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AJ hides while Monica talks to Michael.  He apologizes for offending her about his father, but he and Jason had a very close relationship. Michael only remembers AJ as the man who kidnapped him and claimed he was dead.  Monica says AJ loved Michael and wasn’t all bad.  Michael understands it’s hard for her to have lost both sons.  Monica asks to be alone, and Michael asks for a copy of the picture of Jason and AJ. Monica seems touched and gives him the photograph. 

Trey explains to Sonny how Connie was trying to work him, but he didn’t believe her.  Sonny is grateful, but Trey says he’s committing his mother for Starr.  Sonny swears Kate is a wonderful person, and Connie was the one who abandoned Trey.  Trey agrees to help Sonny on one condition; Sonny tells him if he sent Jason to kill Joe. Sonny swears on all his children’s lives that he didn’t, because Kate asked him to spare Joe's life.
Connie wants Johnny’s help in dealing with Trey.  Lulu arrives, and overhears Connie say she and Johnny will both go down for something. Lulu immediately wonders what Connie is talking about, and Connie tries to play the family card, but Lulu doesn't buy it. Connie warns Lulu not to get on her bad side, and Lulu asks if she’s being threatened. Connie claims she wants them all to get along.
Lulu ignores Connie to go over business with Johnny, and Connie excuses herself. Once she leaves, Lulu pleads with Johnny to tell her the truth about his marriage to Connie.  He doesn't answer, and she asks him if Connie is blackmailing him. Johnny hesitates, and Lulu tells him to trust her. He appears to want to confide in her, but in the end he doesn’t. Connie returns, and Lulu quickly leaves.   
Kristina stops by the apartment to see Trey, and finds Starr. Instead of leaving when Trey isn't home, Kristina stays and eats take out with Starr. The girls discuss Johnny’s odd decision to marry Connie.  Kris has known Johnny for a long time, and thinks he's just messed up right now. The subject changes from Johnny to Trey, and Starr recalls his accusation that Sonny killed Joe. Kris defends her father, but admits his actions out of anger scare her sometimes.
Steve tells Sam that he found the DNA test results in Heather’s belongings and Jason is Danny’s father.  Sam is thrilled and hugs Steve.  Sam swears Jason will be ecstatic when he comes home. A concerned Steve can only stare at Sam in silence. 
Todd is shocked that Heather is awake.  She claims it’s a miracle. Todd tells her no one will believe her about the switch, and they need to get their stories straight.  Heather doesn’t understand why Todd would give Sam the real results, but he says it was the right thing to do.  He wants Heather to agree not to tell anyone he helped her with the switch. Heather asks Todd to get her a good attorney that will get her charges dropped. Then, she will plead insanity. 
Steve arrives to see his mother, and she wants to tell him who switched the babies.  Heather talks about herself and claims to be Susan Moore.  Steve thinks something is up, so he asks if Heather had an accomplice and points to Todd. However, Heather claims Todd is her doctor. 
Steve drags Todd out of the room and demands to know what’s going on.  Todd claims he came to see Heather, but she kept going on and on about being Susan Moore. He thinks she's finally snapped. Todd asks Steve if he gave Sam the papers, and Steve confirms he did. Before leaving, Steve says he’s going to have his mother thoroughly tested for any kind of mental illness.  Todd thanks Heather, who warns him to keep her happy or she’ll rat him out to the police. 
Sam thinks Jason has returned and happily tells him Danny is his son.  Jason says the paternity didn’t matter in the end, but he’s glad the Franco fiasco is over. Sam tells Jason they have everything they ever wanted, but soon realizes Jason is only in her imagination. 
Connie wonders if Johnny and Lulu were conspiring against her, but Johnny calls her paranoid.  Johnny says everyone hates her because instead of being nice and capitalizing on Kate’s flaws, she’s pushing everyone’s buttons. Connie complains about Trey and wants Johnny to get rid of him.  Johnny firmly tells her that Trey is her son and if she suggests killing him again, he’ll put her in Shadybrooke for real.  Connie says they’re in this together and need to figure out what to do.    
Michael speaks to Sonny about his visit with Monica and her sentiments on AJ.  Sonny claims Jason was never spoiled, but AJ always felt entitled to everything. Sonny says the best thing AJ did was have Michael.  Sonny tells his son that Trey agreed to sign the papers. 
Trey comes home and tells Kristina he informed Sonny he would sign the papers to have Connie committed. Starr thanks Trey and commends him for doing the right thing. 
AJ is upset he didn’t get a chance to talk to Michael.  Monica says they can’t take the risk, and he needs to leave. AJ tells his mother he isn’t going anywhere.  Monica reminds AJ that he’ll serve prison time for shooting Alan in the back.  AJ will claim it was an accident, and make it go away.  If everything came out, Monica feels she can be arrested for aiding and abetting.  AJ declares he wants his old life back.


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The Monica and AJ scenes are really great. I enjoy them so much. Makes me sad that AJ never ever really had a chance to raise Michael as his son thanks to Carly's schemes and Sonny's threats. I hope Michael tries to understand AJ a little bit. In my eyes, AJ still is this misunderstood character that never stood a chance.
And I really hope that Ron Carlivati does a better job at writing AJ than McTavish and Guza - on his 2nd stint - did.

Heather's back. Laughing out loud I love that she pretending to be Susan. A lot of crazy things are happening on GH and I wish they would turn it down a little bit but Heather Webber is just too much fun. LOVE HER!!!

Different feeling about Connie. She overstayed her welcome. I want Connie committed and her/Kate off-screen. Just enough with this nonsense. I hope this all ends before Christmas.

Loved Lulu talking to Johnny and realizing that Connie must have something on him. Well that's a first. No one from the Corinthos clan made so much sense out of this situation.
I also liked Kristina and Starr bonding over weird fathers and Thai food. Smile

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Really? How selfish is AJ! His mother risk everything and he wants to out her! Michael is grown and has a dad. Move on man

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When AJ yelled that he was AJ QUARTERMAINE and that was his house, his son and he wants his life back, I was so freakin happy.

Alan never pressed charges against AJ. Monica made all that crap up about Alan being mad. I could care less about if Monica gets in trouble since she has been horrible to AJ for years. She owes him. I can't wait for Michael to be with his daddy.

Johnny and Lulu were so perfect today. I love them together. When Lulu kept telling him she can help him, I so wanted Johnny to say yes, help me. I'm beyond sick of Connie. This storyline has ran it's course.

Commit her so we don't have to see Starr whine or Johnny look miserable.

I also can't stand the way Michael uses Monica's first name. When he was a child he called them Dr. Quatermaine or Grandma/Grandpa. Now that he's grown he calls her by her first name. I can't stand when kids call a grown older person by their first name. It's so disrespectful.

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I never understood why being an alcoholic was worse than being a hitman or a mob boss. I've always loved how humanly flawed AJ was. Even with his flaws, though, he was never as bad Sonny and Jason. This might be enough to bring me back to GH...but only if they do not pair him with Sam. One ruined Quartermaine man is enough for me. I wouldn't mind seeing AJ with Liz, the new doctor (Britt?), or...damn there really aren't many women in his age group on the show, are there? Bring back Keisha, maybe?

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Since AJ is back, apparently to stay, I sure hope his past transgressions can be settled without Monica getting in trouble, but I can see her losing her position at the hospital over this.

That last scene, with AJ raising his voice and proclaiming his rights as a Quartermaine, make me a little nervous about just what kind of character he will turn out to be. We already have so many "bad" guys on the would really be nice if he could turn out to be one of the good guys. He'd be the perfect choice to take over ELQ when Edward "dies"…and it would drive Tracy crazy! More story for her!!

I too am ready for this stupid Connie business to be done. Maybe if the over-acting was toned down it wouldn't be so bad, but Kelly has taken it too far over the top for me. She was fun in the beginning. Now? Not so much.

Also, this secret of Johnny's has GOT to come out. It's dragging on and on and on and on Tired...let's get it over with already and move on. Since nobody ever really gets convicted on this show, he'll get off scot free and we can move on.

All the Michael/Sonny stuff was "eh" for me.

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Carly and Jason's decision to lie about Michael did not begin over AJ's alcoholism or fitness to be a parent. That's how they eventually rationalized it, but that's not the original issue. Carly had cheated on Tony but wanted to keep him, so she lied about the paternity. Then Tony finally got tired of Carly's immaturity and planned to dump her and seek custody of the baby, so she told him it wasn't his. She actually headed to tell AJ the truth, but she overheard him say that if Carly's baby had turned out to be his, he would have sought full custody, so she ran away to Jason's and begged him to help her keep her baby. Then she went into labor and was unconscious, so when they asked Jason about the baby, he took responsibility because there was no one else around. When she woke up and had PPD, she asked him to give the baby his name and take care of him while she went to Florida to straighten herself out.

Jason and AJ didn't even hate each other at this point. Jason didn't like AJ that much since finding out that he was responsible for the accident, and he thought AJ was weak. But he didn't hate him. AJ kept trying to have a relationship with Jason, and even tried to be an uncle to Michael. Jason still thought AJ was weak, but actually didn't try to keep AJ away. He was used to him sort of hanging about. It wasn't until the truth about Michael came out that the brothers' relationship deteriorated into the hate-filled feud we've witnessed for years.

When Carly went to AJ to marry him, she told him what she had overheard the day she intended to tell him the truth. He apologized and said he was just upset, but would not have cut her out of Michael's life.

I think Carly, AJ, and Jason could have eventually worked past their differences, but Carly was selfish and in love with Jason, AJ was mad and being egged on by Edward to "deliver," and Jason no longer had his moral compass (Robin) to help him find a better solution than all-out war.

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OK seriously get Connie/Kate off my screen. Have her be the one that really shot the tires out and killed Cole and Hope and have been drugging Sonny and Johnny with mind control pills to explain why they have been so stupid lately. They as characters matter Connie/Kate doesn't! Then send her to a hospital for the criminal insane for life with NO PAROL AND NEVER MENTION THE CHARACTER AGAIN!!!

Sonny needs to STFU about AJ he kidnapped his child and he didn't do it because he loved Michael (never bought that still don't) or because AJ did anything to him or Carly (Sonny never loved Carly, Sonny loved what Carly did for him). Sonny kidnapped Michael because he was jealous or AJ, because AJ made him feel small, because he came from a good family, because he had money, and respect (sonny's mind) and AJ never in Sonny's sad little mind had to do anything for it, so Sonny stole a prize from AJ and that is all Michael has every been to Sonny was a prize and all he ever was to Carly was a pawn and a meal ticket.

Really liked the Johnny Lulu scene I know Lante are popular but I really like Johnny is the only male actor that JMB has had sexual/romantic chemistry with. I think they need to send the Brooklyn re-writes away and go back to JoLu. I like DZ but JoLu are just special.

Oh and damn right AJ QUARTERMAINE IS BACK!!! I wasn't even a huge AJ fan I just liked him but I am more excited to have him on my screen and build up his family and destroy that whore, the midget mobster and get his son back that I can't freaking stand it. The rise of the QUARTERMAINES ITS AMAZING!!! Although I do admit not loving the Alan rewrite, Alan was awesome why trash to prop Monica?

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AJ giving his speech at the end gave me goosebumps. Sonny needs to be shot. He is still talking smack about AJ. Sonny has never tried to change so please shut up. Loved Johnny/Lulu. I must disagree with Robin being a moral compass. I remember her throwing AJ out because Jason wouldnt like it. She only told the truth because she was jealous. And yes,please bring back Keesha.

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Must agree with Tris Drake it was great. AJ Quartermaine is back!! The show is great. Cartini is giving it to you for Sweeps.

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LOVED LOVED LOVED the JoLu scenes! Those two are so perfect together and I agree with the poster above saying that Johnny is the one Lulu has (by far) the most chemistry with! I am so sick of Lante!!! Now it is Lulu who has a "condition" and cannot be pregnant cause it couldn't be Mr-Perfect-Dante of course!

Cartini don't care that when Lulu got pregnant and was worried about delivering a healthy baby (should she accept Dillon's proposal to have him and the Q raise the baby) she was told TWICE (once with Dillon in the room and once with Sonny) that she would have an healthy baby!!!!! But Dante is a Corinthos so I guess he must like Daddy qualify into the Sperminator category so he cannot be the one unable to produce more Corinthos to the good population of Port Charles!

I hope that JoLu will get many more scenes and that Lulu will be the one to bring back the real Johnny (pre-Cartini before they consistently ruined the character) to my screen...

SO kudos to the extraordinary JMB who always shines incredibly when she shares scenes with TG, BB or KS.

Don't care one bit about Connie, Trey, NuKristina or Starr but at least I have the possibility to FF as I have stopped watching live...

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Oh and on a completely shallow note if I am forced to have this terrible farce of an actress KSu on my screen non stop can GH force her to get her FREAKING ROOTS DONE!!! Also if she'd dye her eyebrows a little so they weren't so obviously a different color that would be nice. I hate when bleach blondes don't keep up their roots and their eyebrows are black it looks trashy!!!

If I have to suffer her bad acting I shouldn't have to suffer bad hair too.

Sorry for the rant the picture sent me over the edge.

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First...I will agree that I am sick of Connie/Kate.

Secondly, I have an honest question as a Sonny lover. I know that many viewers hate Sonny, and think there was too much focus on him over the years. I agree about the focus part. Doesn't it seem odd that all of these characters seem to have a beef with Sonny? AJ, Joe Jr, Jerry, Duke.... I mean, it seems that the focus is still on Sonny. If Sonny survives them all, won't that put him in the realm of super hero again?

It just makes me wonder.

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I concur. Connie/Kate has become a sad cliche and Kelly Sullivan is chewing this show up episode by episode. As I have said, I hope Frank has the sets insured with Geico, because............ Tired

Sonny is coming across like a total douchebag and seems to be more interested in getting Connie/Kate institutionalized than he is with mourning the loss of Jason. And those tiring scenes with Starr and Trey just remind me that this show has lost its focus. Starr is annoying and whiny. Trey is a character who I have NO interest in and linking him to Connie/Kate does nothing to make me want to root for him even more. And linking him to Starr only gives me an even bigger headache.

But I am also glad that AJ has returned, though as I've said before, I would have preferred for them to bring Billy Warlock back as AJ and bring on Sean Kanan as a Jason recast. I liked Steve Burton a lot, don't get me wrong, but Sean could have done the character justice as well.

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alex-good to see you. I know you don't have any love for L&D (Lante), but here's where I am. Nothing's changed from my end! You all know me! Wink Personally, I don't mind that L has sequences with John Z in the context of their partnership with the Star. I may not care for the character of John Z, but RC not acknowledging that aspect of the story and how it ties in with other parts of GH, would be ignoring what's transpired since L&D had those August 1st and 2nd conversations. While I'm not enamored (never have been, find it distasteful), with D's being tied to the bully, I love that he (D), loves L to distraction and has faith in their committment to each other, that he's vulnerable and lays himself out to her about his having been jealous of her former lover. That he went to get himself tested, knowing that sure, no man wants to think he can't father a child, and then asking her, face to face, if he's the reason, all the while being more concerned for her feelings about wanting a child, just proves how much he wants her to be happy. D is (finally), being written more to how he was introduced, even more willing to go to the mat for L. In the overall pairing, I think she's the one who holds the power. And he'll do anything for her. Does this excuse how they've written John Z? No. They could have chosen to write him more sympathetically, and for where he is now with Kate-Con, I wouldn't wish that on any character. I was hoping they would pair KS's Maxie with him as I think this could be a real sparkler in terms of acting and story potential. I also think the actual DID story is dragging too long. (No offense to KSul who I like as an actress.) It needs to be resolved with Kate-Con being "integrated" and moving on, whether part of the canvas or not, Shadybrook or the bully, whichever occurs faster. Just my thoughts... Innocent

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The only thing that interested me was seeing Todd & Heather! I am glad that Heather survived her with all of her crazy in tact. Besides Todd & Heather, I FFWDed everything else, even AJ/Monica (I'm not a fan of Sean Kanan but enjoyed him more as Deacon on B&B.)

I am as fatigued as everyone else with the Connie/Kate s/l but I could see Connie/Kate teaming up with Heather in Shadybrook. Perhaps Robin Mattson could work her magic with that dud of a s/l. With so many stories going on at once, I wish the show would end the DID story and Johnny's story. As much as I like Brandon Barash, I am tired of Johnny walking around as if he is without any choices, knowing he killed Cole & Hope (not guilty enough to go to jail!), raped Kate (by sleeping with her body, fractured mind without consent), killed Anthony at point-blank range and framing Tracy/Luke for that murder! I stated months ago that I thought Johnny had been painted in a corner and here we are, hearing the same dialogue for months. I wish the writers hadn't taken Johnny so far to not write the character out.

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just watched the episode on Soapnet, first impression before reading recap or comments: I hate that Jake was killed off and I will never forgive this show. I think I was supposed to be touched by Jason and Sam's last moment and I might have been if the ghost of Jake werent ever present.

I watched the October 22-26 and the 29th episodes on Monday and Sean Kanan's AJ and Roger Howarth's Todd have my attention.

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Barely posting anymore because I find myself less and less interested in this show... The only two characters that I never fast forward are Alexis and Johnny. I loathe Todd played by RH (always have..; only Blair could make him slightly likable...). would probably have reacted differently if TSJ's Todd had moved to PC but no, so OK. Hated the way Johnny and CarJohn have been consistently ruined so that CarTodd would be pimped... I am no fan of SK even if I am happy to see AJ back (I would have just loved to see Jason/AJ interacting and I hope AJ will get Michael back from Sonny's hands). I am just looking forward Edward's funeral to see the divine Robin Christopher back. And I truly hope that they are not going to pair Alexis with stupid Shawn. They have zero chem and he may be eye's candy but I can't stand this character playing the good guy when he had no problem kidnapping Brenda and almost killing Sam when he was working for the Balkan! I want my Rexis back ! At least thanks Cartini for the few Jerry/Alexis scenes, I always found those two to have an amazing chemistry even if you can't see a real relationship between them considering the super-villain status of Jerry on GH... Sad

Only scenes I have enjoyed yesterday were the Jolu scenes, Johnny and Lulu shine together and it is really too bad that Lulu is stuck with Dante (can't believe TPTB couldn't make HIM with his inflated ego, the one to be unable to produce an heir to the Corinthos dynastie, at least it would have make Dante barely watchable to see him dealing with that kind of problem considering what a macho this guy has always been... but no, of course it had to be Lulu!!!).

So Soapbaby, I hope you are wrong and that they are not going to write Johnny out because if it is the case, after all this time, I will finally say stop and give up as I have lost year after year too many of my favorites and I reaching my "no return point" (or bring back Ric Hearst and reunite Rexis so that I can at least have ONE couple to root for... Love in the afternoon? What a joke...).

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I have bated Connie for months and if I could I would send her and Starr Manning over a cliff somewhere. I like that AJ is back to fill out the A's, but as for him "taking" Michael away from Sonny, that's rediculous.Michael is grown and it would be great if he tried to builda relationship with Michael. Then Michael might see who AJ really is for himself.

As for who AJ should get involved with, I vote for Liz. Liz has been an afterthought for too long because they have not paired her with anyone that was really emotionally available to her. I did like her with Patrick, though.

Leave it to Heather to turn on a dime. Clever of her to become Susan Moore conveniently when Steve came in. Speaking of Steven, needs to get a clue.

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given steve burton's decision to move to TN, cartini have worked really hard to do what they could to satisfy his fan base--reunited with Sam, gets to be the hero snatching a baby from the air from 11 stories high, gets to get over his obnoxious self and accept that baby even if its franco's, good scenes with Monica, then the fantasy sequences with "what if" as well as Sam's latest fantasy--fans shouldn't be complaining that burton didn't get a good send off
then its off and running--not dragging it out, moving on with aj,

and the villains--they are like russian dolls--ian, controlled by jerry jacks, in line with joe scully, controlled by duke (and the good chance that helena or faison have brainwashed him)--this is good, fast-moving, soapy fun and I'd be willing to bet all of us will be surprised by some of the turns--and you can't say they aren't making nods to gh history--except for Todd, every major twist has been someone from GH's rich past