The Bold and the Beautiful’s Early Episodes Coming to DVD

The Bold and the Beautiful has a colorful 25 year history and it is celebrating early episodes with the release of a 4-disc DVD box set on November 15. According to Soap Opera Digest, the box set titled “How It All Began” will feature the show’s first 16 episodes. 

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    Oh my Gawd I want these DVDs. I have ATWT, GL, and now some from B&B I will have 2/3 of my CBS’s soaps. These are Bill’s beginning with excellent set up why it became a hit

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    Only 16 episodes? They started releasing B&B DVDs in Germany a while back. Every box there counts 25 episodes (from the beginning). As of now they released six. Another one is going to be released in the end of November. The box sets are very successful over there and of course have English language on it. Maybe it’s an alternative to the American release.

    I hope it has success though. Maybe we’ll see more classic soap operas on DVD. I’d kill for a Santa Barbara release. :D

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    Fantastic news! I hope it’s a successful venture so that more episodes will be released. I would love a set of B&B’s “best” episodes (ie. Stephanie confronting Brooke about Thorne, Bridget confronting Brooke on her affair with Deacon, etc.)

    Now, if only SoapClassics would release an Another World DVD set and Warner Brothers would release the rest of Knots Landing on DVD (it only released seasons 1-2) I’d be in soap opera heaven!

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    ^^I know and heard the same but damn it! LOL. I FLOVED Knots Landing and my hopes were dashed after being able to purchase the first two seasons and none of the rest! I loved the show the most seasons 5-10! It’s one of my all-time favorite television series.

    Because of the low sales for KL, I have vowed to support SoapClassics releases of GL & ATWT DVDs!

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    Thats good news!!! I still say they should sell some soap opera dvd’s or something with the soaps. Too bad we dont have a channel thats directly aimed at soap opera fans. Oh wait…

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    What chaps my a$$ about the “Knots Landing” DVD situation (and the one with “Different World” too) is that the show didn’t get really good and become what it’s most remembered and loved for until the third or fourth season. Not to say that the first two seasons were crap. I got them on DVD and was surprised at how good the show was from the start. They introduce many of the characters, settings, and relationships.

    However, most episodes in the first season were self-contained for the most part in that the main story was introduced and wrapped up within the hour. The second season was more serialized but still rather self-contained in each episode.

    If memory serves, the third season started out with self-contained episodes and became serialized in the latter part of the season. I think there were some entertainment-industry strikes around this time, so most TV shows were flaky in one way or another because of all that. It wasn’t until the fourth season that they went full-on serialized, and the show got *GOOD*!

    It’s easy for me to say, since I don’t have anything on the line, but I wish Warner Home Video would make an exception here and start releasing latter seasons of the show. I am confident that they would sell better than the first two did. Perhaps people buying subsequent season sets would go back and buy the earlier seasons to have the complete series and to see what went on in the show’s early days. Even if they didn’t, I think the sales from latter seasons would make up for the low sales of the earlier ones.

    Or maybe another company could step in and release the seasons. I think that’s what happened with “Dynasty.” The first-season DVD set of that show didn’t sell well, so the company, 20th Century Fox, chose to not release anything further. CBS/Paramount then stepped in, and they’ve released up through Season 6 as of this summer.

    I, myself, don’t really want or need any special features. Just gimme the dang show. And I want it like I want my men, uncut.

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    I loved KL but wasn’t the 3rd season is when they brought in Abby? If my memory is correct and by adding Donna Mills as Knot’s bitch on wheels was when the ratings skyrocket. Because of Dynasty and Joan Collins they all was adding bitches. :)

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    [quote=smellykellyjay]Just gimme the dang show. And I want it like I want my men, uncut.[/quote]

    ^^ That last sentence is a bit too much information but I completely agree with you on the KL to DVD situation! ;-)

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    [quote=harlee490]I loved KL but wasn’t the 3rd season is when they brought in Abby? If my memory is correct and by adding Donna Mills as Knot’s bitch on wheels was when the ratings skyrocket. Because of Dynasty and Joan Collins they all was adding bitches. :)[/quote]

    ^^Donna Mills/Abby joined Knots Landing in Season 2. KL was on the rise after Season 2 but really skyrocketed in the ratings after Season 3 and was either in the top 10 or 20 in the Nielsen Ratings throughout the majority of it’s entire run.

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    Thank you Soapbaby I couldn’t quite remember but with Abby Fairgate arriving it added an element that was missing the first couple seasons. LOVED Donna’s Abby. Personally, I always thought Abby was better bitch than Alexis. ;)

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    How thread did this become about Knots Landing? ;)

    Back to the topic…I like the picture you used of Ronn Moss. He was a handsome dude before he became a plastic, aging Ken doll. :davie:
    Does B&B have a plastic surgeon on staff to keep all these actors looking “young?”
    Now it looks like the 20-Somethings are starting to “do” their faces. So sad :(

    Whatever happened to aging gracefully?
    (I know, I know. It’s Hollywood and if you want to work, you have to stay young, by any means. But some people just do a little nip & tuck and still look like themselves.)

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