Bo Says His Goodbyes on Days of Our Lives

Bo (Peter Reckell) dropped by Victor’s (John Aniston) to leave some of his daughter’s belongings, since she'd be spending more time there now. When Victor and Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) inquired about Caroline (Peggy McCay), Bo shared the possibility of an Alzheimer’s diagnosis. It was nice to see Bo have such a normal conversation about family problems with Victor and Maggie.

Marlena (Deidre Hall) continued to worry about Kristen’s (Eileen Kristen) possible threat to her and her family. Sami (Alison Sweeney) revealed to her mother and John that Kristen was now her boss. Marlena immediately told her to quit her job at Countess W.

Sami spent much of the episode reliving flashbacks of Rafe, (Galen Gering) and trying to figure out her feelings for him and EJ (James Scott).

Bo bumped into Billie (Lisa Rinna) at Sonny’s coffee shop, and the two shared an enjoyable scene.  Even if I wasn’t a big fan of the Bo and Billie pairing, I’ve always appreciated their friendship dynamic. After Billie left, Marlena and John arrived and also said goodbye to their longtime friend.

At Sonny’s, Will and Sonny were trying to figure out who was the batter and who was pitcher when Lucas arrived and interrupted their almost sex. Days of Our Lives sure is teasing this storyline. Both boys scrambled to get dressed as Lucas pounded on the door. Lucas sent Will off to say goodbye to his grandma Caroline, while he stayed to help Sonny with the boxes.

Sonny read Lucas the riot act for the way he was treating Will. He accused Lucas of accepting Will's sexuality only if he doesn't physically show it.  Lucas has always been one of my favorite Days of Our Lives characters, and it pains me to see him made out to be the bad guy in this situation. I don’t know why, but I expected Sami to be the parent who has the most problems with Will being gay.  Sonny also told Lucas the only person who would come between the father and son is Lucas.

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    It seems it is trendy that when a long-serving male actor leaves, they just sort of…leave. (See: Ronn Moss)

    The last Bo & Hope scenes were good in terms of showcasing how much they love each other and how after all this time, they still play so well off each other.

    But where were the flashbacks? The week before should have been all about Bope and Bo in general. But then, they all couldn’t really even say “goodbye” because they assume he is coming back. Which makes it all the more stupid.

    Good episode in general though.

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    This regime is doing an astonishingly bad job writing Lucas. I was totally loving him when Will came out and he was the parent supporting his kid. Since Tomlin’s been back he’s all for them one minute, the next he’s against them. He tells Sonny he really likes him then tells his sister he’s not gonna let Sonny use his son. Say wha?!? I get that basically every character on this show has done an about face with these old/new writers back but this is ridiculous. I actually love Bryan Datillo but I’d rather them write him out than write him like this.

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