Praise The Almighty: Lynn Herring Checks Back Into General Hospital!

General Hospital fan favorite Lynn Herring is heading back to Port Charles! Soap Opera Digest is reporting the popular star is reprising the role of Lucy Coe on Dec. 14, just in time for the Nurses Ball!

Herring originated the role of the mousy librarian-turned-temptress in 1986, and barring a brief exit to play Lisanne Gardner on Days of Our Lives, remained on GH as Lucy until 1997. That year the character was spun off to Port Charles, which was cancelled in 2003. Herring last appeared as Lucy during the tribute episodes following the death of Lila Quartermaine (the late Anna Lee) in 2004

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    YAY!!!!!!!!!! LUCY COE IS COMING HOME!!!!!!! MY SECOND FAVORITE CHARACTER OF ALL TIME. She better be having tons of scenes with Luke, Tracy and Monica!! I don’t want her wasted on Sonny, Carly, or Todd. I want her with important characters.


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    YAYYYYY!!!!!!! :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

    No one does the Nurses Ball like Lucy Coe. I have to say this though, ALL these vet returns are really making me nervous about the future of GH. :Sp

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    Really enjoyed her stint as Henry’s mom on ATWT. Her interaction with the late AH’s James Stenbeck was delicious. Ironically, SD was there too, around the same time as (another irony), a mob family connection to JP’s Janet. I think, though, Lucy has been her best role, cunning and glamourous. Just what’s needed to run Crimson while Kate-Con is otherwise occupied. To say nothing of the Nurses’Ball… 0:)

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    After a chaotic week in NYC with Hurricane Sandy I’m happy that Hurricane Lucy is hitting Port Charles! Her return brings a smile to my face. It would only be better if she brought Sigmund or Sigmund Jr. with her!

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    Hmm…I’m glad to see Lucy return….but good lawd!!!! What in the world is the budget…all these returns and no firings? LOLOL. Not to mention the nurse’s ball. Well, I guess these people aren’t contracted players so it doesnt matter. And hey, as a viewer, it makes for good TV, so the economical side of it doesn’t matter to me. I’ll keep watching and enjoying :)

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    Scooter Smith

    I only knew her from watching Port Charles (before the Vampires hit). But I loved her, and enjoyed her as Henry’s mom on ATWT. I am hoping this isn’t a two week stint for the Nurse’s Ball, but they at least get her to be recurring. I think that making General Hospital more like its hey day can only be a good thing. So glad that they were smart enough to bring Cartini over to GH.

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    Scooter, your avatar is the stupidest thing I’ve seen on this site since the worst of the comments defending Melissa Reeves. Don’t cry too hard next week when Mittens gets his ass handed to him.


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    Some comments question how so many names are coming back and how GH’s budget can afford them all. Remember this isn’t the 1980s or even 90s. Soap stars don’t get paid as much as they used to. Many have taken pay cuts so I’m guessing that Robin M,Stuart, Lynn, Sean, Wally etc. aren’t getting what they made back in the day. Several actors are probably just happy to be back working on TV since several haven’t been seen in a few years. never underestimate that some people work because they enjoy it and it isn’t all about the money. Many of the returnign actors had careers spanning 20+ years so they have made enough money. Now it is probably about the experience.

    Let’s also not forget that Steve Burton was the second highest paid actor on the show behind Maurice Bernard. The amount of money being saved on his salary certainly frees up enough cash to get Tristan back for 3 months, Lynn Herring for a few episodes.

    Also having actors return that aren’t on contract means they don’t have a weekly guarantee that they definitely get paid. They only get paid when the show chooses to use them. Thsi saves money as well.

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    Im anticpating it. I dont remember too much of Lucy Coe on GH and I didnt watch Port Charles but from what I saw she was good. Glad shes coming back as GH is bringing there core characters back.

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    [quote=SoapArmageddon]Imagine the possibilities if Maurice gets fired. ;)[/quote]

    Or if the rumors are true and MB and LW are both let go, my God the budget that would be opened up.


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    Awesome news! It seems obvious to me that the TPTB at GH now understand what GH fans want to see(hell we’ve seen more of Monica in the past month than the last 4 years combined!)so I don’t understand when people say Ron and Frank are destroying GH.

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    Angie Lucy


    Hallelujah! Thank you, thank you, thank you Cartini for bringing my girl home. Lucy Coe is one of my favorite characters of all time. Yes, yes, YES!!!!!

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    OMG YES!!!! Thank you thank you. I have been waiting for them to bring her back since they started brining back the vets. She was always one of my fav characters. I hope Lynn stays for a while and it won’t be just for the nurses ball. How about letting Lucy run Crimson. I can only imagine the scenes between Lucy and Todd.

    Now what would be awesome is if Sabrina turned out to be Serena Baldwin.

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    Shake the tambourines because Lucy Coe is coming back!

    [quote=LoracNJ]Now what would be awesome is if Sabrina turned out to be Serena Baldwin.[/quote]

    I am also hoping that Sabrina turns out to be Serena Baldwin.

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    Thank You RON C and Frank V. for bringing back the vets. Love Lucy Coe. She had the most fantastic figure and loved her clothes. Erica Kane but SO MUCH better! This is the GH I once loved so much.

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    brettyboy – I’m hearing Frank Valentini is an expert on saving and allocating money correctly. He has been described as the kind of guy who comes into work first in the morning and leaves the last at night. So I’m betting he really does his homework on which expenses are needed and which ones are not. From what I am seeing on my TV screen – amazing work.

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