Nicole’s House of Lies Implodes on Days of Our Lives

Nicole (Arianne Zucker) has told so many lies about the death of her child, it's hard to keep them straight. This week, Daniel (Shawn Christian) learns the truth about Nicole’s loss, and calls her out on it.

Her lies exposed, Nicole is pushed to the brink. Watch this week’s Days of Our Lives promo after the jump!

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    What I find so disturbing is that you can see who’s favored by the writing team and who isn’t. Jennifer didn’t even get to mourn Jack, no she had to be back in love with Daniel as Jack’s body wasn’t even cold. The writing for Nicole is very crappy and totally in favor for a Daniel/Jennifer pairing. Just like EJ is written in favor for Sami/Rafe.

    Anyway I am glad that this storyline is finally coming to an end. Even though I don’t like any of it. It was unbelievable unnecessary to take yet another kid away from Nicole … and the character pimping of Daniel is something I’ll never understand.

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    Nicole has been so good lately…sad to watch, but great drama. I agree that we can see who the faves are. I am convinced that Gary Tomlin hates Marlena, John, Kate, Stefano, Lucas, and any other classic characters. If he could, he would fire them again and create more of his toilet characters.

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    This show is just DULLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!Give it a dash of chili pepper, some adrenaline, some caffeine pills and a tazer gun to shake some life into it. I almost wish that Dena Higley would return.

    They are trying to make Daniel a leading actor and a frontburner character on this show, and even though Shawn Christian is a good actor and definitely hot, his character is dull as dishwater and I can’t logically see these women risking so much to be with him. Especially not Nicole. And Jenn seemed almost willing to go to jail the other day just to keep him from going out of town with Nicole? WTF??? :tired:

    The dialogue and writing are so staid and lacking intensity. Never did I ever think that a scene between Allison Sweeney and Arianne Zucker could reduce me to narcolepsy, but it almost happened yesterday! Hell, the only scenes that keep me SOMEWHAT riveted are the scenes between Kristen/Marlena and some of the Will/Sonny stuff.

    Arianne Zucker deserves much better than such a ridiculous story, I agree. Especially considering that this is just a horrid rewrite of one of my favorite storylines of all time from “Guiding Light.”

    The actors don’t even seem to be interested in what they are saying half the time, and that’s not an insult to the actors, because pig slop doesn’t inspire most people.

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    It is clear that Gary Tomlin and Chris Whitesell would like to pretend the stories that aired under the previous regime didn’t happen. I agree that is made no sense Jennifer was over Jack, arguably the love of her life, in a split second. Tomlin/Whitesell want Jennifer with Daniel. I liked the stories with bed hopping Daniel…but frankly he is a whimp.

    I really enjoyed how the writers wrote Bo out…I wonder which writer thought that out…I didn’t want him to leave, but I understood why Bo would go with Caroline. Peggy McCay was solid during the storyline. I hope she returns down the road.

    The story ideas, IMO, are daytime is how they are executed that I have been disappointed with lately. It is just sloppy writing. I miss the crisp scenes. The showdown between Kristen and Marlena should have been so much more..

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    It’s annoying how biased the show is. Yes, Rafe is just the greatest guy, Daniel is a saint who can turn s*** to sugar. Yes, he’s an acceptable actor who does a decent job, but he’s NOT an interesting character. It irks me that EVERY female he has treated he’s kissed (Chelsea, Chloe, Jennifer, Kate). It’s just gross. It doesn’t make me like him, it creeps me out that it’s just disgusting. Fall in love with someone meeting them at the pub for goodness sake! And I’m done with Rafe, Sami, EJ, Nicole. They’ve all been front burner for so long that they need a break.

    I enjoy the Kristen and Marlena stuff even though I was never a Kristen fan simply for the fact that I see someone different for a change. But even then, Marlena is just so paranoid that it just belittles her character. She’s smart, sophisticated and managed to “kill” a quarter of the population at one point. Don’t play Doc as such a moron! She can outwit and match up with Kristen’s schemes. It just minimizes Marlena so much. Sonny and Will I enjoy because I like the characters and it’s a slow burn which is fine. I am a bit disappointed that Lucas has turned to such a jerk although it does indirectly give him something to do although I feel once he accepts Will for who he is, he will be sent packing.

    But Jennifer forgetting Jack SO quickly is an egregious MISTAKE. Daniel and Jenn don’t hold a candle to what Jack and Jenn had or even what Jenn and Peter Blake had. It’s SO insignificant to Jenn’s romances (Emilio, Frankie, Jack, Peter) that I skip through it. It isn’t worth watching because I’m not invested. I don’t care because I don’t buy it. She’s willing to go to prison for Daniel yet she can’t mourn the man who fathered her kids? Really?

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    [quote=alstonboy4315]This show is just DULLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!Give it a dash of chili pepper, some adrenaline, some caffeine pills and a tazer gun to shake some life into it. I almost wish that Dena Higley would return.[/quote]

    LOL…a dash of chili pepper! Ha haa! Well Eileen Davidson was supposed to be the special ‘sazon’ that the show needed, but her return as been a bit boring. And where the heck is KATE?! I think a Kate vs. Kristen would probably be interesting.

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    I will say one thing, Arianne Zucker deserves an Emmy nomination for her acting thus far. She deserves you guys ‘Shit to Sugar’ Award for this God Awful storyline (mostly awful because of Daniel). I miss you DC’s Performer of the Week and ‘Performer That Was Weak’ podcasts.

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