Bold and Beautiful’s John McCook Reveals What’s Next For Eric After Stephanie Dies

As the Forrester clan rallies around dying matriarch Stephanie (Susan Flannery), many fans are wondering what will become of her husband and business partner Eric (John McCook). TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan spoke with McCook to get the details.

TV Guide Magazine: This is just as much Eric's story as it is Stephanie's, don't you think?

McCook: It is! When I first heard Susan was retiring [from the role], I went to [exec producer] Brad Bell and said, "What will we do? How do we handle this? What's going to happen to me?" [Laughs] Because, as an actor, it's all about me, of course! But Brad is using this great loss to refocus B&B in a new, really exciting direction. Of course, right now everyone is watching how Stephanie deals with this as the days tick down but in time it very much becomes Eric's story and I'm really excited to have it. This is a huge change for our show and for me, personally. Eric has kind of been in Stephanie's shadow in recent years, even in business. [Laughs] Even in mourning! She won't even let him grieve the way he wants to grieve. She's running everything from the catbird seat, telling everyone how to be sad! But, yeah, Eric will be getting his power back.

McCook also revealed what role Eric will play at Forrester Creations and what it means for the next generation.

TV Guide Magazine: Meaning what? He'll take command of Forrester Creations?

McCook: Well, he's definitely cracking the whip! He'll be pushed forward to be a mentor and disciplinarian to these young people who are creative and good at what they do but don't have the gravitas to handle an international business. They're too busy trying to get laid on Eric's desk! So he's going to start showing them how to run a corporation and that's been really fun to shoot. I've pulled up my bootstraps and am so engaged working with these young actors! It's funny. One of the foreign journalists who covers B&B asked me, "Is the loss of Susan Flannery the beginning of the end for your show?" I said, "You stop right there! This is the end of the first 25 years. This is only the end of the beginning. And now there's a new beginning." But for now the energy and focus has been put on Susan and her wonderful persona. We are so glad to honor and salute who she is. [Laughs] The whole CBS building is resplendent in Susan Flannery glory! This is such a big loss for me. You can't get your mind around it. Two or three months from now, I'll still be showing up at work going, "Where the f–k is Susan?"


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  1. Profile photo of Yoryla

    This sounds great! It is high time for Eric Forrester, the show’s patriarch to step into the forefront. I really like the part where he “teaches these kids how to really do business”.

    I also hope they still get what a charming man he is, and hopefully he will get back together with Donna, after an approriate mourning period, of course.

    I was a little worried what would happen to John McCook after Susan left, but from the sounds of it things are going just great :)

  2. Profile photo of stoney07

    I don’t know…not to be a downer, but it kind of seems like Eric will be the old go-to man for advice, which is fine since Eric hasn’t really been a frontburner character in a while.

    HOWEVER, this exciting “new direction” for B&B seems much like the “out with the old, end with the young” crap that I’ve been watching for the past year. I didn’t like it then, and I don’t like it NOW. The focus will be on Rick, Thomas, Caroline, Steffy, Hopeless, and Lame. And I’m not a fan of ANY of them (except the bad boy in me loves Steffy…and she’s HOT) but other than that, I’m not impressed.

    I want Brooke, Taylor, Bill, Katie, Felicia, Kristen, and Nick to have major story as well.

    And I think its crap that the focus will be on the youngins, but Marcus and Dayzee don’t qualify….*big surprise*

  3. Profile photo of pumpkin

    John McCook is quite a few years younger than SF. More obvious last few years. At one point he was married to Brook. I would not be surprised if he gets a love again.

    The show goes around and around with the same types of stories and themes. I do wonder where it will go now. I guess we will find out.

  4. Profile photo of ChristianDavis148

    [quote=Ryan-Scott]Susan Flannery has already stopped taping it sounds like…. :( :([/quote]

    Yep Ryan-Scott, Susan Flannery has already taped her last scenes. Her last airdate BTW is Monday, December 3.

  5. Profile photo of ChristianDavis148

    [quote=stoney07]And I’m not a fan of ANY of them (except the bad boy in me loves Steffy…and she’s HOT) I want Brooke, Taylor, Bill, Katie, Felicia, Kristen, and Nick

    *Gives Stoney the side eye* Hmmmmm, and here I thought you were gay Stoney! Got the hots for Steffy all of the sudden?! LOL (I’M KIDDING!!!!!!!) As for Nick, he’s not on the show anymore. Jack Wagner has been long gone from the show since early in the year.

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