Wishful Storytelling Poll: Which Port Charles Lady Should AJ Quartermaine Bed First on General Hospital?

The bad seed of the Quartermaine clan has returned! Now that AJ (Sean Kanan) is back in Port Chuck, who should he bang first? There's his baby mama Carly Corinthos Jacks. Something tells me Kanan and Laura Wright will cause my TV to explode the first time they share a scene.

AJ never got a chance to be a father to Michael (Chad Duell), so maybe he bonds with single mom Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst)? On the flip slide, there's Liz's rival and Jason's (Steve Burton) "widow" Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco). What better way to pay back his father's bastard son for taking everything from him, than to coozy up to the mother of Jason's newfound son?

AJ already married Sonny's (Maurice Benard) kid sister Courtney (Alicia Leigh Willis) to stick it to the Dimpled Don; maybe this time around he'll go after the coffee importer's daughter Kristina (Lindsey Morgan)?

Or maybe AJ wants an uncomplicated pairing that has nothing to do with old grudges and bitter rivalries? I wouldn't mind seeing him put Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) through some Fifty Shades-style paces.

Wishful Storytelling: AJ uses his Q trust to finance Maxie's online fashion magazine and e-Commerce site, www.Maximilliana.com.  Before you can say "Holy Cow!", Maxie has him bent over a desk at the ELQ offices, spanking him with a riding crop as a stunned Tracy (Jane Elliot) walks in!

"Luke bought that for my PONY?!" Tracy shrieks.

Which Port Charles lady do you want to see AJ with?

Wishful Storytelling Poll: Which Port Charles Lady Should AJ Quartermaine Bed First on General Hospital?

  • Maxie (18%, 472 Votes)
  • Kristina (6%, 167 Votes)
  • Liz (48%, 1,281 Votes)
  • Sam (11%, 282 Votes)
  • Carly (17%, 440 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,642


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38 Responses

  1. Profile photo of Sadie39

    I picked Liz mostly because I would like to see her get SOME kind of story. She’s got the acting chops to be a lead character and really needs a good story. And please not one with JJ’s Lucky if he returns (which I hope he doesn’t).

  2. Profile photo of ldylkng

    TA yoryla, I see no chemistry with Todd & Carly, but Carly & AJ, I could see flames for sure! I see them as equals in the acting dept.
    Can you imagine the story & how many people would be against them for so many reasons! Yep!! I’m rooting for this couple!!

  3. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    Definitely not Kristina. Granted Michael and K aren’t blood related but his father and his sister? No way. :Sp I could see he and Liz making an attempt at a relationship but Liz would be, I think, constantly comparing him to Jason. I know it’s not popular, but I still want her back with Lucky…minus the lousy storylines they kept giving JJ… 0:)

  4. Profile photo of GHFan777

    The character of Liz plays well off of psycho bad boys. Liric was very popular. AJ definitely should be paired with a nice girl, because I have a feeling this character is going to be on the cusp. Trying to be good, but failing at it….sort of like Ric.

  5. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    [quote=GHFan777]The character of Liz plays well off of psycho bad boys. Liric was very popular. AJ definitely should be paired with a nice girl, because I have a feeling this character is going to be on the cusp. Trying to be good, but failing at it….sort of like Ric.[/quote]

    Hmmm. I didn’t look at the possible pairing of Liz and AJ in that light as it relates to Liz and Ric. Interesting observation, 777. Even though I really enjoyed Ric and Alexis… 0:)

  6. Profile photo of really

    I am going with Maxie. KS is the best actress on the list, although RH is right up there, and Maxie has zero interaction with Jason other then to think he was a loser. Plus I do think fashionista Maxie belongs in the Q mansion.

  7. Profile photo of really

    I am going with Maxie. KS is the best actress on the list, although RH is brilliant also; and Maxie has zero interaction with Jason other then to think he was a loser. Plus I do think fashionista Maxie belongs in the Q mansion.

  8. Profile photo of liason4real

    LiRic was smoking hawt until IIC panties got into a twist that the pairing was so much better than Kung Fu Barbie and Jason.

    This is why Jake should have never been killed off, because AJ could have chased after Liz and Sam.

    Now that Jason is out swimming with the fishes, my Liason loving heart wants a new man for Liz and AJ has too much baggage.

  9. Profile photo of JasamForever

    I voted for Maxie. Carly already has had so many pairings even just recently. I don’t want AJ with Kristina, because she can’t act. No way for AJ and Sam. AJ and Liz, may work, but I would just have to see small interaction first to determine if it is workable. I just think Maxie may have chemistry with AJ and I don’t want Spixie again. I am so behind Ellie and Spinellie.

  10. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    Evangeline-Re: Lucky and Liz-there’s a couple of us floating around on the board here who would love to see them without all the water flowing from JJ’s eyes. And I know I’m not the only one that thinks Maxie with John Z would be an intriguing combo… 0:)

  11. Profile photo of AHeart4Fiction

    Lol SwanQueen59, I think I watch Nashville just b/c JJ isn’t crying and his character’s allowed to have balls. As for Maxie/Johnny, I was hooked the first time I saw them in scenes together and it doesn’t hurt KS has chem with every male in her vicinity.

  12. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    Ooh, Evangeline! I’m not completely sold on Nashville just yet. Still in the “give it time” mode. There are a couple of characters that are too “cardboard stock” for me. Plus I’m not that big a fan of country music. (I do like Dolly Parton, Martina McBride and Vince Gill.) If it was somebody other than JJ, I wouldn’t give this show a second look. I just enjoy seeing him in a role that’s giving me a different view of what else can he do. Playing a character with an edge suits him and I find that a refreshing change. And thank goodness I like HP (loved her as child Lizzie on GL back in the day as well as “Heroes” until it lost it’s way), EC and CB… 0:)

  13. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    I wouldn’t be committed to Nashville so much yet, were it not for the great music from one of my favorite music producers, T-Bone Burnett. I’m in as long as he is!

  14. Profile photo of maxsmom

    I’d like to add another passenger for the JoMax train, there were many reasons I didnt like JoLu, Jolivia, and Johnny/Carly but I also havent ever given up hope for JoMax.

    I didnt vote, I’d like to see AJ interact with everyone for awhile before settling into a relationship. I couldnt see him with Maxie or Kristina because they seem too young. I wouldnt want to see him with women who count Jason as the greatest love of their life which discounts Liz, Sam, and Carly so his concentrating on winning Michael’s love would be good enough for me.

  15. Profile photo of maxsmom

    Swan, Heroes is one of those shows which had to be cancelled for me to quit even when I had to admit it had gone so far off the rails, it had become a different show. I’m ride or die that way (see Gossip Girl)

    By the by, Bryan Cranston was on Live with Kelly and she held up a wedding picture from his days on Loving and the bride was played by Hayden’s real life mom

    By the bye bye, I had an extra smile at Lulu’s mention of Baby Falconeri in a Buffalo Bills jersey, I am sure Dante would be a Giants fan like my hubby

  16. Profile photo of AHeart4Fiction

    SwanQueen59, I’m hesitant on it myself but I just want to see JJ on my screen. I also think HP’s character can be toned down a notched and a little more vulnerable but I loved her in Heroes (until it jumped the shark) and I’mma need Eric Close, Charles Esten and JJ’s characters to be fleshed out some more. Plus I never caught Connie Britton in FNL so I’m enjoying watching her so far (mainly in her confrontations with her father and in scenes with CE). But I’m not into country myself unless you count the Carrie Underwood song “I can’t live a lie” I play every so often, lol. But so far I agree with you JJ plays edges well and I just wish he could have had that on GH b/c the Lucky character was never cookie cutter or goody-goody.

  17. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    maxsmom-I heard that mention and after I recovered my jaw off the floor, I was able to rewind and permit a big grin to split my lips. :bigsmile: Too bad my dear darling Bills are an absolute mess. To borrow Evangline’s line from above-they are a train without a destination. :~ Wait. Scratch that. They are off the rails and going nowhere fast. Oh, and thanks for that tid bit about HP’s mom. I did not know that!… 0:)

  18. Profile photo of pumpkin

    I would like to see AJ and Carly have scenes so I can see if there is any chemistry there. I have yet to see LW duplicate what she had with DAM and BC on Guilding Light. I don’t know what the deal is on GH. I just don’t get the LW sizzle. I don’t know maybe it is because she is getting older. I hate to say that but she was younger on GL. I keep hoping she needs to be teamed with the right one.

    So I am thinking Carly for AJ. We will see. I am sure they will test him with a few to see what shakes out.

  19. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    JoMax!! :love: :love: :love:

    Im going with carly/aj. Sam is going to have lots of stock – my guess is some from edward, all of jasons and potentially some from alans will – all to manage for danny. I see sam/aj as opponents not romantic allies. Plus I want mcbam until steve returns. Michael clearly hasnt given up on the mob and carly is going to fight that tooth and nail, esp. with jason dead. just like she turned to sonny to keep aj from stealing him, I could see layers to the idea of her turning to aj to save michael from sonny (sonnys lifestyle technically). There is no depth or inherent conflict to aj/liz unless they retell the whole liric/courtney story – ric loves liz but not enough to stay away from the woman who would cause his enemy the most pain (either sam or carly). YAWN. I want no part of cartodd because carly would only be with the guy who hurt jason because she wants him and doesnt care what he did – that would disgust me. They could round out aj/cary by making a triangle with jax. I also see some redemption here for sonny – one of the biggest complaints was that sonny let jason make all the sacrifices for his kids, never paying the price himself. I think sonny would instantly become more likable to the anti mob faction if he was willing to let michael get close to aj and let aj poison michael against him all just to keep michael out of the mob. Would he give up his favorite child just to keep him safe?

    the drama for liz comes in really only with a patrick pairing. Why on earth they are paying ReH to be on contract and not on air and then also paying the chicks playing britt and sabrina – makes NO sense to me. Piz makes for awesome conflict when robin surfaces and if jj is available at that time to come back and they want to revisit that you have a natural next step. If either JT and kim both want to stay or JT wants to stay but kim doesnt they could either stay with piz or have jj back long enough to write liz off canvas until we know if the show is going to end or not (im thinking about what they did with joey and kelly on OLTL, putting them back together, they go to london and then return for the ending – or did they?? i thought they did?? ). If the story is there, they also could consider jax or ric or nic coming back if they see story for liz or potentially going with aj and liz at that juncture. If they do aj and liz now then it looks like shes just with him because the real deal didnt choose her. IMHO theres no rooting value if one part of the pairing – in this case aj – is nothing more than a consolation prize.

  20. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    Well thought out ideas for story possibilities EET. I’m all for whatever gets Britt away from Patrick. As for Sabrina, she harbors a schoolgirl crush on him but for some reason I don’t think the writers would go there and have him fall for her ingenue. There’s some sort of “familiar” vibe I get when I see TC with JT. And while I ultimately don’t see Liz and Patrick together, (obviously because of Robin), I’ve enjoyed RH and JT whenever they’ve worked together. Unfortunately it always seems Liz will be consistently at the mercy of that roadblock called “timing”… 0:)

  21. Profile photo of tealita

    It took me years to really appreciate Laura Wright in SJB’s iconic role as Carly, but come to admire her work I have. I’d love to see Carly paired with AJ because I think she and SK have the chops to draw upon the rich, painful history that these characters shared. There is lot of unfinished business between the two, so for me, this direction would be only natural.

    AJ is my baby (Ric lansing is the other one). I always hoped that GH would bring him back. I can’t wait to see everything unfold.

  22. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Elizabeth would be the obvious choice to me. She is in need for a real storyline and a real love interest. And I believe that an AJ/Liz pairing could be not only hot but make for very good scenes. I can already see some bitchy scenes between Carly and Elizabeth when she’s getting involved with her ex.

    Laura Wright and Sean Kanan certainly are going to let our TV’s explode. But I don’t think that Carly and AJ would ever get back in bed together. Too much has happened there. And there is way too much story potential with Carly and AJ as enemies. They can’t pass on that.

    Kristina and AJ would be gross. I don’t even want to mention that he’s the father of her adopted brother which should be icky enough, but Kristina already was in relationships where she gets used one or the other way. Since I couldn’t see AJ have real feelings for Kristina, he would only use her. Don’t need that.

    Then there is Maxie and AJ … which could be kind of hot. But I don’t see much potential there. Other than having sex in Fifty Shades-style… Maxie seems to be hung up on Spinelli anyway. And from Spinelli to AJ is a long stretch.

    And as for Sam. She still has to realize that her husband died and already has another love interest with John. I think that’s enough to deal with.

  23. Profile photo of SZima

    [quote=TV Gord]I wouldn’t be committed to Nashville so much yet, were it not for the great music from one of my favorite music producers, T-Bone Burnett. I’m in as long as he is![/quote]

    T-Bone will be in it for the long haul…he’s married to Callie Khouri, the show’s creator.

  24. Profile photo of Tris Drake
    Tris Drake

    Liz should be with Patrick. The actors are amazing together. Robin can choke on that when she comes back,she did give Liz permission. I wouldn’t be opposed to her with AJ. That would also kill Jason when he returns. They need to get Keisha for AJ.

  25. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    Since women characters can’t seem to have a strong storyline unless they’re to a pairing; I voted for Elizabeth because it would open up story for her but not just to bed but to “wed.” Sean and Becky haven’t shared scenes together but since she was pigeon-holed out of any storyline re: their OLTL crossovers and stuck in the rot-gut writing in Jason’s storylines.

    This would work for me; I liked her in story w/Patrick whether its a romance or just friends but I don’t know what they are doing with him propping the two newbies in his insta-triangle fairytaleish…Cinderella? (timid shy worshipping from afar) Ugly Betty vs (vorocious, aggressor) the ManEater storyline.

  26. Profile photo of ahanshew

    [quote=heddalee]Why does it have to be a lady? I’d like to see AJ and Todd go at it. 2nd choice, I think he and Shawn might be kinda off the charts hot.[/quote]

    Bwahahaha! Love it!

  27. Profile photo of ahanshew

    I am waiting for the fireworks between Carly and AJ, but not for a romantic pairing. I would say put AJ and Liz together. That poor girl needs a man. Sam needs to stay with John. Their chemistry is just way too hot.

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