Jeff Probst Tackles Days of Our Lives’ EJami vs. Safe Debate!

Which man does Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney) belong with on Days of Our Lives? Even talk show host Jeff Probst wants to know! Watch a clip from today's episode of Jeff Probst, featuring the cast of NBC's Days of Our Lives, after the jump!


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    OH Yeah! EJAMI BABY!!! ALWAYS EJAMI! That woman (safe) is all wrong ! What the hell is she taking about Rafe did NOT love Sami for who she is! WHAT? IDIOT!! RAFE IS SELF RIGHTEOUS & JUDGMENTAL BASTARD.

  2. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    James Scott always seems so humbled when he’s confronted with his good looks. So adorable! TEAM EJAMI of course.

    Rafe & Sami are a sleeping pill. And yeah I agree, Rafe is self righteous and pretty judgmental. All people can to wrong but Rafe’s always right. Blah. Don’t wanna see it anymore. And if there is anyone who loves Sami for who she is it’s EJ. Rafe always wants Sami to be better, to be different. Rafe NEVER accepted Sami for who she is.

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