’t Steve come to town in 2009 and AJ died around 2006 or 07?

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    Yes, I concur completely. Biology doesn’t make you a parent anymore than standing in a garage makes you a car..

    Just ask Michael and Dina Lohan…………….. :D :D :D :D

    Sonny IS Michael’s father!!

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    It makes me sick that Guza made Michael Sonny’s child. Michael is a Quartermaine and AJ had every right to his child good or bad. Was Sonny any better a role model? A mobster with serious depression and anger issues. Michael was stolen from AJ and I think that pushed AJ even further over the edge. AJ wanted to be a father, he wanted Michael and Jason, Carly, and Sonny stole him from AJ, pushing AJ into a corner. Regardless of anything, AJ is Michael’s biological father and should have had the right to be the father to his child. Given a choice between placing a child in the care of Sonny or the Quartermaines, Id pick the Q’s everyday over and mobster. Sonny and Carly have every single thing coming to them from AJ for what they did to steal his child from him.

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    Well it is too late for his to be a father. He can be a friend. I would choose Sonny and Carly. I can’t forget AJ shooting Alan in the back. Hell if when Sonny shoots someone even his own son it is face to face like a man. Only a coward shoots someone in the back and from the time he was young till the time he left AJ was a major coward

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    Steve Burton who? We have back AJ and RC better right the wrong and have Michael learn the entire truth of what Carly and Sonny did to not only AJ but Tony and Michael and have Michael turn his back on those losers who stole and kidnapped (and yes hanging someone from a meathook and threatening to kill them is kidnapping) AJ’s son and declare himself AJ Quartermaine’s son Michael Quartermaine. I want AJ to destroy Carly, and Sonny and I want Michael to help!!

    That Michael story and dragging Sonny into destroyed GH and the Sonny character (he still hasnt’ recovered from his involvement with Carly or her demon spawn). Fix it RC take Michael from Carly and Sonny and give him to the Qs and AJ where he should have been 15 years ago!!

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    TV Gord

    I’m used to Billy Warlock as AJ, so this will be an adjustment, but I’m more than happy to give him a chance. I just hope his return helps to kick-start the repopulation of Qasa Quartermaine.

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    [quote=nysam]Gald to have Sean Kanan back as AJ. He was always my favorite AJ followed by Gerald Hopkins and then Justin Whalen. I was never a Billy Warlock fan.

    The only issue I have with this story is the timeline. Was Steve in town when AJ died? I don’t think he was. Didn’t Steve come to town in 2009 and AJ died around 2006 or 07?[/quote]


    Steven Lars returned in Sept 2004 and was played by Shaun Benson. Steven dated Carly then his ex GF Rachel Adair became a doctor there. She made a del with AJ to Kill Courtney. It backfired and Dr Thomas Asher “Killed” AJ. Steven was the one who did CPR but left when Monica came in.
    Steven Lars was last seen in may 2005 testifying at a trail. He returned in Dec 2009 played by Scott Reeves.
    So the story fits

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    I’m team AJ all the way. I hated how every storyline back then was propped up to always favor Sonny and Jason. And to be honest any child who was brought up around such violence and unstable home life like Micheal was around Sonny and Carly would be a very traumatized young adult. Jason is gone (for now) and let’s see more of Sonny being put in his place. Their reign is over! And anybody saying chubby AJ must be jealous haters cause he looks great for a man in his 40s! Do they expect all men to look like Mick Jagger? eww LOL

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    The man is in his mid-40s. It boggles the mind that the same people who are so shallow that they will not allow someone in the public eye to grow old naturally are the very same ones to bitch and snark about the artificial means these public figures end up resorting to in an attempt to preserve their looks.

    I never really got used to Billy Warlock’s version of AJ (To me, he was always Frankie Brady on Days), so it is a treat to have Sean back as AJ.

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    TV Gord

    [quote=SoapArmageddon]The man is in his mid-40s. It boggles the mind that the same people who are so shallow that they will not allow someone in the public eye to grow old naturally are the very same ones to bitch and snark about the artificial means these public figures end up resorting to in an attempt to preserve their looks.[/quote]

    Yep. And they probably look like Jabba The Hut, themselves. ;-)

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    Carly deserves to be put in her place once and for all. Talk about a self centered loud mouth who manipulates everyone in her path to get her way. She is nothing like her mother, Bobbie was a hustler when she first came to GH but as the years went on she grew into a caring nurse with a soul. Carly never really lived on the right side of morality, her only motivation was to get her way at anyone’s expense, including her children. No mother would ever put their child in the arms of a mobster and surround them with people carrying guns and killing for a living. Michael paid the price for it too.

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    The problem with Sonny, Jason and Carly is that every story became only their POV and every one else had to be weak and always loose in the end. So it became boring for me. There was a time so long ago that I did root for Sonny to raise Michael as the Q’s were not the most functional. However I never got to see the things that made me root against them again. Instead they were murdered- and all that was left were a few holiday episodes were Jason would show up and throw Edward and Monica a few bones. Now I hope to see this strong version of AJ come back and take down Sonny and Carly. Get Michael into the fold- bring back Alan and Emily!!

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    Tris Drake

    I couldn’t be more thrilled!!! Jason admitted he did AJ wrong where Michael was concerned. Even Sonny admitted today that he was selfish. Too little,too late. And Emily was a horrible sister to AJ that could never see past Jasus. Screw them all! I want AJ to get his life back! Sonny deserves to lose everything for awhile. And I don’t know what people are talking about. Sean looks good for his age. Would love to see what the haters look like!

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    I’m thrilled that my AJ is back! And Sean Kanan seems to have seamlessly slipped back into the role. His scenes with Monica today were awesome & took me all the way back to the 90s. SK emoted more in one scene than Steve Burton has in the last decade.

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    I agree everyone is entitled to their opinion but for me it is clear that Michael takes after his uncle Jason than his biological dad and like AJ said today Michael is a man. Like it or not Sonny is his dad, then Jason and Jax. I think AJ and him could have a friendly relationship but if AJ goes after those Michael loves it will be messy. You already saw how protective he is of his mom Carly that he decked Johnny. Michael and his mom have a tight bond. Also Michael is clearly being written as Jason 2. So if Aj does try something it will Aj vs Michael (Jason) part 2

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    I think Michael takes after Sonny and Jason, too. That’s why he shot Kate, was collateral damage in a mob shootout (which rendered him comatose), SWUNG AN AXE IN Claudia’s HEAD, and got sent to prison. All before his 21st birthday, too. Lol, sorry for trying to be cute but in my opinion, I cannot understand the argument that Michael was better off with Sonny/Carly/Jason . . .

    Also, despite Claudia’s insanity with Carly and Joss the night Michael killed her, I’m surprised it’s not brought up more often how freakin’ disturbing it is that a 16-year-old (or anyone!) put an axe through someone’s head. That is so graphic! GH never really followed through with that one because the implications there are about as mind-blowing as it comes.

    I, for one, am pretty heartbroken it’s not Billy Warlock back playing AJ. :(

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    This is wonderful that we have AJ back!!

    Love Sean Kanan, and what a great opportunity this is to him!

    Everything Quartermaine is a BIG plus on the show, especially now that Jason is gone too.

    And how wonderful is it to see Leslie Charleson on the forefront again? That IS where she belongs.

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    I am soooo thrilled Sean Kanan is back as AJ, because as a teenager in the 90’s he was AJ Quartermaine.I know there was GH and later BW but Sean was ALWAYS AJ for me. How AWESOME were the AJ/Monica scenes? I hope this just the beginning of lots of Quartermaine related storylines. Thank you Ron for reading the history and writing the backstory fit the actual events. I’d love to see Ned, a Dillion recast,and Brook Lynn return as well.

    TomZulawski your post was spot on :)

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    I flove the fact that Sean’s back as A.J. Though I love Billy Warlock as an actor, he just didn’t fit the role, plus Guza wrote him very week.

    Now with Frank and Ron at the helm, A.J. should be both a good guy and a bad guy, the way he should be. Those scenes with Monica were great, so Monica and Steve are the only ones who know A.J.’s alive, should be very interesting.

    BTW, Sean looks hottt!! :love: :love: :love:

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    liason4real, you’ve made a great point.

    I generally like Billy Warlock as an actor but I could never really get into him as A.J. No offense, but it was the height and build. It was very hard to picture him holding his own against Sonny and Jason and tough to believe that this was the same guy who bullied the always taller and better built Jason before his head injury. With Sean Kanan, that was and is still not an issue. Sean always, and very convincingly, played A.J. as someone who could go physically toe to toe with any guy in Port Charles and yes, that certainly includes the great(?) Sonny Corinthos.

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    This guy has been on so many soaps I forget what character he is and frankly I didn’t care for him on the others. I get real tired of the same actors going from soap to soap. Find someone new.

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    That would be one thing, but the fact that someone has it in them to put an axe in someone’s head is so disturbing and that fact was never mined on the show or in the soap press. It’s an axe in someone’s head! Michael has been so warped by his mob upbringing.

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    Sean Kanan and Steve Burton had such a resemblance and chemistry that they seemed like brothers and I have missed SK since he left. I may have lost my Jason love over the last few years but I wish SBu could come back if only for a short arc to see he and SK together again.

    Sean Kanan is the AJ I fell for and so he is the “real AJ” for me.

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    LW’s CArly could pick up BW’s AJ and put him in her pocket. There is no way in hell that BW could play opposite LW and have people believe that they slept together once upon a time.

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