Days of Our Lives’ Greg Vaughan Enjoys Fall Getaway in Florida (PHOTOS)

Upcoming Days of Our Lives star Greg Vaughan mixed with fans and posed for photographs at his Fall Getaway event in Orlando, Florida on November 3. Cast members from his old stomping grounds at General Hospital also held fan events during the weekend.  See more photos of Vaughan after the jump!

Greg Vaughan with fan

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    Dadgum, he is *pretty*! I see why he got his own solo post here.

    Glad to see he’s got a steady gig after the way GH did him. Same goes for Jonathan Jackson. Shoot, let’s throw in Jacob Young while we’re at it, though I’m not aware of any mistreatment he had to deal with at the hands of the TIIC.

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    GH should have kept GV on the show as Lucky Spencer and never brought JJ back since he took off after barely two years on contact. Yes, JJ may be the better actor when compared with GV, but at least GV wanted to keep his job and the man is sexy and hot! JJ’s constant crying on GH was a huge turn off. :Sp

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    Eric being a priest could be hot, and I suspect that hot-tail Nicole is gonna take on the challenge to seduce him.

    I don’t think DoOL would hire such a good looking, sexy man for the part if they weren’t going to capitalize on those assets. But then this is DoOL, so who know what they’ll do?

    I guess in this case, “what they’ve done” is probably more appropriate, being as the have like three years of episodes already in the can.

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    Eric being a priest who gets involved with Kristen would be storyline nirvana. And if they throw in Brady and do a triangle, that would be paydirt. With John on the outside, secretly lusting for his “psychotic” ex and Eric having to choose between his religion, his devotion to his family and his feelings for a woman who is “forbidden fruit.”

    But alas, DAYS is too bland and staid to take my advice, and even if they did, they would water the story down and make it so freaking boring that I’d fall asleep watching or stop caring after the first few episodes.

    Oh and I agree, Greg is almost the perfect male specimen on the outside. :love:

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