Summer Newman Delves Into Cyberbullying on The Young and The Restless

The Young and the Restless’ Summer Newman (Hunter Haley King) is definitely starting to become her mother Phyllis' (Michelle Stafford) child. The teen schemer is still blazing mad about the affair her mother carried on with FBI Agent Ronan Malloy. (Jeff Branson) She decides it's time he gets some payback by way of his mentee, Jamie (Daniel Polo).
TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan spoke with head writer Josh Griffith and got the skinny on Summer's quest take down Ronan.

Summer is in such a screwed-up state over the divorce of her parents that she misguidedly decides to hurt Ronan by hurting this kid he cares so much about," says the soap's Emmy-winning head writer Josh Griffith. "She uses her phony online persona called 'Brittni' to form a relationship with Jamie and draw information out of him — deeply personal and hurtful stuff about his past troubles with the law — and then she blasts it out to everyone on FacePlace. She'll also be using texting and instant messaging to disparage him further.

Looks like Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Red's little angel is going to be a regular peach. To find out what Summer's antics mean for Fen (Max Ehrich), Michael (Christian LeBlanc) and Lauren, (Tracey Bregman) click here!

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    Well, Summer is turning out to be a destructive little (BLEEP!) just like her mother. The actress who they cast to play Summer plays the role perfectly. She really is like a miniature version of Michelle Stafford in a way. The casting director finally got it right.

    This story makes me sick to my stomach b/c I can’t stand Summer, but I guess that’s the whole point, right? To highlight what a little (tortured) brat she is? Well…….mission accomplished.

    And I agree, TraceyAbbot101- Maria Bell would have her talking to aliens on her cell phone and then have her push one of the aliens into an open volcano………and push the other alien down a flight of stairs, causing it to miscarry and then get pregnant by the third alien and have Adam steal the baby and pass it off as his own!!

    Am I warm yet? :D :D

    Josh Griffith hasn’t WOWED me yet, but the show seems a lot more like the show that Bill Bell Sr and Kay Alden originally WANTED it to be……character-driven. I am gonna give him a full TWO months before I start growling and trying to gnaw off his man parts in anger. ;)

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    guilty pleasure

    OLTL already did this storyline a year-and-an-half ago when Jack Manning bullied Shane Morasco on MyFace online (Llanview’s version of Facebook and MySpace) and in school, which led Shane to almost commit suicide by wanting to jump off the school’s roof!

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    there goes hollywood again. lecturing us plebs on bullying yet “tolerant and progressive” limo liberals of hollywood love bullying those who disagree w/ their politics. perhaps y&r should educate its most popular alum eva longoria on cyber bullying. she did retweet that any conservative woman and racial minority is “stupid” if they support a “racist and mysoginistic” romney who she called a crude slang for a woman’s vagina. war on women anybody? “classy” eva was already told to step down as the co-chair of obama’s campaign re-election but of course she’d never do that. look at who she’s campaigning for? obama openly calls romney a bull ishter! the obama campaign and its mainstream media and hollywood propaganda arms love their letter b: binders full of women. bumps in the road. bayonets. big bird. birth control paid for by someone else. bull ishter. and of course their favorite b is bullying. obama’s bullying chiefs michael savage openly bullies and heckles high school students who are young enough to be his children bec they disagree w/ his opinions on relligion. michelangelo signorile told conservative gays to commit suicide if they vote for romney! where’s the backlash from the left? where’s hollywood’s response to this kind of hateful gay bullying? i guess bullying gay conservatives and telling them to kill themselves is acceptable bullying for hypocritical hollywood! the mainstream media is the same. anderson cooper laughs mockingly at conservatives by calling them tea baggers. i guess anderson thinks it’s hilarious to bully conservatives by calling them tea baggers but he “comes out” yet that closet door wasn’t exactly closed. what an idjet. he bashes a potential audience segment for his talk show w/c along w/ ac 360 already have such low ratings. ac 360 isn’t even shown on cnn international anymore probably bec of its disastrous ratings. now his daytime talk show’s been axed while kelly ripa already has a new host! gigglesnort!
    the point is this: the lamestream media and hollyweird should stop lecturing people abt tolerance and bullying bec of all the hypocritical bullying coming from them!

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    To comment on the storyline, I like that it’s something brand new on YR right now. Not another rehash of something old like Victor vs. Jack or Shadam revisited. Nothing directly against those storylines, they could turn out great if written with even a grain more logic than what MAB was doing, but I’m looking forward to seeing some new storylines. On the downside, I just really don’t care much for Fen so far. Maybe he will grow on me, but right now I’m not overly interested in seeing him at all. Some more of Lauren & Micheal might be nice though. Especially to see Lauren involved in something other than worrying about Daisy or Sheila.

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    And here I was debating if this would be the appropriate forum to ask, what happened to Abby? At least now it won’t be the most off topic comment on this thread.

    Anyways, I know MR was fired, but how did Abby exit? Also has there been any further mention of the mystery shadow seen around Ricky’s apartment OR the mystery woman who signed Daisy out of the nuthouse? Not sure if these two were meant to be the same person or not, but now I’m wondering if these MAB creations have been totally scrapped or if I missed something.

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    some things just “disappeared” into thin air.

    Like the case against Phyllis.

    The way Heather and Genevive left, are the roles open for recasts?

    And what irks me is that the fire at the ranch house was so intense it melted everything but a certain bracelet that belongs to Sharon.

    And now with Adam hiring the arsonist, what other places are going to go up in flames? Just buildings on the ranch, or other places as well?

    Things that make you go “hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?”

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    [quote=guilty pleasure]OLTL already did this storyline a year-and-an-half ago when Jack Manning bullied Shane Morasco on MyFace online (Llanview’s version of Facebook and MySpace) and in school, which led Shane to almost commit suicide by wanting to jump off the school’s roof![/quote]

    Unless I am sadly mistaken, this article is about someone on the Young and The Restless, and as long as I have watched the show, no one mentioned above has ever been on this show and I fail to see the relevance. There must be somewhere this belongs and could be placed.

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    [quote=guilty pleasure]OLTL already did this storyline a year-and-an-half ago when Jack Manning bullied Shane Morasco on MyFace online (Llanview’s version of Facebook and MySpace) and in school, which led Shane to almost commit suicide by wanting to jump off the school’s roof![/quote]

    ^^OLTL did the story of bullying a horrible injustice. The story barely got off the ground and morphed into Jack murdering Shane’s mother (in reality it was Shane’s aunt, but still…) The OLTL story had potential to be important but the writing was terribly 1-dimensional and while the actor who portrayed Shane was talented, the actor who portrayed Jack was awful. I am already anticipating Josh Griffith telling a more layered story where Summer’s motivations and feelings are explored.

    Besides, there is no rule that a socially-relevant story cannot be told on more than one soap.

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    What I like about this story (according to Josh in article) is not only repercussions of the person being tormented or tormentor’s action but how it deeply affects the families of both parties. I think it will be more layered with family dynamics which I’m all for showing the strain on the entire family. Families clashing Ronan & Phyllis butting heads because of Summer (which I’m liking her much better then 1st one) the blame game going on and Nick trying desperately trying to be there for Summer and with his children with Sharon and protecting them is all encompassing. Divorce does affect children and that doesn’t change no matter what decade we are living. Lauren & Michael and Fen inheriting his Uncle Kevin’s genes for majorly screwing up. Avery will be there to defend her niece because Josh is establishing a good relationship between Summer & Aunt Avery. Is this going to be Ronan’s child? If so how will Nina take the news and her reaction because of Phyllis. I sort of hope it’s Ronan’s child because he will need someone fiery, loyal and ready to kickass and be in his corner like Nina. Nina being able to relate to this young lad being from a broken home herself growing up and being lost making bad judgements.

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    BottomChef deserves on contract on Y&R. That is CLASSIC psychopathic tendencies if I’ve ever seen them.

    But back to THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS….Summer is tiring, but I’m excited about the story. I hope they do bettr than the OLTL story. That was when I first started watching OLTL because everyone on this site was have orgasms about the story. It was interesting and compelling at first, but then it took a turn and it just got kind of generic for me. HOping Josh and Co. can pull it off….if not, it can’t be much worse than what we’ve been getting the past couple of years…

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    If we have Phyllis x2 both doing evil deeds and always getting away with it all while blaming all others for their deeds … won’t that be just a bit beyond our endurance???

  12. Profile photo of Bartman202

    [quote=TraceyAbbot101]some things just “disappeared” into thin air.

    Like the case against Phyllis.[/quote]

    The case didn’t ‘disappear’ – the story was resolved with the revelation that Christine/”The Bug” WAS NOT a Federal agent at the time, making her case against Phyllis non-existent along with the expiration on the alleged cases’s statute of limitations.

    Josh Griffith went back and did his homework and nicely ended that part of the Maria Arena Bell madness that has plagued “Y & R” for nearly 5 years!! What could have been a great story about karma coming back to bite you was screwed up royally by the heavy-handed and gimmicky writing of MAB, Hogan Sheffer & Scott Hamner.

  13. Profile photo of tedew

    But the point remains. Phyllis did do the deed with intent. Christine (and Paul) do have a case. Teflon Phyllis has had armour added to her seemingly impervious surface making her feel she is invincible. That karma does need to come back to bite her royally. Phyllis is a despicable unrepentant unforgiving She-Creature who has passed those genes on to her once sweet daughter. Just feed Summer a bigger peanut butter sandwich. Except of course, Phyllis should never be allowed our sympathy.

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    hey mon

    I am really liking the whole bullying story-line, cause my kids are bullies in high school, and I have to constantly monitor them. My sons are great athletes, and they constantly pick on kids who aren’t, and it pi$$es me off, cause I was a lousy athlete. Cyber-bullying is prevelent, and is so rampant. Josh G deserves a lot of credit for the realism he is injecting to Y&R.

    I’m glad that Phyll is back with Jack, he should be able to give her some stability. Get rid of that unsuredness that all women have when they are married to Mr Unzip Pants, tricky Nicky Newman.

  15. Profile photo of RebeccaJ

    I think it a tad ironic that the media, which bullies women to look a certain way, is tackling bullying….hmm maybe y&r could bring adrianne leon back to play a part in this story???

  16. Profile photo of pferrando

    Gosh, I’ve been having a few afternoon cocktails, but I don’t know where to start with this post. First of all, regardless of what that bottom guy was saying it’s just too darn long to read. So the only thing I get from it is to say: Go-bama on Tuesday!

    I think the storyline has potential. My problem with this sixth or seventh Summer is that she’s been pretty much one note written by Josh so far. But kids definitely act out. I had a younger brother so I’ve seen it first hand. I hope that it is smartly written. I just hope that Summer can be “redeemed” somehow soon otherwise I don’t see this character or story being any better than what most on here complained about MAB penning.


  17. Profile photo of tedew

    hey mon …

    You may like that story line but still I can’t agree with anything in your post #18. It may be a good topic but it also rings of pandering to and lecturing on that topic of the moment. (If I had kids and found out they were bullying I’d certainly do something about it pronto to make sure it completely stopped!)

    Also … there is no helping Phyllis ever! Maybe if she took responsibility for her deeds and was truly sorry every once in a while, but it appears she will not ever change her ways.

  18. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    tedew – As far as kids go. One can hope, one can guide, but kids are going to do what kids are going to do. If they go too far in their bullying, they get into trouble. Too over the line, and society will arrest them. Then maybe they will listen. But there is nothing that anyone can do to force their children to stop being a bully.

    On the outside, our kids can look perfect. Sons, athletic and muscular. Daughter, beautiful and full of promise. But inside, they are insecure and full of fear, so they are bullies.

    I like the previous Summer, better. She really was able to put Red in her place.

  19. Profile photo of Divatude58

    This would be far more interesting to me if it was someone elses child besides Phyllis’. I just see it as yet ANOTHER way to get Phyllis more airtime than she already gets. Not only will she be heavily featured in the business SL with jack at Newman, she will also be featured in the teen SL with the cyber bullying. I just can’t get with Y&R with this character hogging the show…and not even a legacy at that. And we are still only seeing anyone Winters related just once a week. As long as this trend continues Y&R will be unwatchable to me.

  20. Profile photo of harlee490

    The haters will still be haters. I feel the show is much more balanced with all the characters. The characters are getting back into their skin and acting the way I used to see each one. It’s not even been a month worth of episodes of Josh’s own stuff airing and the bitching and moaning is already prevalent. It doesn’t matter who would be writing Y&R the haters would hate. It’s one thing to be upset about the direction of your soap and complain but this is never ending with Y&R. Why torture yourself if some are so hating Y&R to watch why are you watching? When I read posts and consistently from the same people bitching NEVER have anything good to say about Y&R or any soap for that matter reflects a lot about you and your personality through your writing. Must be unhappy with life. I don’t get it. :~

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    amen harlee. When I didn’t like happening on my soap stayed around long enough, I would stop watching. In fact, I am barely even watching any soap right now. Occasionally I watch Y&R. Sure I keep track of whats going on by reading and whatever but I am not wasting my time watching something that makes me unhappy. I am not certain these people actually watch the show. I think they just read what others have posted and are just commenting on it. Somewhat like I am doing at this moment lol.

  22. Profile photo of soapbaby

    Count me in on the opinion that Y&R is a much improved show under the writing of Josh Griffith. For me pound-for-pound, it’s more character-driven than any other soap on the air.

  23. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    Y&R is back to the way that it was in late 2007. The Show is going to go slower, with heavy, heavy character driven plot. Then with JFP, there will be a massive injection of youth, which is good.

    One of Josh’s big story-lines, that many thought were boring was, Victoria in a coma/JT and Brad fighting over aborting Reed. I thought it was a snoozer, and too controversial. Josh is also responsible, in tandem with Lynn Marie Latham, in making Nikki the chairwoman of NVP. Josh was big on Shack, even though that seemed like a rebound marriage.

    So, there are some things I miss from MAB, murder plots, stalked plots, etc. But Josh is great with the details, and delivers the ‘punch’ that MAB never could.

  24. Profile photo of tedew

    harlee490 … you are right that Y&R is getting much more balanced and full of promise to come.

    However I don’ think that the so called haters really do hate the show. They are just concerned that what was bad in the past is still present in some cases and will again be on the forefront. I guess I read the posts differently because I don’t see the hate you see; most seem quite constructive and on the mark.
    So I don’t think it’s fair for the criticism and assumptions leveled about people’s lives because they don’t have the same opinions as others.

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    [quote=RebeccaJ]Yes, Harlee490, she did play Colleen…until it was rumored she was let go because she was overweight. Hence the irony of Y&R taking on bullying.[/quote]

    Lyndsey Fonseca, was the all time best ever, “COLLEEN”

  26. Profile photo of harlee490

    [quote=yojoromo4469]Lyndsey Fonseca, was the all time best ever, “COLLEEN”[/quote]

    OH yes by far she was the best Colleen. I loved her crushing on JT at the time. :)

  27. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    [quote=harlee490][quote=yojoromo4469]Lyndsey Fonseca, was the all time best ever, “COLLEEN”[/quote]

    OH yes by far she was the best Colleen. I loved her crushing on JT at the time. :)[/quote]

    I don’t know if you have ever seen, “NIKITA” and it is on Friday nights on CW channel and she is a regular on there. She has turned into a very attractive young lady.

  28. Profile photo of Me4Now

    Hmmm, Summer cyberbulling all together bulling and to tedew. WOW! This show goes in a world wind each day but some points are a good topic the cyberbulling is a very good topic even if it has been on another show or not. It is real happens all the time. As for tedew if my child was doing the *Bullings* to others athletics or not well this day and age you have to pay for the sports. least did when I was a child. Put them in there place. You are the parent, as my momma told me I brought you into this world and I surely can take you out. Bulling affects in more ways then you can imagine. To the point some kill them selves has happened recently, yet the bullies say the person deserved it. As for Summer love it how they grow up so fast on this show lol. Oh and as for the kids topic come on now. Not all Children are like that, so dont assume. I do though wish they would stick with one Summer.

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