Stephanie Forrester’s 10 Greatest Bold and Beautiful Rivals

As The Bold and the Beautiful fans prepare to say farewell to couture queen Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery), let's take a look back at the battle axe's greatest rivalries, and no, not all of them are Logans!

No. 10: Donna Logan

By the time waitress-turned-fashion-model Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis) was preparing to slather honey all over Eric Forrester's (John McCook) naughty bits, Stephanie had already gone to war with both Donna's big sister Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and the girls' caterer mother Beth (Judith Baldwin et al.) over the randy designer.

While Steph has never really had much affection for any of the Logans, Donna moved up on her hit list when she told Nick Marone (Jack Wagner) she'd witnessed Stephanie pushing his mother Jackie (Lesley-Anne Down) off a balcony. In truth, it was an accident, but that didn't stop Nick from using the information to blackmail the Forresters into selling him their fashion house!

Ultimately, Donna brokered a deal that saw Forrester Creations returned to Eric — so long as he divorced Stephanie. Donna and Stephanie continued to wage war against each other during the ensuing years, with their respective family members getting in on the fun from time to time (Storm shot Stephanie; Pam tried to kill a honey-drenched Donna by luring a grizzly bear into a cabin). However, once Donna and Eric's marriage ended, and she reunited with her baby daddy, the two women's relationship began to mellow a bit.      


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  1. Profile photo of booze26

    What a dynamic character. I like the list. Some fights are really classic.
    I think I would have ranked Donna higher. JG is on fire when she was fighting SF in her scenes. They ahd great dynamics.

    I never really cared for Morgan de Witt storyline. I thought she was a bit cartoonish and she was a replacement for the Sheila character I guess.
    Margo Lynley was a goad character abck then but her rivalery with Stephanie was just not that big.

    Whats nice to see is that with Jackie, Brooke and Sally it turned out just fine in the end, and she even tolerates Donna right now.

    Eric would be nice on the list. SF had her best fights with JmC. And what about Angela/Deveny Dixon. That was one crazy storyline. Her rivalery with Nick was also great. So much history.

  2. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    NO actress could serve it up to Queen Stephanie like Kimberlin Brown, but I much prefer her wonderfully complicated, angsty, rough, tumble, turbulent rivlary with Brooke. I happen to think that Brooke had more chemistry with Stephanie 90 percent of the time than she did Ridge!!! She will be missed! This show is losing a legendary actress and they will never be able to fill the void. End of an era. :(( :(( :(( :((

  3. Profile photo of TraceyAbbot101

    Darlene Connelly was truly one of a kind, and she is missed daily!

    I liked the scene, the other day, where Stephanie called “Sally” on the phone.. it was a nice tribute, but it just wasn’t the same as if Sally were really there.

    They say B&B’s true “power couple” is really Stephanie and Brooke. Who would have thought?

  4. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    I have loved Brooke and Stephanie’s rivalry for years until Brad Bell turned it into a fucking joke. B&B did great by turning Stephanie’s feud with Sally around and let them become friends BUT by the show’s most important relationship – Brooke/Stephanie – they failed miserably.

    I enjoyed Sheila vs. Stephanie in the 90s. Kimberlin Brown and Susan Flannery were great in all their scenes they shared together. AND of course the writing was way better with Bill Bell still present.

    Jackie and Stephanie was another great rivalry even though it’s full of passed opportunities. The years Eric spent with Donna should have gone to Jackie. You didn’t need honey and camptastic fights between Donna and Pam. The real thing between Stephanie and Jackie would have been much better.

    I also enjoyed Stephanie’s short-lived rivalry with Lauren in the 90s, when Lauren was going after Eric. That photo of her and Eric in the minster’s bible is one of my favorite non-weddings.

  5. Profile photo of stoney07


    I still think that Stephanie’s abuse storylines was one of the greatest and most well-written stories in B&B history, and probably soap history. It wasn’t an actual WHOLE story but moreso an arc, but I loved it.

    Of course Sheila vs. Steph is classic, as is Steph vs. Brooke.

    I must say, I loved the Morgan DeWitt story. It was back when villains weren’t on for two months and then disappear…but we had to suffer with Morgan for at least a year or more. Her character was kind of fleshed out and you KNEW she was crazy and WHY she was crazy but she took it too far when she messed with my Steffy. Good thing my Steffy was smart enough to know her phone number lol.

    Yeah, I expected Angela/Deveney Dixon to be here. I wasn’t even BORN then that I know of, but I’ve watched as many clips on it as possible and it seemed riveting (if not campy)….but yeah, everyone that’s on this list deserves it so there’s nowhere for that character to fit.

  6. Profile photo of EZBaby

    LOL Stephanie to Donna about Eric: “Oh please, you’re just a little sex toy to him!” Man! I’m really gonna miss Stephanie going off on people,smacking people, not letting anyone mess with her family, and taking such a unnatural interest in Ridge’s love life sometimes.Susan Flannery will always be a true legend of the soap opera.Her best rival to me was Brooke but also liked when Stephanie got down and did battle with JackieM too.

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    [quote=soapjunkie88]I have loved Brooke and Stephanie’s rivalry for years until Brad Bell turned it into a fucking joke. B&B did great by turning Stephanie’s feud with Sally around and let them become friends BUT by the show’s most important relationship – Brooke/Stephanie – they failed miserably..[/quote]

    I got to agree with you there, that great rivalry between Stephanie and Brooke was watered down by Bell and made their scenes not interesting to watch and I don’t know why Bell would do that.But then there’s a lot of things he does with the show I don’t understand.

  8. Profile photo of tashikins

    Agree with soapjunkie. Didn’t see Seph’s last scene with Taylor but I hope she apologised to her for replacing her with Brooke. Steph and Taylor also had great chemistry and I loved Seph’s hatred of Brooke–thought it was well-deserved and I always looked forward to their fights. In fact the only time that Brooke seemed sympathetic was when she was being attacked by Steph.

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