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Monica is concerned about AJ and more importantly, his whereabouts. Alice overhears Monica thinking out loud and reminds her that AJ is dead. Alice shows her a passport she found with AJ’s picture, but a different name. Alice flat out asks Monica if AJ is alive.  Monica admits she assisted AJ out of the country, and didn't see him until Jason's death. Now, AJ has left the house and she’s worried the police will arrest him if they find him.  Alice understands and agrees to keep Monica’s secret. 

Patrick wants to go to the Halloween party and Emma gives him the okay, but only if Sabrina babysits. Sabrina receives a voice message from Patrick, and assumes he’s asking her to the party. She shows up at his house in costume, only to find out she’s babysitting Emma and he’s taking Britt to The Haunted Star.  Britt soon arrives in a sexy nurse costume, and Patrick introduces her to Emma.  After they leave, Emma tells Sabrina she doesn’t like Britt because she’s mean.
Emma tells Sabrina all about the Nurse's Ball and even shows her an old photo album chronicling the event. Sabrina finds it interesting everyone came together for a great cause, and wonders why they don’t do it anymore. 
Spinelli has a birthday gift for Maxie.  Ellie arrives, so they can all go to the party together, which upsets Maxie.
Carly asks Todd if he's willing to watch a horror movie with her.  During the movie, Carly is reminded of how AJ died and mentions it.  She claims AJ was horrible and Todd points out that Sonny is a gangster. Carly quickly defends Sonny and calls AJ a monster.  Carly recaps her dating history and wonders if Todd is a good or bad guy.
Todd claims he’s a horrible person, but Carly thinks he’s a good guy. She happens to be looking for one of those at the moment.  He asks Carly what his chances are, and leans in to her. They share a steamy kiss.

At the party, Duke wonders if Luke is with Anna, but she admits she turned him down. Felicia is thrilled to see Duke again and introduces Mac. 
Luke feels Duke is conning Anna, and Tracy thinks he should dig up dirt on Duke. 
Michael and Starr run into a masked AJ, who follows them around the party. Michael tries to remove the mask, but AJ brushes him off and walks away.  Starr talks about their relationship and thinks they should speed things up. Michael wants to be with her intimately, and they agree to take things to the next level. However, Michael isn't prepared and needs to get some protection first. Starr agrees to meet him back at the apartment. 
Lulu has a birthday present for Maxie, who complains that Spin and Ellie are attached at the hip. 
AJ bumps into Tracy, who wants him to apologize.  He snarks that he knows who she is, and Tracy wants to know how the masked man recognizes her.  AJ tells her to be afraid. 
Patrick introduces Britt to Anna, who seems shocked Patrick's out on a date.  Patrick apologizes for upsetting Anna, but she says he should be dating. Anna believes Robin would want him to be happy.  She apologizes to Britt for her rudeness.  Britt asks Patrick if it’s too soon to ask him to come home with her.  Patrick says he needs to go home to Emma.
Luke listens in on Felicia and Anna discussing Duke.  Felicia wonders which man Anna will choose. Before answering, Anna spots Luke listening and busts him for it.
Maxie cuts in on Ellie and Spin dancing, and wonders why Spin didn’t react to her news that she’s divorcing Matt.  Spin says Matt wasn’t the right man for her, so Maxie asks who is. Spin diverts the question and doesn’t answer.  She complains about it to Lulu, who thinks Maxie may have confused Spin.
Patrick says good night to Britt, who’s still disappointed their night is ending.  He uses Emma as an excuse not to go home with her.  After Britt leaves, Patrick finds Emma and Sabrina asleep on the couch.
AJ stops Michael from leaving the party.  Michael’s annoyed and could care less about the masked man. AJ pulls off his mask and reveals his identity to his son.

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    Here’s hoping that seeing Lynn Herring’s photo in the Nurse’s Ball photo album means that “Lucy Coe” will soon be coming to town!! They could have shown pics of Bobbi, Steve Hardy, Audrey, Emily, Katherine, but they didn’t. It has to mean Lucy is coming to town!! Yippeee!!!

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    So Todd tells Carly he’s a bad person but she says he is a good person. Then the heifer had the nerve to call AJ a monster!! Sonny and Jason had issues but AJ is a monster. I hope to the soap gods that Ron and Co. rewrite the wrongs done to AJ.

    I see Monica used Lila’s exhusband name as a passport for AJ. I just wish AJ would have told Tracy who he was. Tracy and AJ didn’t get along but it was mostly always Ned v AJ. Ned needs to come back badly.

    So glad AJ showed his face to his son. I didn’t want to see AJ lurking around for a month. I’m still a little creeped out by AJ watching Michael and Starr make out.

    So over Maxie and Spinelli. They are not the “it” couple. Liked seeing Anna and Felicia talking with Duke. Mac was actually shown today thank goodness.

    So over bad girl Britt. I love little Emma. That little girl is so cute and so natural. She is so comfortable with all the adult actors. Her and Sabrina were cute today.

    Lucy Coe is coming back!!!!! YES YES YES. Bet she’s going to be running Crimson.

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    Lucy D.

    Happy about the pace of AJ’s reveal. I never saw this AJ, and hardly saw BW’s, so I am just excited for a non-Mob person to come on the scene.

    Didn’t watch much during the Lucy Coe era either, so could Sabrina be related to her? It’s just too random to have her and Britt come on the scene at the same time–there has to be a reason. And Britt is so Lisa-like. I am begging you Cartini–why is someone like her getting airtime, when Elizabeth gets nothing?

    After seeing Anna’s reaction to Britt, I don’t think Patrick would have kissed her at the Haunted Star. It would have been inconsiderate.

    So over Kate/Connie whoever. Let’s move on. From the coming attractions, I don’t think it went well–which just means more of her–and it’s not entertaining or enjoyable.

    I don’t mind Michael and Starr so much any more. And I don’t mind Carly and Todd. I think (unpopular as it may be) that there is chemistry there. Though it would make me happy for Jax to come back–not necessarily for Carly. Just like the character and the actor.

    And please no more Maxie pining for Spinelli. They were a couple without a point from the beginning. Matt Hunter was underused and underappreciated.

  4. Profile photo of nysam

    Lucy D!! You are on to something. When Lucy Coe first arrived in PC in 1986 she was a mousey librarian….or so we thought. Soon it was revealed she was bad girl banging Terry O’Connor’s husband, Kevin….who was later revealed to be the Laurelton killer.

    Sabrina is most likely Lucy & Scotty’s daughter(by Dominique) Serena Baldwin. Maybe she is using Sabrina as an alias. She came back to town in disquise. She probably learned it from her mom, Lucy.

  5. Profile photo of liason4real

    Liz does not have a story because RC had to pull the Liason vs McBam vs JaSam story line when SBu left the show. Of course, RC could have still gone ahead and had Liz / Ewen dating, but the man turned the hot doctor into a creep. I was looking forward to seeing Liz with her boys all decked out for Halloween or at least going to the Haunted Star party.

    Blech. I don’t buy this version of Todd#1 being the least bit sexually interested in Carly. Blair? Yes.

    Per Carly, AJ was rich and spoiled which translates to a monster that should not be allowed to raise his own kid vs two mobsters?

    Yes, Sabrina is Lucy’s kid. A few GH message boards pointed out that Lucy was once a mousy librarian.

    There is absolutely no chemistry with Starr and Michael.

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    Angie Lucy

    AJ was a monster in the end. He hired someone to kidnap his kid, allowed her to kidnap two other kids, and make everyone think his kid was dead. There’s a big difference between custodial interference and having people view a “murdered” child’s picture. Then he shot Alan, his own father, in the back on purpose. So yes, I can see that even for scheming, conniving, low-down Carly, that would be a monster.

    That said, I always chose to put that whole storyline in Pam Ewing’s season-long dream sequence because it was so clear that Guza hated Billy Warlock (probably even more than he hated Becky Herbst).

  7. Profile photo of LisaM

    I can see Todd being interested in Carly. She is a beautiful feisty woman and its easy to see he has been smitten with her for a while. Laura has awesome chemistry with Roger. The writing has been leading to this and I am happy to see them make progress. Fans have complained for a long time that Carly doesnt know what she wants because of the way she swings between good and bad boys and today she explained the kind of man she wants. She wants a complicated man, bad with the right amount of sacchirine. Their kiss was hot and tomorrow looks good.

    Monica finally getting a story is great. Welcome back AJ, this is going to be good. Why is Tracy stuck propping Luke as he fights for another woman? Free Tracy.

    Maxie looked so beautiful but its too bad she is stuck with Spinelli.

  8. Profile photo of Tris Drake
    Tris Drake

    Why did Britt walk in Patrick’s house without knocking? Then she was mean to Emma. Girl bye! sabrina knew good and well Patrick was not asking her on a
    date. Not when she looks a hot mess everyday at work. Then she shows up dressed like grapes? Not even sexy grapes,but Fruit of the Loom grapes. And stop giving Emma all that chocolate milk all the time. Either Turn Sabrina into the beautiful swan or get Patrick out of this story.

  9. Profile photo of Lucy D.
    Lucy D.

    Thanks nysam for filling me in. And sending the clip. This makes me look forward to the character a bit more. And if it brings Scotty Baldwin back to PC–that would make me really happy

  10. Profile photo of iowaninmn

    General Hospital has become must-see daily viewing again!

    How wonderful it’s been to see Monica every day know for over a week. They could have brought AJ back and not included her in any of the story after the initial reveal. And that’s what would have happened under the last regime. I just wonder what is their thinking. Why do they see it as important to have her on the screen every day when Phelps et al wouldn’t have given her a second thought? I guess I always assumed that I was alone in wanting to see this type of story-telling, but now that I’ve found this site I know I’m not!

    Love that AJ’s passport was in the name of Crane Tolliver! Great nod to the past.

    The scene with Emma and Sabrina talking about the Nurses Ball was so great. I didn’t realize they stopped doing it so long ago. The photo album said 1994-2000. Sabrina’s question, “Why did they stop doing it?” was a question that a lot of us have been asking for more than 10 years. It seems like Cartina is giving a lot of winks and nods to the audience.

    I was shocked when AJ ripped off his mask! I assumed it would take months before Michael would actually find out AJ was around. I wonder if there is a reason stories seem to move so fast these days. Kinda scary wondering if time is running out???

    Just loved the show.

  11. Profile photo of liason4real

    There would have been no need for AJ to kidnap Michael or shoot Alan in the back if Guza had not had such a hard on for Carly, Jason and Sonny. I am beyond thrilled that the episode count for the trio has dropped way down (yes, I know SBu is no longer on the show).

    I don’t think Guza hated Becky Herbst since he’s the one that called her back to work in 2004 after giving birth when JFP was pissed that her story plans for Liz/ Ric were shot to hell. If you believe all of the rumors/spumors that Guza fought to keep Liz/RH when Frons wanted her gone so that there were no fan outrage that JaSam was about to have a baby. Of course, we all know that Becky was rehired, Jake killed off in order to give JaSam their replacement baby.

  12. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    [quote=J Bernard Jones]So Luke came dressed as Tony Geary.[/quote]

    LOL! That crossed my mind, too! I thought if this were really an honest script, everyone who walked past him would’ve said, “Oh, hi, Luke.”

  13. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    LOVED that AJ showed his face to Michael in the end. AJ’s chat was Tracy was amazing too. And seriously … AJ used the name of his grandmother’s first husband!? LOL

    Yeah Carly, letting your kid being raised by two mobsters while you call the biological father a monster sounds very convincing. AJ made mistakes, big mistakes. But the actions that made him into said monster where caused by Carly and Sonny. But I guess Carly still can’t own her own mistakes there.

    It’s cool that the Nurses Ball was mentioned and Sabrina questioned why they don’t to it anymore. Nice!

    Luke’s costume was hilarious. But did he really think that no one would recognize him? It didn’t take a spy to see that it was him behind the make-up.

  14. Profile photo of DonnyA2001

    OMG….I squeed sooo much when Sabrina and Emma were talking about the Nurses Ball and LUCY COE! Please,. please tell me this means Sabrina is going to bring back the Nurses Ball (which will impress Patrick nonetheless) and SO hope Lucy will be the host once again! I am so happy about this! I also never once thought about Sabrina being Serena and that would be cool, but why would she use the name Sabrina…they’d have to give a pretty good explanation. Cartini have done it before (anyone remember the whole Sarah/Flash debacle on OLTL?) Hopefully, this will go better.

    Yeah I am really tired of Maxie and Spinelli. I REALLY like Spinelli and Ellie and would like to see them become more of a couple. Give em something great to do that didn’t involve a jealous Maxie. I would like to see AJ and Maxie hook up…that would be interesting. Maxie needs a bad boy!

    Can we get Luke and Tracy back together ASAP? These two have SO much chemistry it’s completely obvious. It was such a joy to see Anna and Felicia bond. I am really enjoying Felicia right now, it took a while for her to get it together, but I think she has.

    Britt seems like the shows next crazy woman. Seriously, she’s a bitch.

    Michael and Starr are really growing on me as a couple. I kind of feel as though their characters are trying to start over from scratch and forget about everything from the past. which is good. It’s kind of realistic.

    I am not sure how I feel about Carly and Todd. On one hand, I really like it and on the other I really just want them to stay friends because of their chemistry. And we all know what happens when you sleep with your friends…it changes EVERYTHING!

    Loving the whole AJ and Monica storyline. LOVE seeing Monica all the time. Now can she do the same thing with Alan and Emily? It would make sense, right? LOL

    Frank and Ron and this show are on FIRE right now! I knew they could do it and they are just about there. :)

    And I can’t wait to see the Nurses Ball and the return of Lucy Coe! :)

  15. Profile photo of really

    Carly talks about AJ and I just want her stabbed with an ice pick!!! Anything AJ did to her was justified. For her to call anyone a monster when she kidnapped his child and constantly endangered his life, brainwashed him against his REAL AND ONLY DAD AJ, all so he could be a meal ticket to hold on to men who loved other women and money. MAKES THAT STUPID BITCH A MONSTER.

    Just when I think I can stomach her she talks and I want someone to rip her voice box out. God! When is that stupid kidnapping whore going to admit she was wrong? SHe did it to AJ and she did it to Jax!!! I swear I could tolerate her when SJB or TB played the role because the actresses were interesting but with this hair model I just can’t!!

    AJ better win. Michael better learn it all the real truth, the fact that he wasn’t going to going to take him from Carly he just wanted to know so he could do right by him. The fact he didn’t want Tony to know it was an issue incase he was the father because of his childhood, how AJ was the only person happy for Carly about Michael, how he gave her/Michael his first present and was HER ONLY FRIEND, and what did Carly do oh yeah drugged him poured alcohol on him and dumped him in a laundry cart. Then began to lie no stop.

  16. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    The golden moments for me was Emma and Sabrina talking about the Nurses Ball and Anna seeing Patrick with Brit. FH played those scenes so well. They just write Brit like such a B- why do they want me to dislike her so.. Geez- also while I know she does the most bitchy things when Patrick isn’t there she still acts annoying around him. Like that emergency call comment or just walking in the house. I have to wonder why in the world he would want to leave cute little Emma for her..

    Loved Monica and Alice- so happy to be back in the mansion. However I was so annoyed at Carly talking about AJ.. Not sure how I feel about her and Todd. Yeah for the Mac and Flea sighting and Flea introducing Duke to Mac.

    I love SpinEllie so please keep Maxie out of this story. There was a time I loved Spixie- but that time is gone with the introduction of Ellie.

    Michael and Starr just fall flat to me..

  17. Profile photo of js3557

    Yes, AJ shot his dad in the back. How many people did Jason kill on Sonny’s orders over money and territory? Sonny shot his own son in the chest because he was a cop. But AJ is the monster.

    Yes, AJ kidnapped the kids and made everyone think Michael was dead. Jason and Sonny kidnapped AJ and hung him on a meat hook in a freezer for days until he signed over his rights to Michael. They kidnapped Michael first and removed him from AJ’s life first. But AJ is the monster.

    Hell, Sonny shot Carly in the head while she was giving birth! But AJ is the monster.

    Yes Carly, raising Michael with mobsters so that he grew up to shoot a woman, get shot in the head himself, kill another woman, and end up in prison where he was raped was so much better than having him grow up to be a snobby Quartermaine. B*tch needs to shut her mouth.

    I had said the other day that AJ could bring me back to watching the show, but it will not if they make him the same pathetic scapegoat that Guza did.

  18. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    Ohhh and the way that Carly called AJ spoiled- like it was worst to be that than a mobster. Spoiled just like Sonny’s children Krissy and Michael. They kept him out of the Q house so he wouldn’t be a pawn in the game to run ELQ so he can instead try to run the mob. You know cause running the mob is soooo much safer than running ELQ…

  19. Profile photo of Karissa

    You forget that AJ did cause her to lose a baby I am on Team Carly and really biology doesn’t make someone a parent look at Mac with Maxie. Also Michael knows everything and has made hi choice of parents

  20. Profile photo of westvirginiafan

    One of my least favorite running “gags” (as in soap schtick that makes you want to throw up) on OLTL was the misogynistic practice of having a serial killer every couple of years (sometimes annually) that killed off lots of young women.

    But Britt could make me long for Cartini’s worst pattern to re-emerge.

    Seriously, here’s hoping they do something like have people actually tell people off–have Patrick learn how Britt has manipulated different situations and then tell her he doesn’t want to be with someone who a) manipulates him and b) is a snob.

  21. Profile photo of westvirginiafan

    What would be great is if Michael confronted AJ about how scared he was when he was kidnapped and how that hurt everyone that he loved. And if he told off both AJ and Monica to remind them that he went through hell thinking that he had killed AJ and that no child should go through this.

    Everyone else on this show who has gripes with AJ can go to hell because they all have sinned as much as they were sinned against (that is actually the one realistic thing about Carly’s relationship with Todd is that she gets that lots of people do things they are ashamed of and regret).

    Cartini do complex villains and tainted heroes well–if they bring AJ on to have him actually own up to what he did and see the pain he caused (and if this dude can pull that off–so far he is as wooden as jason was written and he doesn’t have the excuse of being brain damaged)–that will be great soap and bring a character in that will be someone who will be complex enough to perhaps cause a chain reaction and have even sonny atone for some of his sins. Maurice Bernard is a terrific actor and can pull that off–wouldn’t it be interesting if he and AJ could find a mirror in each other.

  22. Profile photo of maxsmom

    [quote=Karissa]You forget that AJ did cause her to lose a baby I am on Team Carly and really biology doesn’t make someone a parent look at Mac with Maxie. Also Michael knows everything and has made hi choice of parents[/quote]
    I agree that biology doesnt make a parent and that would include Carly as a mom at least half of the time. I dont think that Michael knows everything Carly and Sonny did to make him theirs. When Carly drugged AJ and made him think he relapsed I thought that was one of the most heinous acts I’ve ever seen on a soap. I had a similar reaction to Ric making Carly think he had raped her. Those are cruel monstrous acts.

  23. Profile photo of SavePortChuck

    Nurses Ball 1 9 9 4 – 2 0 0 0…

    Sabrina: “I wonder why they don’t do it anymore?”
    ’cause, Phelps killed that off the second she took over. Her first of about a MILLION destructive decisions that would drive this show into the ground for over a decade. Thank God that wicked witch is DEAD!

    Thank you Frank and Rob for brining back one favorite after the other! If they keep coming back at this rate, my head is gonna explode!!!

  24. Profile photo of soapbaby

    I don’t buy this version of Todd#1 being the least bit sexually interested in Carly. Blair? Yes.[/quote]

    ^^I just finished the episode and can’t help but agree with you about Todd’s behavior. Todd’s “intimacy issues” were a major part of the character’s identity and I could buy him wanting to reconnect with Blair after an eight year separation. Admittedly, I really like Todd & Carly (and RH/LW were HOT as hell) but it’s not in-line with Roger Howarth’s version of Todd. But, Todd being blackmailed by Heather, Johnny and Connie, as well as hiring Sam to work for him, were all decisions out-of-line with Todd Manning! Still, I love Todd and so glad he is on GH. He’s my favorite character on the canvas and RH has chemistry with Laura Wright (whose only had chemistry with Ingo Rademacher.)

    Now, Trevor St. John’s version of Todd was a horn-dog!

  25. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    Knowing Howarth’s commitment to playing the role of Todd as long as the character is never happy, I don’t expect these sexscapades are going to lead anywhere positive.

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