Will Chelsea Burn Sharon on The Young and the Restless?

Sharon (Sharon Case) may have torched the Newman Ranch, but it looks like it will be Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) who sets the former Mrs. Victor Newman’s life on fire! Watch this week’s The Young and the Restless promo after the jump.

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    I think the character has been written well also. I liked her more immediately when she was paired with Adam. We do have to give Maria the credit. Sorry y’all.

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    Giving MAB credit for what? Creating the character of Chelsea!? Sorry won’t do. I have to admit I like the way Chelsea is written in recent weeks but before that … Chelsea was nothing more than a rapist who gave up her kid and then ended up in one of the most boring marriages in soap opera history. The character is coming to life now! Just like Avery. And for that I won’t give MAB any credit. She didn’t know what to do with her. All Chelsea would have done under MAB’s regime for the next six months is playing wife to Adam, getting his kid and “tag and grab” her shopping adventures.

    I have to say I enjoy this love triangle very much. This is how it should have been from the beginning. No Shictor, no boring Chadam marriage. THIS is soapy. This is what used to define this genre. Well told love triangles.
    And I have to say I really love the writing for the character of Sharon these days. The silent scenes Sharon Case got the other day … AMAZING!

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    See what happens when a good actress is in the hands of capable writer. I’m liking Chelsea so much more lately and love how it’s playing out with Sharon. Sharon is being written more like Bill’s Sharon as I said before as a tragic heroine. It’s too bad it had to come to this but it’s being corrected. I was like ho-hum on Avery, dry character with no personality. Now look at Avery Josh is infusing her with a personality and I am falling in love with Navery. It’s slow burn romance and hitting the little beats about two people making a connection. I want Chelsea be somewhat of bitch not psycho bitch. This is where Adam will be in love with two women. Adam does love Chelsea but a flame still burns for Sharon. Just wait when it comes to light of Sharon’s breakdown and add Nick to mix more for support and becomes more protective of Sharon because of sharing children. Nick is independent from the Newmans. ;)

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    Cool off there junkie. The problem I have with a lot of the posts on here is NEVER giving credit where it’s due and most people also being so black and white. MAB introduced the character and did show a very much human side to her when she gave her baby away and she hooked up with Adam. And yes, they did get boring, but we don’t know where they were headed as Josh took over. So that’s all I mean.

    I’m with you on the direction the character has been taking, BUT she didn’t go from shit to shiny that fast.

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    Pferrndo…I see where you are coming from because MAB did introduce Chelsea, Adam, and Avery which those will have a lasting stay because Josh will define each to enjoy all the characters. I wasn’t keen on SORAS Fen or Summer (I know you don’t care for the recast, I do) but actually I’m settling in on them and like the fact it gives big stories for Lauren & Michael. Like most of MAB’s characters they weren’t defined for the viewers to gravitate towards and invest in the character. :) They are now.

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    Harlee 100% agree. The characters were never clearly defined. That’s always been an issue. Opposite of most, I thought it was brilliant for MAB to age a lot of the younger set all at once. BUT then she wasted her opp by not writing for any of them. The cast was (and still is) just too big. I do like Kyle, Fen (sometimes), nuNoah, and WANT to like Summer. I’ll give it time. We need the show to give air time to the “next” generation, but let’s do it slow and easy! Truthfully I do now like most of the cast that is left. I still want a Victor cooling off period, but give me Nikki ALL day. I wasn’t at first, but I am ready for the two new Latin character waiting in the wings AND for the two new Jabot brothers to mix up Cane and Lily. There is definitely some promise out there. :-)

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    Let me see…Adam was rebounding…not “on the rebound”…yet, in a state of grief for Sharon’s defection and blind to boot, when enter–Chelsea with her own crosses to bear–pregnant and on the verge of giving up her child. They found friendship. Adam saved her life, her baby’s life, and Christ, delivered the baby! Later, Adam took Chelsea in. And they co-existed nicely in this one space, sharing a bathroom. Just each other, keeping the cruel world at bay. They were both damn good-looking, appealing, and sexy as hell. So, mon deux! what do you expect would happen? Well, yes, SEX and more SEX, but the end game was LOVE. (In the meantime, his feelings for Sharon cooled; not only for her abandonment but for her shenanigans with his father!) What could be the point of a triangle among these three souls? Triangles make for good nail-biting drama. Fans take sides. Fans are already taking sides! Facebook is lit up like a switchboard! And the switchboard is lit up like a Xmas tree! Will Adam…or won’t Adam…cross that line? I suppose Sister Wives are out of the question?

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    This story is really getting juicy. I find myself caring about ShareHo, oops, I mean Sharon again. I root for Chelsea. I root for Adam. And trust me, I never thought I’d give a damn about Sharon or Adam again after the systematic massacring that Hackarena did to those characters over the years. So Josh must be doing something right.

    I love that they are showing the Newman family (Summer, Nickclueless, Tricktoria and Nikki most of the time!) in all of their self-righteous glory. I love that Adam and Sharon are being shown as being human again, not just idiotic cartoon characters.

    It’s still too soon to judge Josh Griffith’s body of work, in my book, but so far I’ll give him a solid B+. I still don’t really “get” Avery/Nick, and the exit stories for Genevieve and YoHarmony were dreadful.

    Still, let’s remind ourselves that Maria Bell started off telling good stories too in 2008. The show was damn near perfect. And then she went off the rails, so I will be watching Mr. Griffith VERY VERY VERY VERY closely (in my Susan Banks voice!) :D

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    I wish Chelsea goes for it and gives it to Sharon. Why not? It seems like Chelsea is 2nd place in Adam’s mind to Sharon. Chelsea really has nothing to lose, right?

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    alstonboy4315 … good post!

    Mets82 … why should Chelsea stick it to Sharon? We all know that Sharon is not mentally well and Chelsea has to much class for that anyway at this point in her life. I just want Chelsea to put a claim on her son when that other “marriage” goes kaput.

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    hey mon

    Chelsea was a joke under MAB. The whole Delia/leukemia thing, ended up with that ‘Myanmar bi+ch’ on Billy and Victroia’s door-step. And we were supposed to believe that the fact that Chels was pregnant would be enough to keep him away from Delia, when she had leukemia, 2 months earlier? MAB at her worst.

    Any time MAB is trying to write for love or something like that, she is stupid. She’s best usually writing a murder (like Diane’s) — although the resolution was stupid (I’m Deacon, I hit Diane in the head 10 times to make Nikki look innocent). The 3 brats suing their father Victor was very good, cause one really believe that ol Vic was ultra-pi$$ed at his kids (although with Vicky that didn’t last long).

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